The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 19

Hey guys sorry about how short this part is, I thought it was longer when I wrote it out in my notebook but I guess not. I promise to have a longer one out next time, but for now enjoy this part and let me know what you think in the comments!

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, lean muscles, and a to die for smile. He's also a Vampire. Drake is the antisocial and mysterious type with his dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, tan skin, two military dog tags around his neck, sexy body and sexy deep voice, and hot muscles. He's also a Werewolf. Omar is the funny yet smart one with his dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes,and perfect muscles. He's an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body, lean muscles, and adorable dimples. He's also a Fallen Angel. Jayden is the trouble maker with his dark brown hair and red highlights at the tip, violet eyes, lean muscles and body. He's a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid.

Created by: Cometlight of Fading Words and Echoing Thoughts
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  1. "They should just seriously get together already." Drake said and handed me back my phone. Everyone smiled and nodded in agreement. Omar and Jayden then started grinning widely. Aaron looked at them with an eyebrow raised. "You two have an idea already, don't you?" Aaron asked. Omar shrugged while Jayden leaned back and sighed. "Well.....that depends on how your saying it." Jayden laughed. Aaron sat up and stared at the duo. "Start talking." He said. Jayden and Omar exchanged glances towards each other, the two then sat up at the same time. They both stood quiet, just staring at everybody. Jayden nudged Omar with his elbow and Omar looked at him, clearly confused. "What?" Omar asked. Jayden smiled and rolled his eyes. Omar looked at him for a second and then smiled as well. "Ohhhhhh I get you now." He said. Jayden laughed and leaned back. "Took you long enough." Jayden yawned. Omar kicked him lightly with his foot. "Shut up it probably would've took you longer." "Sure bob." Jayden said. "Can someone just tell us the plan already?" Aaron asked getting annoyed. Omar cleared his throat and nodded. "I always have to do the explaining." He muttered
  2. "That's because your better at it." Jayden remarked. Omar laughed and Aaron sighed. "Jayden." Aaron said. "What?" "Do me a favor." "Okay." "Shut up." Aaron sighed. "Absolutely." "Tha-" "Not." Jayden finished and him and Omar knuckled touch while Aaron groaned and stood up. He walked out of the living room. "I can't work with those two." He called. "We'll take that as a compliment." Both Omar and Jayden called out to Aaron. Jayden rubbed his hands together and grinned. "Alright now that he's gone we can discuss the plan." "Wait you guys did that just to get Aaron to leave?" I asked. Omar smiled. "Yeah pretty much." "Why did you need Aaron gone?" Drake asked as he sat down on the couch beside me. "Because he's a party pooper." Jayden said matter-of-factually. Omar nodded and placed his feet on the coffee table. "Alright so here's the plan to get White Fang and Lusa together. Since they're already in_________'s room we change the locks so that we can lock them from the outside. Then we keep them in there with nothing besides what they have in there, until they agree to get together." Omar explained. Everyone stared at Jayden and Omar with a 'what the hell is wrong with you?' look. "Isn't that oh I don't know a little harsh." Shane pointed out. Jayden sighed while Omar rolled his eyes. "Besides do you guys even know how to switch a lock?" I asked. Jayden grinned. "Nope." "That's the fun part." Omar added in. Jayden then turned towards Shane.
  3. "Alright Shane since you've already heard the plan and your a party pooper as well, even though I thought you were cool." Jayden sighed. "Get out, leave the room." Omar finished for him. Shane looked at the two with disbelief. "Are you guys kidding me?" "No we're not, now go." Jayden smiled and motioned his head towards the door. Shane slowly got up and turned to walk out. "I'm kidding I'm kidding." Jayden said, mimicking Felipe's voice from the movie Jack and Jill. Shane looked at Jayden and shook his head. "Screw you Jayden." Shane said and left the room. Omar then looked at Drake and I. "Well I guess that just leaves_________and Drake. So what do you say Drake, you in?" Omar asked but Drake stood quiet. Jayden raised a brow and threw a pillow at Drake, which just went right through him.
  4. The pillow passed through Drake once Jayden threw it and then Drake disappeared in thin air. "What the heck?" Jayden asked himself. I covered my mouth with my hand to keep myself from laughed uncontrollably. Omar's shoulders shuddered in silent laughter. It took Jayden a couple of seconds to figure out that Drake had used a duplicate this entire time and wasn't even here in the first place. "Yeah that just straight out shows our brotherly love right there Drake." Jayden shouted, then him and Omar looked at me since I was the only one left in the room. "So________ are you in?" Omar asked. I exhaled sharply and bit my lip. "I hate to tell you guys but, no." I said. Jayden groaned. "Why not?" He whined. I smiled and stood up. "Because there is no way I am letting you two mess with the locks in my room, especially you Jayden and also your plan is just too harsh. White Fang is my best friend and I'm not letting you guys do that to him only I can." I said. Jayden then falsely pouted. "But I thought I was your bwest fwrend." He said with a baby voice. I laughed and shook my head. "Sorry guys but it's just not happening." I apologized. Jayden shrugged and stood up. "Whatever floats your boat." He said and left the room with Omar tailing behind him.
  5. To tell the truth that was a little odd considering the fact that Jayden hardly ever gives up when it comes to convincing people. He's up to something for sure and also he didn't make a funny remark when he left the room, so that just makes me more suspicious of him. I brushed some of my hair behind my ear and activated my enhanced hearing to listen to the duo. I heard shuffling and scrambling of feet for a few brief seconds until I was finally able to hear voices. "You two do know that________ is going to find out one way or another." Aaron said. "As long as you don't tell her she won't find out." Jayden said and I heard the clang sound of a doorknob hitting the floor. Where did they get the tools? Seriously they just left like 2 minutes ago. I trotted up the stairs quickly but quietly so that I can sneak up on them, I also kept my enhanced hearing on to make sure that they couldn't hear me coming. "Jay just knock it off and just give up you can't change the lock." Aaron said. "Have you even considered looking inside the room to see if White Fang and Lusa are still asleep?" Shane asked. I paused at mid way of the stairs on the third floor and listened. Silence which meant that either Omar or Jayden were looking inside my room to check. "Damn it!"I hear both Omar and Jayden yell in unison.
  6. "Hello princesa." Shivers went up my spine and goosebumps formed on my arms just by hearing the sound of his deep chilling voice, I still wasn't use to his new found voice. I turned around to see White Fang with a left over chicken bone in his mouth, or should I say jaw. "Hey White Fang." I smiled as he placed the chicken bone down. "What are you doing?" He asked and cocked his head to the side in curiosity. "Oh uh nothing I was just going to go up my room to wake you up, but since your here right now I need to talk to you about something." I said. White Fang nodded grabbed the chicken bone and trotted down the stairs. I followed him into the second floor living room and sat down on the couch. White Fang leaped onto the couch and placed the bone between his paws. "Alright what is it that you want to talk to me about?" He asked. I sighed and crossed my legs. "Well apparently everyone has noticed that you like Lusa and I've noticed that Lusa has taken a shine to you." I explained. White Fang stopped gnawing on the bone for a moment and stared at me. "Where are you going with this princesa?" He asked. I exhaled deeply and shrugged. "What I'm trying to say is that I'm going to get you and Lusa together and I don't care what you say. There's no stopping me." I smiled mischievously. White Fang's jaw dropped and his eyes narrowed. I slowly uncrossed my legs and started to get up. "I'll take that as the time for me to make a run for it, like right" I said and ran for the stairs. White Fang jumped to his paws and was on hot pursuit after me as I scrambled up the stairs.
  7. "Get back here princesa there is no way you are telling her." White Fang growled. "I'm doing you a favor." I retorted and kept on running. -Starfire where are you?- I asked inside my head since she is mostly my last resort and I was desperate to get White Fang off my trail. -Swinging back and forth on a chandelier. Why?- She replied like nothing. -What floor are you on?- I asked. Please let it be third please let it be third. I begged. -Third floor and again I ask why?- Starfire replied. "Thank you." I muttered to myself. -Alright good, look White Fang is chasing me right now and I need to get him off my trail. Once I run past the chandelier your on I need you to distract him however way you can- I explained inside my head. I made a sharp turn and saw the chandelier up ahead. -Wait so basically I can do anything in order to distract him?- She asked. -Yes!- I shouted desperately. -Okay!- She replied happily. I ran quickly past the chandelier and made another sharp turn towards the stairs. -It's payback time White Fang!- Starfire yelled telepathically. I came to a halt and raised an eyebrow. -Hold on, what did White Fang ever do to you?- I asked. -He stole my meat loaf!- Starfire screeched and then I heard White Fang yelp in surprise
  8. I debated in my head whether to check on those two or just bail and climb up the stairs. Eventually I found myself racing up the stairs and saw Jayden and Omar fiddling with the looks to my room. I can't believe they were still with that. Aaron and Shane were there too just watching them with boredom. I cleared my throat to get their attention and apparently it worked. Omar and Jayden immediately stopped what they were doing and were frozen in place with either shock or frightfulness. They slowly turned around and grinned sheepishly while Shane and Aaron just stood there trying to act all cool. "Oh uh hey_______ we didn't think you would come up here, so uh um...........what exactly are you doing here?" Omar asked nervously. I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. "It is my room the last time I checked." I said sternly. The duo looked inside the room and laughed nervously. "Oh what do you know it is________'s room hahahaha heheheh, Jayden did you know that?" "Nah I didn't so uh uh um......maybe we should go, you know we're just going to go we don't want to upset you or anything. Isn't that right Omar." Jayden stuttered. "Yup yes siree that's right Jay." Omar said shakily. The two slowly started walking backwards. I took a step forward and they ran down the hall. Aaron and Shane then broke down in laughter from holding it in for too long. "I swear I saw Omar sweating,_______you had them good." Shane said in between laughs. I smirked and shrugged. "What can I say I can be scary when I want to be. Also one more thing." I said. Aaron and Shane stopped laughing and stared at me. "What is it?" Aaron asked. "This." I said and pushed them both inside my room when their guard was down
  9. I closed the door behind them and once I did the doorknobs from opposite sides came completely off. I knew something like that was going to happen, so I pushed Aaron and Shane in just to make sure and well I was right. I tossed the fallen doorknob that was in my hand aside and rubbed my eyes. "JAYDEN OMAR, GET YOUR BUTTS BACK HERE AND FIX THE LOCKS!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I quickly turned on my enhanced hearing in order to find out where those two troublemakers are. I finally found their voices and listened. "Omar should we go or nah?" Jayden asked. "I say we stay here just to be safe." Omar said. "But won't that make her ever more mad?" "I can hear you guys and I advise you if your smart then you'll make a wise enough choice to come and fix the locks." I called out to them. "We're screwed." Jayden muttered and I heard the sound of feet moving. I deactivated my enhanced hearing and leaned against the wall as I for them to come.
  10. Hours passed before Jayden and Omar were finally able to fix the locks to my room. Shane and Aaron had gotten out 30 minutes after I shoved them in there. How? Well thanks to the door in my room that leads to the indoor pool and 3 other doors around the indoor pool helped them out quite a bit. Right now I was in the living room with Starfire and Lusa. I exhaled sharply and looked up at the ceiling, trying to figure out how to tell Lusa about White Fang. I sat up and looked towards Lusa. "Hey Lusa." Lusa raised her head up and stared at me inquisitively. "Yes what is it______?" She asked with her soft and melodic voice. I drew in a breath and smiled at the thought of White Fang finally being happy with someone. "Well I've just happened to notice that um White Fang has taken a fancy to you and well I'm just going to be straight out with this. Do you want to get with White Fang?" I asked and I was practically jumping out of my seat on the couch. Starfire looked at me with her eyes wide and filled with amusement. Lusa looked like she was in plain shock and couldn't believe her ears. "Y-yes of course a million times yes." She gasped and smiled. Just by hearing the answer I almost screamed in delight, my smile widened and I threw my hands in the air in triumph. White Fang then stepped into the room. I stood up and walked out but I stopped once I reached White Fang. "Congratulations you now have a girlfriend or should I say in canine terms, you now have a mate." I said completely excited and overjoyed. White Fang looked at me utterly shocked and in disbelief. "What!?!?!" He whispered. I winked at him and trotted up the stairs with Starfire trailing behind. "WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!"
  11. I laughed softly and finally made it to the fourth floor after climbing up hundreds of flights of stairs, I would've enjoyed using the elevator but White Fang hasn't taught any of us how to open the walls to open it and which walls have the elevator. I suddenly felt something hit my knee calf and I checked to see that Starfire had latched onto my leg. She squealed in delight and I looked at her with confusion. -Thank you for asking her and telling White Fang while I was there. The look on his face was priceless!- She screamed happily inside my head, which absolutely positively caused a minor headache for a couple of seconds. "Your welcome I suppose." I shrugged and opened the door to my room, thank god the doorknob didn't come off. Starfire then reacted fast and stood in front of me with her shoulder blades hunched and her tail whipping back and forth in a threatening way. Why? You make ask. Well there perched on my nightstand stood a large phoenix holding a paper in it's beak that was folded in fourths. I cautiously walked over Starfire and towards the phoenix. I carefully grabbed the paper and unfolded it to find that it was a note. 'Look outside the balcony' It said and I slowly raised my head up and looked at the balcony. There I saw a guy leaning on the railing and staring right at me.
  12. And.....Cliffhanger! Sorry have to do it eventually. Now so far who is your favorite guy?

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