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I thought it would be fun to give you guys another I Just Need You Here quiz because everybody seems to like it a lot, and I was dying to give you guys some more romance between you and Nate instead of just ending the series completly after your marriage.

Guys, I've made another love series. It's still in the process, but no one is really taking it so I really need you guys to take it and tell me what you think of it. It's called Medival Journey. Thanks

Created by: Ardeo9999
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  1. Okay. So you and Nate are five years into your marriage. You're both out of college, and have bought an apartment flat in NY. Life is going well, and you and Nate still have the strongest fire ever. You are at the kitchen stove, cooking a stew for dinner. Down the hall, you hear Nathan enter the apartment door as he returns from his work.
  2. Nathan comes further into the house, carrying his briefcase. "Hey hun," he smiles, and kisses your cheek as he passes by you and sets his briefcase on the island table across from you. "Hey there," you reply, smiling. "How was work?" Nate asks, taking a seat on a stool by the island. "Oh, the usual. Mr. Reanonn is still yapping at Ms. Jones because she wants weekends off." You reach for some oregano in a cupboard up by your right. Nate chuckles. "She's crazy. Why does she keep nagging the man? He obviously can't give her the days off." "I don't know. But she seems pretty insistent." you reply. After sprinkling the spice into the bubbling pot of stew, you return the oregano to its cupboard. There is a pause in conversation before Nathan begins to speak again. "Well, I have some good news," he says. You turn around. "What is it?" you ask. Nate stands up and walks closer to you. "I got a raise today!" he exclaims. Excitedly, you give him a big hug. "Oh Nathan, that's wonderful!"
  3. "What was it for?" you ask Nathan. "Nothing special, just a raise. They thought we deserved a little more than what we were getting." "That's so great!" you respond with a smile. "You know, I've been thinking," Nate burrowed his eyebrows and began talking in a more serious tone. "I've been getting a little bored with the daily R&R. I thought maybe we could shake it up with a little something?" he proposed. "Really?" you say. "Like what?" "Like... perhaps just a trip somewhere... so we can relax?" he asks. "I know you, Nathan. You'd take me halfway around the world if you could." "Why not?" he says casually. You spin around from stirring your pot. "Why not?! We have jobs to tend, bills to pay, people to see and places to go. We can't just up and leave!" you retort back. Offended, Nathan sighs. "Sorry," he says, and picks up his briefcase and goes to the bedroom. You jerk your head back up in his direction. "Nathan! I- I-" you stutter, but your husband has already left and isn't listening.
  4. Later, you walk into the bedroom. Nathan is lying curled up on your queen-sized bed. You crawl up beside him, and run your hands through his jet black hair. "Oh Nathan," you sigh. "I'd love to go, but it'll take some getting used to the idea." Nathan turns around and sits up. His beuatiful eyes pierce yours. You soak up the moment. Your heart nearly breaks when you see him almost in tears like that. "No," he replies. "Not if it will make you unhappy." "I want to," you say. "Not just to make you feel better. But can you just tell me, WHAT has got you wanting to travel to Timbuktu all the sudden?" "I began to realize that when I'm sixty-five years old, I won't be able to leave and do whatever. These are the years that I feel I want to use for exploring the world. Doing things, seeing things, going places. This is the prime of our lives, and I want to make it something worth remembering." "Adventure," you say. "You want adventure, then." "You could put it that way," Nathan grinned. Glad you'd been able to cheer him up, you took his hand and pulled him off the bed with you. "It's game from here on," you smirk, "C'mon, the stew will get cold." You two practically skip out to the dinner table. Happily, you eat your dinner.
  5. In the next two weeks, you find yourself in Estonia, walking through grassy meadows hand in hand with Nathan. He creates for you a chain of these delicate purple flowers, then places it on your head like a crown and hugs you. Next week, you are in Paris, leaning over a hotel balcony overlooking the city. It is ten pm and the city below is lighted up. In the centre of the city, the Eiffel Tower rises above the other buildings in a magnificent arch. You and Nathan gaze out at the wonderful sight, when suddenly he looks you in the eyes, and you dreamily fall into a long kiss. Soon, you are snuggling in a bed inside a Danish suite. Nathan squeezes you tight, and you feel safe in his embrace. Then, a week later, you are standing in a Belgium chocolate factory, where Nate is purchasing a treat for you. Smiling sweetly, he hands you a chocolate rose inside a plastic wrapping, tied with an elegant red ribbon. You accept it with a cute smile on your face. In but another week, you find yourself in England. In a restaurant, a waiter comes to take your order. "My beautiful wife here-" Nate begins, motioning to you as you blush, and the waiter just gives a polite smile, "she will take a steak with your chicken salad." Next week, you are in India, jumping through jungles and sleeping in huts. One night, you two get to sleep in a treehouse, which reminds you of all the wonderful adventures you had on the run when you were younger.
  6. Soon, two months of such lovely trips had taken place. "I'm so glad you decided to do this," you tell Nathan, who is walking next to you on a sandy beach in Malaysia. " So did I," he says. You watch the waves, relaxed. The sun is beginning to set. You squeeze Nate's hand as you gaze in wonder at the gorgeous ocean, riveted by thousands of fiery beams of light falling upon them. Facing him, you place your hand on Nathan's bare chest and lean your head on his chest as well. He slides his arm around you and looks down at you lovingly. You love resting in his arms. Not only do you feel safe in them, but they are muscular, like his chest. And he is incredibly handsome. "Sometimes it seems like you yourself are too good to be true," you whisper, lifting your chin a bit. "It seems to me that you are an angel sent from heaven. I couldn't live without you in my life," Nathan tells you softly. You lay your head back down onto his chest in peace.
  7. Your journeys over, you and Nate fly home in a plane back to NY. You feel so revived and refreshed. You now dub your journey a second honeymoon; thats what it was, really. Wishing you were back in Estonia so you coukd start all over again, you park in the lot and take the elevator with Nate to your room.
  8. Six months later, you give birth to a baby girl. You name her:
  9. You and Nate watch your beautiful daughter grow up, and she becomes a wonderful child. You live happily ever after with Nathan and your daughter.
  10. So that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed this.

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