The Lightning Girl (part 7)

Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I'm dumb, it just means I have better hair than you. I am sooooooo sorry it took me so long. Please forgive me. I had writers block on the story.

Recap: Shadow tried to possess you, it didn't work, and you shocked him. And Cole was born on the Light Side. And then Cole and you were running out of the castle to get away.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. Cole and I burst out the castle's door when we had to abruptly stop, in order for us to keep from falling off of a cliff. "What do we do now?" Cole asked me. "How should I know? This is your castle. Don't you had like a bridge or something?" I asked him. "Yeah, but it's all the way on the other side of the castle." Cole replied. "And you would have to get pass me." A voice said. I whirled around and saw the King of the Dark Side standing there. (me: this is where I got my writer's block.) 'Alana, jump off the cliff.' I heard Ethan tell me. 'What? Are you crazy? I would die! Wait- How did you know that I'm on a cliff?' I asked. 'I can see you.' Ethan replied. That was good enough for me. I quickly grabbed Cole's hand and jumped off the cliff before anyone could say anything else.
  2. The fall didn't last very long. A couple seconds after we jumped, the wind caught us and we flew to the other side of the cliff. We landed safely and Cole looked confused. "What just happened?" He asked. "Ethan." I simply replied and then started running towards the forest with Cole on my heels. "Pst. Alana." I heard my name and I stopped in my tracks, which made Cole run into me, and knocked me over. We rolled a little before we came to a halt. I ten heard Ethan laughing. And what's so funny, Ethan? I could've died." I said in an over exaggerating tone. "Just forgot how stupid and clumsy you can get." Ethan said and then helped me to my feet. "We were only separated for like a day or two." I reminded him. "Actually, it was a week and three days." Ethan said.
  3. "A week?" I almost yelled. "Yes, a week and three days. I just said that." Ethan said. "I couldn't have been stuck in a flashback for more than a week, can I?" I asked. "How did you get stuck in a flashback?" Ethan asked. "That would be my fault." Cole confessed and Ethan looked at him as if he just now noticed that he was there. "Ethan, don't." I told him as Ethan drew his arm back to punch Cole. "Why not?" Ethan asked, looking completely confused that I said that. "Look at his eyes." I said and Ethan did. "What the...?" Ethan said, looking even more confused. "He was possessed. He was born on the Light Side." I explained.
  4. "What?" Ethan asked and Cole and I explained it all to him. "Wait, so Ashton's on the Dark Side and he just so happens to be the King's son?" Ethan asked. "Yep." Cole and I said. "And then I'm guessing his power is Illusions because of his eyes and how he made them look like Light Side eyes." Ethan summed up as he started pacing back and forth. As the sun started to go down, the was a rustle in the bushes, and we all became deadly silent. A girl stepped out of the bushes. She had brown hair that went to her chest and had side fringe and her eyes were blueish-greenish and they had lighter flecks of blueish-greenish, that blended into her eyes, and she looked the same age as us. She was also carrying a basket full of berries. When she saw us, she froze, and then she was gone. "What the...?" Ethan said, completely confused. "You saw her too, right? She wasn't in my head or anything, right?" He asked, which gave me an idea.
  5. "What are you talking about, Ethan? There was no girl there." I said in my best convincing voice. "You're joking, right? Please tell me that I'm not going crazy." Ethan pleaded and I almost lost my composer. "Maybe you're just really tired and hungry. We should try to find a place to rest and try to find some food, okay?" I said gently as I stood up. "Alright." He said and then both him and Cole followed me through the forest. * * * * * * * * After and hour of walking through the night of the forest (and Ethan saying that he wasn't going crazy and he wasn't seeing things), we finally came to a house. In the middle of the woods. Sounds weird, right? Ethan suggested knocking on it and asking for help. So, we did. Once when we knocked, the door swung open, and that girl from the woods was standing there. "Aha! I knew she was real!" Ethan exclaimed as he snapped his fingers and pointed his index finger at me.
  6. "Oh, yeah, I know. I just thought it would be funny to mess with you. And, I was right." I confessed. "Can I help you?" The girl said. "Oh, yeah, sorry. But do you, by any chance, have some extra food, cloths, and a place where we can stay the night?" I asked her as I looked into her eyes, which freaked her out a little when she saw my eyes. "So, you're real?" She asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I thought he was joking about you. But I guess he was telling the truth." She said in awe. "Wait, back up. Who's 'he'?" Ethan asked. "Ed. Your brother, Ed. He is your brother, right?" She asked. "So, Ed's here? Where?" I asked as she let us inside the house. "He's sleeping upstairs. I don't think you should bother him." She said.
  7. "Ed! Get down here!" Both Ethan and I yelled. A couple minutes later, a very tired and disoriented, Ed, came down the stairs. "What? I was sleeping." Ed grumbled. "Well, I was expecting more of an 'Oh my God. Alana and Ethan. Thank goodness you're okay' type of thing. Were you expecting the same thing, Alana?" Ethan asked. "Most definitely." I said and then ran up to Ed and gave him a hug. "Why didn't you contact us? What happened?" I asked after our happy reunion. "Well, I still have the Deactivator on my wrist. And I was being chased by Dark Side people when I came across this house. I ran into it and the Dark Side people just ran right past it, as if they didn't even see it. That's when I saw Isabella here. And she is also from the Light Side and her power is Invisability. And she is so powerful that she managed to charm her house so only Light Side people can see it. Which is now confusing me because Cole is here. Why?" Ed asked.
  8. "Oh, um, he's actually from the Light Side. He was born on the Light Side but was taken away from his parents when he was a baby. And then when he started having thoughts of switching and permanent staying on the Light Side, the King had his son, Shadow, posses Cole and bring him back to the Dark Side. Oh, and Ashton's on the Dark Side and is the King of the Dark Side's son." I explained. "Good. I never liked Ashton anyways." Ed said. "Hey, Isabella, I'm Ethan." Ethan said and then stuck out his hand. "Hello, Ethan. And please, call me Bella." Bella said and shook his hand. "Now, we should all get some rest." Ed said. "But what abou Anna? We still have to find her." I protested. "Yes, we do. But, it is the middle of the night, and you have been wearing those cloths for almost two weeks now. So, get something to eat and then get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow." Ed said and then started walking up the stairs.
  9. "Why? What's tomorrow?" I asked. "Training." Ed called back. "Are you serious? Why would we be training when we can be looking for Anna?" I called up the stairs. "To stay in shape." He simply replied and then he was gone. "Come on, let's go get something to eat. Bella, do you by any chance have any leftover food that we can eat?" Cole asked. "Yeah. There's some pizza in the fridge." Bella replied. "Wait. Pepperoni or cheese?" Ethan asked. "Pepperoni." She replied. "Good." Ethan said and then ran to the fridge. After we ate, Bella showed us to our rooms, and she gave me some of her cloths. I took a shower and got ready for bed. As soon as I jumped on the bed, I was out like a light.
  10. Cliffhanger!! I am sooooo sorry that it took me soo long to get this part out. I had writers block on this story. And I'm wondering if anyone remembers this story. Well, if any of you did take this, then please take another one of my stories called "Something Weird". Thanks ~Meg.

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