does she like me

This is for guys only! Have you always wondered if she really liked you? well find out with this quiz, I'm am a girl so i know what it is like to like a guy. I am going to make a quiz to see if you should date me as well so do that one to.

Go on Know is the time to find out if she really likes you. Like i said i am a girl so i know what it is to like a guy. Good luck hope you like the quiz guys

Created by: Kenzy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does she blush when she walks into you?
  2. Does she act shy around you?
  3. Does she sit by you at lunch or does she sit by her friends?
  4. Just so ya know i am single, Why do you care?
  5. Does she help you when you need help?
  6. do you like her?
  7. does she dress nice?
  8. what color is her hair?
  9. what is your eye color?
  10. are you ready to see your results?

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