What color do you look HOT in (Girls Only)

Many girls spend a lot of time at stores deciding what color clothes they should buy. Well if that's you, you can save time by taking this quiz and learning what color suits you well!

Sometimes we dress according to out day-to-day mood. This quiz is based partly on your personality and partly on your features (hair color, eye color,etc.) Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: ninjacupcake
  1. Eye color?
  2. Hair color
  3. What is your favorite type of make-up?
  4. What type of shoes do you like best?
  5. What clothes stores do you like best?
  6. Body Type? Be honest for best results!
  7. Personality?
  8. What type of guys do you like?
  9. Pretend its picture day at your school. What do you wear?
  10. What color nail polish do you like to wear?
  11. What is your skin color? ( Not trying to be racist you can skip question if you want)

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Quiz topic: What color do I look HOT in (Girls Only)