The Unforgiven and Unforgotten part 28

Hey everybody and welcome to part 28 of The Unforgiven and Unforgotten. Again I got bored and decided to write this, also it might take longer for me to type these up because I start school in six days so I'll try to upload faster. Hope you guys enjoy this part and remember to comment.

Shane has light brown hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, lean muscles, and a to die for smile. He's also a Vampire. Drake is the antisocial and mysterious type with his dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights, icy blue eyes, tan skin, two military dog tags around his neck, sexy body and sexy deep voice, and hot muscles. He's also a Werewolf. Omar is the funny yet smart one with his dirty blonde hair, bright amber eyes,and perfect muscles. He's an Immortal with powers. Aaron is sort of the leader type with his coal black hair, gorgeous golden eyes, fit body, lean muscles, and adorable dimples. He's also a Fallen Angel. Jayden is the trouble maker with his dark brown hair and red highlights at the tip, violet eyes, lean muscles and body. He's a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid.

Created by: Cometlight
  1. "Ow, ow, ow, ow. " Omar repeated as he continued on banging his head on the metal table. The sound bounced off the soundproof walls, echoing it more into the room. His head rise up one last time and brought it down a little too quick. "Aw fudge!" He yelled in agony and brought his head up. He massaged his forehead and groaned, his eyes drawn to the spot to where his head landed. His amber eyes widened when he saw a large dent right in the middle of the desk.
  2. "Someone's got their panties stuck in a bunch." A voice snickered. Omar groaned and tilted his head back, his eyes squinting up at the bright ceiling light. "Not in the mood Jayden." "Well there's first isn't there." Jayden grinned as he walked over to his friend. He sat down on the edge of the table and gazed at his moody friend. Omar opened one eye and stared at Jayden. "What do you want?" Jayden grasped his heart dramatically and gasped. "My best friend not wanting my company? How could you Omar, of all the things we've down together you despise of me now. Ugh fine leave me be, to rot in the sewers as I weep of our break up." Jayden huffed and turned his head away.
  3. Omar cracked a grin and grabbed Jayden's hand. "My dear please forgive me, for I can't live without your presence close by. I vow to appreciate you here and to kiss the ground you walk upon. Please my dear, for all thy sake, forgive me." Omar pleaded and bowed his head down. Jayden held back his laughter and patted Omar's head. "Alright pretty boy you can stop begging, I forgive you." Omar smiled and released Jayden's hand, barely realizing he was still holding it. "Alright now Jayden you had your fun, tell me what do you want?"
  4. Jayden grinned and leaned his back against the wall. "What makes you think I want something?" He asked and cocked his head to the side, a mixture of confusion and amusement glistening in his violet eyes. Omar rolled his eyes and began to spin himself around in his chair. "I know you all too well Jayden, you don't enter a room and crack one of your panty remarks unless you want something." Omar responded and raised a brow. Jayden's grin faltered for a moment before pure excitement filled within his eyes. "I do that? Hm never came to mind, anyways I don't need anything. I'm just, bored." He shrugged and started to stir an odd mixture inside a jar that he held in his hands.
  5. Omar snorted and stared at Jayden. "Since when is the infamous Jayden ever bored?" He asked. Jayden shrugged in reply and ate a spoonful of the odd mixture. Omar gazed at him with puzzlement and leaned forward to get a good look of the jar. He raised a brow when he couldn't make out what it was and drew his eyes towards his bored looking friend. "Jayden what the hell are you eating?" Jayden snapped his head towards Omar and grinned widely. "This." He started and rose up the jar for the light to shine on as if it was a gift from god. "My friend is the most delicious creation I have ever made, it's Nutella mixed with gummy bears, whip cream, chocolate chips, sour patch kids, M&M's, skittles, caramel, a dash of cinnamon, cup of sugar, eight cherry pixie sticks, and two shots of tequila."
  6. "Wait what? You put tequila in there!?!" Omar shouted, bewildered at the thought of Jayden drinking. Jayden grinned and nodded. "Yup." He replied and popped the P. He shoved another spoonful of the mixture into his mouth and handed it to Omar. "Try it." Omar stared at the jar and then back at Jayden. "You must be trippin' if you think I'm going to try that." Jayden rolled his eyes and gestured Omar to take it. Omar groaned and took the jar. He played with the mixture by picking at it with the spoon, watching as the dark color of the nutella glazed around the jar, some of it sticking onto the spoon and oozing back down into the jar. Odd shapes from the things Jayden added in bulged out to the surface; he could even make out a skittle popping out. "I'm so going to end up going out on hyper high because of you, Jayden." Omar sighed and took a large spoonful. He grimaced at the taste as the tequila burned his throat at first contact. He shook it off and took another spoonful, his tongue adapting to the flavor little by little. "You and me both Omar." Jayden said and swiped the jar away from Omar, swallowing another large spoonful himself.
  7. **______'s POV** Red and purple swirled above me, I was able to create a bubble like shield around me using my thermal energy and now whenever those creatures would try to penetrate it they would immediately disintegrate. I exhaled sharply and watched as the flames danced flawlessly with the wind pushing them back and fro. I laid down on the grass and smirked when a Kitsune leaped at the shield and met it's fate within seconds. Sure I feel bad for them, but they are the ones trying to attack me.
  8. I picked at the blades of grass beside me, wondering when I will know when the time is right to return to my body. Klaus said that I would just know and feel it; well Klaus turns out I haven't felt it for three weeks. I wonder how Aaron figured out it was time for him to return. Man how much I miss the guys, Shane's anger issues, Omar's smart arse remarks, Drake's musical voice, Aaron's adorable dimples, and even Jayden's ability to annoy you like hell. I wanted to return to them so badly it's not even funny.
  9. I bolted up to my feet when I heard shrill cries and agonizing howls and whimpers. I squinted my eyes to try and get a better look, and what I saw made my eyes widened in shock. The creatures were retreating, all of them were leaving. I lowered the shield and stepped out; the creatures ran by me like I was never their target in the first place. What's going on? Why are they all suddenly retreating? My answer was then revealed to me when I saw a bright blinding light up ahead. I narrowed my eyes to see an outline of someone enveloped within the light.
  10. I took a step closer to try and get a better look at the figure. I then noticed that it was walking on all fours so it definitely wasn't human. Four sharp talons dung into the earth below it with every step it took, its head was held up high in honor with a pair of beady yellow eyes, striking down at anyone daring to challenge it. I could also make out a set of wings folded into its back.
  11. I growled in frustration and activated my enhanced sight. A smile tugged onto the edged of my lips when I finally deciphered who the mysterious creature is. I felt my legs begging to run towards the creature, pumping faster with every step, excitement burning in the pit of my stomach. "Ombra!" I exclaimed, delighted to see a familiar face and flung my arms around the rather large Gryphon's neck.
  12. A chuckle rumbled in his chest as he gazed down at me once I released him from the hug. He bended his legs down and bowed his head. "It is an honor to assistant you again, Goddess ______." I furrowed my brow in confusion. "Ombra you don't have to do any of that, and assistant me? In what matter do you have to assistant me in?" I asked, puzzled at his words. Ombra smiled genuinely and shook his head. "To return you to your vessel."
  13. My mouth gaped open in shock when he said those words, is he serious? He can actually return me to my body. I guess this is what Klaus meant. I closed my mouth shut and gazed up at the gray Gryphon. "You're saying you can return me to my vessel. How?" Ombra shuffled his feet absently. "I'm one of your spirit guides and as being one of them I can guide you through the spirit world. When someone is recovering from a horrid injury, their spirit is pried from their vessel and forced into the spirit world so their body can recover quickly. Usually their spirit is taken to a place where an event took place that held great value to them or held a great amount of emotion, as for you, you were taken here to the dream leaping meadow. May I ask why is the dream leaping meadow your venue?"
  14. I opened and closed my mouth, the truth was that Klaus had brought me here but I can't tell Ombra that because I don't know if he is aware of Klaus being alive. Then again I did ask Klaus to bring me here because I felt like it was calling to me. I sighed and my eyes met Ombra's, who was gazing down at me, waiting for an answer. "I don't know Ombra it just felt like it was calling me, I guess because.......let's just say it had something to do with Delgado." I sighed and averted my eyes away from him.
  15. Ombra nodded, deciding to drop the subject. He probably already knew about what happened with Delgado, judging by the look of sorrow in his eyes when I mentioned his name. Ombra rustled his feathers and lowered himself down, gesturing me to get on his back. I nodded and hoisted myself up, tossing one leg over and pushing off with the other. I settled myself on his back and held onto both sides of Ombra's neck. Ombra pushed himself onto his feet and extended out his wings. He turned around and began to trot towards the bright light. I could easily feel his muscles ripping with every step he took. I leaned forward to steady myself as Ombra took a flying leap and took off into the sky.
  16. I closed my eyes as Ombra neared the bright light and went through it. I let out a short breath when the energy in the air seemed... calming. I snapped open my eyes to see that I was back in the spirit world. We were flying high in the clouds; I could make out mountain peaks here and there with clouds swirling around them. The sky was a bright pink with orange, purple and dark gray mixing together. Blurred translucent figures flew past me and I already knew that they were wandering spirits. I gazed at my surroundings, taking in everything. Something then occurred in my mind.
  17. "Ombra how did you find me?" I asked, wondering how he just suddenly appeared like that if I've been stuck there in the meadow for three weeks. Ombra continued on flying until I heard his deep voice. "You summoned me." Was his simple reply. I furrowed my brow. Summoned him? "How did I do that, I don't remember." Ombra chuckled and looked at me at the corner of his eye. "The ankle bracelet_____, that's how you summoned me. What were you doing at the time before I appeared?" I thought back to when I was covered by the thermal shield. "I was inside a thermal shield, protecting myself from the creatures." I said simply.
  18. "Think harder______, what were you thinking before my arrival." Ombra sighed. I pondered on his words, what was I thinking? I snapped my fingers when it came to me. "I was thinking about the guy; my protectors. Wondering on how long it would be until I see them again, remembering my times with them. I guess I was missing them." I shrugged. "That is how you summoned me, you had a strong emotion coursing through you at the time you were thinking of your protectors. Longing. Your protectors have such a large impact on you that when you thought of them the emotion was strong enough to trigger the ankle bracelet, in result it summoned me because I was the very first spirit you called upon so it took very little power to do so."
  19. "So the ankle bracelet's power is summoned by a strong emotion?" I asked, confused since I wasn't told very much about it. "Not quite, you see the ankle bracelet has many ways to summon it's power, strong emotions and your blood is just a substitute for the time being. In order to summon it's true power, well every god or goddess has their own way. You just have to find yours." Ombra replied and began to glide downward. I sighed and moved along with his movements, leaning to the side to make it easier for him to glide. "Alright change of subject, how are you able to take me back to my body?" I inquired.
  20. Ombra pulled up and kept his wings extend out, letting the wind take control for a moment. "Spirits such as I still contain our power that we held when we were alive. I had the power to revive the dead. Having this power meant that I can find the soul of the victim and return them to their vessel. In result since you're not dead I can still manage to return your soul to your body. Although it won't be easy, I have to channel your power from your spirit form and replace it into your mortal body. Along with that I have to be able to manifest your spirit into the mortal world and return it back into your vessel."
  21. "Well now that seems a lot of work just to return me to my body." I replied and scrunched up my nose. Why do things that seem so simple turn out to be complicated? Ombra chuckled at my reply and started to flap his gray feathered wings. "Things in life are never simple______; learn that you have to work for them in order to receive them. If things were simply to achieve then what good is it if we knew that we did nothing in order to do so? No happiness for accomplishing something we did that was drastic, no applause for the dedication we stood for to get it, no reward for the hardship. If so then we had achieved nothing in life." Ombra said and his eyes gleamed with yearn, like as if he was remembering something in his youth years.
  22. I smiled and nodded. "Of course Ombra, I get it now. If we didn't work for something we wanted so badly, then what good is it of receiving it? In order to earn it you have to work for it." I said and Ombra chuckled. "You learn rather quickly young one, I respect that. A last hold on we're about to enter the mortal world." I leaned forward and hardened my grip on Ombra's neck. My eyes were drawn forward to see what seemed like a ripple in the horizon, it reminded me of the waves of the ocean where the current was moving forward at a rapid pace. Here it had a steady movement but you could detect the motions of it with your eyes as the clouds moved with it.
  23. Ombra's wings began to flap faster as we neared closer to the ripple, his beak then parted open and an orange beam began to grow inside his mouth. The beam enlarged within his mouth until it was about the size of a basketball, Ombra then shot the beam at what seemed as the center of the ripple. I shielded my eyes as the beam collided with the ripple and a bright golden light emerged. I flinched as a tremendous amount of heat hit me like a wave and then was replaced with an icy feeling that sent shivers down my spine. "You can open your eyes now dear child." I opened my eyes when I heard Ombra's words and gasped at the sight.
  24. Never in my entire life was I more excited to see that I was inside the lab. I awed at the cream walls and was fascinated by the many machines scattered everywhere. My attention was drawn to the source where I heard a constant beeping sound. I was staring at my own motionless body, an I.V needle was in my left hand with a clear liquid placed on the pole. A heart monitor stood next to it, calculating that my heart was at a steady pace. The entire room was empty except me of course and the machines. None of the guys were in here, this I wondered why. I snapped my head up when I heard a throat being cleared and exhaled sharply when it was Ombra.
  25. "Are you ready______?" He asked. I nodded and regained my composure. "Yes I'm ready." Ombra nodded and stepped in front of me. He leaned forward and placed his forehead against mine; I closed my eyes and exhaled as I felt my power slowly slipping away as Ombra absorbed it. My knees buckled when I felt that all of it was gone, it felt like a part of me was taken away. "You okay?" Ombra asked, clear concern written all over him. I gulped and gave a brief nod. Ombra narrowed his eyes but he proceeded on. An electric blue glow illuminated around one of his talons as he raised it up and gently touched my mortal body's forehead with the tip.
  26. I watched as my entire body started to glow the same color and I watched as my skin began to receive its color back. I had to admit I looked like a freaking ghost. Ombra turned back towards me and bowed his head down. "It was an honor to be an assistant once again to you Goddess_______, I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I bid you farewell." "As it was with you Ombra, I wish to see you again someday." I whispered and closed my eyes as Ombra faded away.
  27. I snapped open my eyes and gasped for air, the heart monitor speeding up as I looked at my surroundings. A smile crept up to my lips when I saw that I was in the lab, I was back in my body. I slowly sat up and cringed as I heard multiple bones snap from being in the same position for weeks. I groaned as everything around me was spinning, not a very pleasant feeling to have when you first wake up. I steadied myself and slowly placed my feet down on the ground. I supported myself up by holding onto the bed and gritted my teeth in frustration when my feet kept wobbling. I released my grip on the bed and extended my arms out for balance.
  28. I sighed happily when I got the feeling back in my legs and placed one foot in front of the other. I smiled when my nerves started cooperating, sending messages to my brain and was starting to function well again. I looked down at myself to see that I was still wearing the same clothes the day I was attacked. I picked some pieces of crumbled leaves out of my hair and smoothed it out. "Let's see what the guys think about this." I muttered to myself and flinched when I heard the sound of my voice. It was hoarse and raspy from the lack of use from it, I didn't realize until know how thirsty I am. Well let's at least let one person know that I'm awake. And I know just the one.
  29. "Hey Starfire you there?" I asked inside my head and quietly waited for a reply. Seconds passed by until I heard the familiar sound of her voice, only thing was that it no longer had that childish innocence to it. She sounded agh how do I put this. Mature? "Who are you and why does your voice sound like ______'s" that was Starfire's reply. Way to be welcoming huh? I blinked in surprise and then a smirk grew on my face. "You don't think it's me? Well now that just hurts, I guess I'll let Shane know that you're the one that put a red sock in with all his white clothes in the wash, along with Drake that you're the one that drew shrunk his guitar, also with Aaron that you're the one that placed White Fang's dodo inside the air vent so that every time he turned on the AC he was greeted with the unpleasant smell of poop. I'll also let Jayden know that you're the one that ate all his chili cheese fries and that it was you who locked White Fang in the simulation room making him think that he was facing his biggest fear which I am not going to say." I retorted and waited patiently for her response.
  30. "Oh my god it is you!!! No one except for ______ has the guts to threaten me like that. Finally I've been waiting for decades for you to wake up, I was getting tired of having to threat these guys to shut up or that I would burn off their ding dongs while they slept. Alright so what's up? She asked in my head and I could imagine her tilting her head to the side, same old Starfire. "Where are the guys at right now? "They're in the living room talking about something, I got bored so I'm eating Jayden's chili cheese fries that he attempted to hide but let's face it, he can't choose good hiding places if his life depended on it." "Alright thanks Starfire and I promise to return the favor." I replied and exhaled sharply. I was finally going to see the guys after being unconscious for three weeks.
  31. I walked out of the lab and quietly walked down the empty hallway, good thing I learned how to ease off on the pressure on my feet back at the meadow. I climbed up the stairs without making a sound and stepped into the kitchen. I looked over at the counter to see Starfire happily eating Jayden's chili cheese fries, as if sensing me she snapped her head up and grinned. I smiled in return and gestured my thumb towards the living room that was just around the corner. All I had to do was take seven steps and I was inside. Starfire nodded and went back to her eating. I sighed softly and quietly walked towards the living room.
  32. I stopped myself right outside the doorway and leaned against the wall as I heard the guys' voices. "We have to leave; Nex has already found us it's only a matter of time before someone far worse appears." Aaron pointed out. "Yeah but we have nowhere to go." Shane piped in. "Well..." Mike trailed off. I sensed every one looking at him right now. I heard a soft sigh. "We do actually I can take you guys to the Ortu Cinis." All was silent when Mike said those words. Then Shane spoke up as always since he's the one that breaks the silence. "You're joking right. There's no way we can go to the Ortu Cinis." "And why not?" Mike asked, clearly getting annoyed. "First off there's no way they're going to let us in, let alone without ______. And to top that off we have an ex-convict of theirs." Shane growled.
  33. I furrowed my brow. Ex-convict? Who's an ex-convict and what did they do? "Shane do you mind shutting up?" Aaron asked with clear sarcasm. "No I can't because it's not my fault that you we ba-." "Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, pop Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, lollipop. Oh lolli,lolli,lolli Lollipop, pop. Call me baby lollipop, tell you why. Cause he's sweeter than an apple pie, and when he doesn't shake he rock and dance. Then I haven't got a chance."
  34. I stifled a laugh when I heard Jayden and Omar singing the Lollipop song by the Chordettes. Don't those two ever give their randomness a break? I heard the guys groan and the sound of skin slapping skin, most likely they face palmed themselves. "Jayden what are you doing?" I heard Drake ask. "The truth I have no idea, I'm so gone that it's not funny. Well to me it is." He said and I could hear him trying to hold back his laughter. While he was talking I could hear Omar just laughing, I peeked around the corner to see Omar sitting down on the bean bag chair, staring at the coffee table and just randomly laughing. Jayden was sitting on the armrest of the couch with a jar in his hand that held a dark odd mixture.
  35. "Please don't tell me that you ate what I think you ate." Drake said. Jayden grinned and slumped forward. "I think you know that answer big bro." He said and burst into a fit of laughter. Drake groaned and shook his head. "What, what's wrong with the two of them?" Mike asked, clearly confused with the situation. Shane, Aaron, and Drake looked at each other and then back at Mike. "They're both hyper high." They said in unison.
  36. "Drake why do you, uh I mean damn what was I going to say? Oh yeah why is there pigs flying around your head throwing sparkly dust at you?" Jayden asked and tilted his head to the side, where else Omar burst into another fit of laughter and fell out of the bean bag chair and landed on his side. Aaron shook his head and chucked a pillow at his head. Omar stopped laughing for a second and grabbed the pillow, he stared at it for a couple of minutes before his eyes widened. "Oh my god where have you been all my life? You're so beautiful it should be illegal, come here come closer." He said and brought the pillow closer to his face.
  37. "I love you." Omar whispered to the pillow and started to kiss it, which later turned into what seemed as a make out session. All the guys including Jayden looked at him with wide eyes. "Hey Omar stop making out with that Elf, it's disgusting." Jayden said and out of nowhere started laughing again. Omar continued on kissing the pillow while the guys sighed. "Alright Jayden why don't you go to the kitchen and get something to eat. How about those chili cheese fries you saved?" Aaron suggested. Jayden immediately stopped laughing and stumbled onto his feet.
  38. "That's a great idea Aaron, oh my god are you Einstein? Whatever who cares because I'm going to eat some bomb chili cheese fries." He said and walked over to Omar. He pried the pillow away from him and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt. "Let's go eat some, wait what were they again? Who cares I'll figure it out when we get there. Come on Omar." Jayden pulled Omar and walked out of the living room. I hid myself from view of them as they trudge right past me. Starfire was long gone by now so I guess she was safe, or at least should I say that the duo is safe.
  39. Drake massaged his temples while Aaron and Shane tried to hold back their laughter. "Can we please get back to what we were talking about?" Drake asked, wanting to change to subject. They nodded and managed to regain their composure. "Alright sorry Drake where were we?" Shane asked. "I believe we were on when Mike mentioned that we can move to the Ortu Cinis. In my matter of speaking we are going." At the sound of my voice the guys snapped their heads up and looked at me. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped.
  40. I smirked and crossed my arms across my chest. "Nice to see you guys too."

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