So all of the books in The Clique series have made the NYT bestselling list. So you have probably read them. If not, turn off the computer and pick up a copy at the library!

But if you have read the books, try this quiz. If you really are a fan of the series, you will ace it. If you're not a fan? Just don't even bother. You could go and get your hair done in the same amount of time.

Created by: haley

  1. Nina had what number on her shirt at the semi-finals game in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers?
  2. Where did Kristen's mom make her go to get a haircut in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers?
  3. What is Claire's middle name?
  4. What did Kristen's parents want her to study after getting expelled in The Pretty Committee Strikes Back?
  5. What was Massie's favorite Glossip Girl flavor?
  6. Dylan went on what diet in Dial L for Loser?
  7. In Dial L for Loser, which designer withdrew its comps from the comps that Claire received?
  8. What was the type of animal that Anastasia Brees had in Massie?
  9. Nina called Derrington what in Invasion of the Boysnatchers?
  10. Just take a guess: what is my favorite Clique book?

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