Would I Date You? (Guys Only!)

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Hiya guys lets see if we are compatable If so would I date yoy who knows lets see and find out shall we ;) Lets get the sow on the road camara redy set flash!

Remember you shouldnt choose what you think a normal preppy girly girl would want thats just a lil hint haha good luck gentlemen now.lets rock and roll!

Created by: NellielXoX of Tumblr NellielXoX
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  1. What do you think id like for a first date :D
  2. What do look for in a girl
  3. If I was cold what would you do
  4. What would be the perfect gift for me
  5. Our secret place would be
  6. If we went to the movies what movie would we see?
  7. What would be my nick name that youd gice me?
  8. If I were in danger kidnapped by bad guys and held up in a tower what would you do?
  9. What would be our song? :D
  10. Last one what do you think is important?

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