What's your meant-to-be hair color?

Sure, you can easily look in the mirror and know what hair color you have, but what's your hair color inside? Is yours meant to be? Maybe..your hair color affects your personality...

Are you positive your hair color matches your personality? Maybe it's just the opposite! Take this quiz to find out just if it's meant to be, and prove it!

Created by: Lilyofthevalley:)
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your dream vacation?
  2. Animal that describes you best?
  3. Animal that describes you best?
  4. What's your favorite color out of these?
  5. Friends would describe you as...
  6. Be honest, your bad points are:
  7. OMG, the house is on fire!! Phew, everyone's safe including your pets, but you managed to only save one thing...what is it?
  8. You're bored...whatdaya do?
  9. Only one more day to live...you...
  10. Which hair color would you rather have?
  11. What do you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What's my meant-to-be hair color?