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  • LOL Omar... touching a bone... okay that is kind of interesting... uh-oh... Jayden and vodka XD I love how the guys are still hilarious during a tense situation :o Delgado....... Loved seeing this series back! *gasps* you're on Wattpad too? I have to remember to fan you then x)

  • Ohhhhhmysweet fudge. Look I've been waiting and yes I squealed for this but now I regret it because now I'll start imagining more crazy drama before I go to sleep. Any way GOSH U LEAVE ME THERE!!??? WITH EVERYTHING I'VE BEEN THROUGH U GOT ME INTO THIS CLIFFHANGER??!! >:( AND U BETTER PUT MORE MUSHY MUSHY STUFF WITH JAYDEN BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!! WHERE IS HE I WANT TO TALK TO HIM VIRTUALLY!! *virtually slaps him* U GOT ME WORRIED THERE PUNK!! Question of the Day~ Thoughts or feelings on this part? - Well... I felt kinda emotional with the main character seeing her dad and stuff... I want to see Delgado again, I miss him *pouts* do they know it was all along white fangs girlfriend??? They are good together but I swear if she doesn't change I will yank her fudging head off.

  • All i kept on thinking on this part was Jayden (true) :/ yes haha it's still a fresh wound, my fictional heart was on Jayden but u ripped it out, if u ever make a girl character, make one for me so atleast i'd be with Jayden, i liked this part, ur mind determines how much effort u put in this and if u think u can do better u can definitely do

  • I almost started crying in the beginning and I don't know why!! Usually I'm not very emotional. And then I almost burst out laughing with what Jayden said. I still want him back!! NEXT PART!!!!

  • TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!!!! YOU OWE ME A COOKIE!!! I WANT MY COOKIE!!!! oh well i forgive you halfway cause you got this part out ^_^ now just make part 27 soon and i will COMPLETELY FORGIVE YOU. i thought you were dead or something!!!!

    btw you still owe meh a cookie!!

  • im glad you got this part out! it took too long though :( and im sure we would all appritiate it VERY MUCH if you would return the soul to the body in part 27. like, the BEGINNING. i dont like floating in limbo for too long. good part though XD

  • I'm lame, I didn't check this list for a couple days and this came out. >.> NEVER AGAIN. Can't wait for the next part!

  • I defiantly loved it and can't wait to read part 27!!!!! :-)

    elf maiden
  • loved it hurry up and make part 27

  • Love it soo much. Need part 27.

  • omgomgomgomg!!!! Love this story, but not as much as mine...


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