Will any of these guys fall for you?

Here are the desrciptions of the guys: Brent has chocolate brown eyes and sometimes wares glasses. His hair is a light brown color. He is the smartest guy you know. Thats why he helps you with your homework. Greg has blonde hair and has haezel eyes. He's your boyfriend...for now and some times gets on your nerves.

Logan has dark brown hair and has weird eyes that always change color. (like purple,blue,green,red,and so on)He's been your friend since 3rd grade so you two know alot about eachother. Zache is the new guy. His hair is jet black and his eyes are green. You know nothing about him execpt the rumors going around and your not sure those are even true. Now you know what they look like enjoy my quiz. And please rate and comment!!!!

Created by: Kaena
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  1. You're studing for a big math test you have tomorrow and hear a knock on the door.
  2. You get up and answer it. It just so happens to be Brent. You smile at him and invite him in. "I've been dying without you. I don't understand a thing I'm reading," you say. You lead him to the living room and show him the mess you had made. " Well I see the problem already. You have a formula messed up." he says imedietly starting his nerd thing.
  3. This contiues for a couple of hours before you remember that Greg was coming over. "Brent. I really appriciate the help but I need you to go, it's getting late," you say. He nodds. "Just remember that half the suff on the floor you don't even need to study" you roll your eyes at him. "Thats wonderful all the wasted brain space, " you say sarcasticly. "Tomorrow same time same place." He nods and leaves out the door the same time Greg comes in. Greg gives you a questioning look and you motion to the paper work on the floor. "Oh So you're paying a nerd to do your homework?" he asks. "Kinda," you answer accepting a kiss.A moment later your mom comes in gives Greg a disgusted look and says "Have her home by 9:30." "Sure thing Ms. Reynolds," says Greg pulling you out of the house within seconds. "So how does that new horror movie look to you?" he asked.
  4. You decide to see the horror movie but don't actually get a chance to watch it. You and Greg are too busy kissing and groping each other. At the end you both walk back to his car and in hand talking about tomorrow. He then drives you home you go up stairs to bed. What do you dream of?
  5. You wake up and get ready for school yawning every 2 seconds. Greg drives you to school and as soon as you get there he makes it clear to everyone you're still together by grabbing your ass and kissing you feircly. You say bye and go to the auditorium to join your friends. Jenn moves over to make room for you as you enter. "Hey,______. Do you know the new guy?" she asks. You shake your head. "I hear the reason he moved here was bcause he stabbed 3 of his teachers and killed his mom," says Logan."Right... Did he kill the principal too?" you scoffed. "I don't think so. Did he?" asked Jenn. "No or atleast that's what I hear." shrugged Logan going quiet as soon as some guy walked in. "That's him," whispered Jenn. "I can tell that," you growl watching the new guy. You turn to Jenn. "He's kinda cute," you say. "What if Greg heard you say that?" says Jenn in an alarmed manner. You shrug. "I'm gonna say hi," you say getting up. Logan attemps to pull you back into your seat and fails. You walk up to the new guy and say hi. "Hi," he responds suspiciously. "You wanna come sit with us?" you asked motioning to Jenn and Logan who are pretending to not know you.
  6. He looks over at them then back at you. "Sure," he shrugs. You flash a smile and lead him over to your friends. He quickly introduces himself as Zache and sits down by Logan. They imedietly hit it off and within seconds are talking about girls. Jenn rolls her eyes at them. "Can you believe them? First time they meet they talk about girls," she says. You shrug at the same moment the bell rings. You four split up and head to class.
  7. After school you walk to the parking lot with Zache. "So. Who's picking you up?" he asks." You point to Greg and walk over to him leaving Zache alone. "Hey, Babe," says Greg kissing you. "Hey," you respond. He looks over at Zache. "Who's the new guy?" he asks casualy resting his hands on your butt. "Just Zache. People keep saying he killed this person and that person. I don't believe a single word of it," you say getting into the car. He gets in and takes you to his house. You lead the way up to his room. After all you have been here some many times you even remembered what color his bathroom walls were (light blue.) You drop your stuff in his room and lay on his bed. He smiles and gets ontop of you.
  8. You kiss him and he kisses back a hand finding it's way up your shirt. You roll onto you side annoyed with him already. "What?" he asks. "I told you a thousand times and you don't remember," you sigh. "Oh right. Sorry, I forgot," he apologizes.
  9. "It's fine. just take me home." you sigh. You stand up as some guy jumps in through the window. He grabs you and jumps back out the window and sprints down the street. You look up at his face and see its covered in blood.
  10. "Put me down!" you yell. He just smiles and continues to a abandoned parking lot. You struggle but freeze when you see Brent standing by a black van with his arms crossed. He looks at you worriedly but says nothing. The guy carring you stops infront of Brent. The guy is a full head taller than Brent but you could see how Brent wasn't even slightly afraid. "Put her down," he orders. The guy holdng you drops you but Brent catches you. "Are you..." "No,"says Brent interupting you. You stay quiet not sure if you should speak. All of a suden the other guy lifts up his hand surrounding you and Brent in fire. Then you black out.
  11. I'm not sure about you guys but not much of a cliffhanger to me. Any way plz rate and comment thanks for taking my quiz!(this has no affect on your results)

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