The Fading Echoes Quiz

PLEASE READ THIS! PLEASE READ THIS! PLEASE READ THIS! PLEASE READ THIS! Anyways, you will probably want to get out your copy of Fading Echoes right now and use it to answer the questions.

Why haven't you gotten your copy yet? Just go, go, go! Hurry up! Let's go! I'm really bored! That's right! Now sit down in front of your computer! Good! Now start this quiz!

Created by: Brian Ranger

  1. In the Prologue who was the black cat?
  2. In Chapter 1, who's death is haunting Dovepaw?
  3. In Chapter 2, who says "Longtail seems to be stiffer than ever."
  4. In Chapter 3, Jayfeather sees Lionblaze remembering Heathertail being leader of what Clan?
  5. In Chapter 4, who's perspective is it?
  6. In Chapter 5, what Clan do Ivypaw and Dovepaw visit in the middle of the night?
  7. In Chapter 6, does Ivypaw get in trouble?
  8. In Chapter 7, does Firestar know they're the Three?
  9. In Chapter 8, what Clan does ThunderClan have border problems with?
  10. In Chapter 9, does Mistystar mention who the new RiverClan was?
  11. In Chapter 10, who's perspective is shown for the first time?
  12. In Chapter 11, who dies?
  13. In Chapter 12, what ShadowClan warrior had the same injury as Briarlight?
  14. In Chapter 13, who's perspective is it?
  15. In Chapter 14, which team one first in the mock battle?
  16. In Chapter 15, what Clan does Lionblaze and Jayfeather forget to mention when talking about cats that have joined the Dark Forest?
  17. In Chapter 16, what three cats go to the Place of No Stars-The Dark Forest?
  18. Based on Chapter 17, what cat may become Lionblaze's mate in the future? (Think!)
  19. In Chapter 18, what cat (besides Dovepaw) was the only cat in this chapter?
  20. In Chapter 19, Tigerstar tells Ivypaw what Clan will attack?
  21. In Chapter 20, what two ThunderClan cats did Ivypaw say when Firestar asked her which ShadowClan cats she saw in her dream?
  22. In Chapter 21, what is Blackstar's reaction when Firestar and some warriors of ThunderClan come and tell him their taking territory for themselves?
  23. In Chapter 22, did Hawkfrost come to see Ivypaw fight in the battle?
  24. In Chapter 23, who's perspective is it?
  25. Who killed Russetfur?
  26. According to Page 297 (Right after 296-the end of the book) what is the name of the next book?

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