What color is your relationship?

This is a quiz to figure out what color best matches your relationship. Every relationship has a color that bests matches it. It's an abstract idea, but this is just how I, the quiz maker, see things.

This quiz tests how you view your partner and your relationship, and what color that best correlates with. The way you interact and love each other is what leads to your result.

Created by: quizmaker101

  1. If you and your partner have a problem, you:
  2. How would you describe your relationship?
  3. What is your usual date night like?
  4. What is your favorite thing about your partner?
  5. What gift would you give your partner?
  6. What imagery makes you think of your relationship?
  7. What music matches your relationship?
  8. How do you feel about your partner?
  9. What initially attracted you to your partner?
  10. What weather has the same vibes as your relationship?

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Quiz topic: What color is my relationship?