My Goodbye & Sayings (PuffBall)

hehehhe... oh pretty please read my honors?? - Honors & The beginning of quiz series (PuffBall).... ok whatever you don't need too.... soooo whats up with you all?

Im fine thank you... So hows life? Any good? Whatever just know that you have the power to chose what happens... i think... what you want to be i guess.

Created by: PuffBall

  1. Ok... I'm leaving. And i know i didn't NEED to make a quiz but i wanted to make sure all of you do as i say: 1-always be insane 2-always party rock 3-keep reading 4-have a wild imagination 5-improve 6-write 7- love music/dance/ ohmysweetgoodness just be happy.
  2. Before i explain why im going i would like to tell the alll the Authors/people who know me that i have been in track on their quiz series but just not commented...
  3. I also would like to say for all of you to know thjat baby puffball will always love you... well maybe except comet and angel trying to over through me from being queen.... but any who...
  4. I'm leaving because .... well i don't really know how to explain... I have great reasons to stay like: reading these awesome imaginations and words ( and you know that saying that : sories and books are the wisest and most silent teachers of all. And especially wonderful friends (and im sure you guys know who you are). You may not know me anyways.
  5. The reason i want to leave is that i want to start edging off the computer world more often. And go into a next chapter in my life. And don't you go thinking i will forget this place! First because i wrote "GOTOQUIZ ROCKS" in one of my pages in my journal.. well.. will. And second is because it's the reason it made me read more and more.. buy books.... became wiser... higher IQ obviously... AND another reason is that i made friends that i will obviously never forget. oh gosh look what you made me do! i feel so sad! hm!
  6. promise me all of you to live your life.... DONT WORRY BE HAPPY!
  7. so thats pretty much it... i would like to say more but im lazy........
  8. yea....... ok looke im not totally leaving YET! I still have to wait till Teenage chronical, the unforgiven and unforgotten, beautiful secrets, etc., to end. I WILL come back to often to check on _violaLover_ on her quiz series because obviously it's not going to end sooner or later. I wont comment because i would already be to late to.
  9. Ok seriously im surprised your even still reading...
  10. no im serious get OFFF! gosh im done no need for crying or being sad or anything!!!... *thinks* oooooo! i know something... LETS HAVE A PARTY FOR SCHOOLL IISSSSS OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (almoust for some, it was over weeeks ago for me..HAHAHHA!) ok now im not going ti tease but... *brings out boom box* ready to party rock?
  11. Oh im being reckless! you know why? because i bumped my pinky again...:( ok whatever it will heal.. soo.... chao now... no im serious it's over and i have to go pee..

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