Which guy will you fall in love with?

There are so many guys in the world, and a lot of girls don't get asked out by the guy they want. With this quiz, you can get asked out in your mind, by the person in whom you will be matched with at the end of this quiz. Guys are so hard to get sometimes, that sometimes, you have to make them up. Obviously don't go around telling your friends about your fake boyfriend, but take this quiz, and you can see what guy you should be with.

Are YOU going to be pared up with the person YOU want? Are YOU going to get what you want, or storm out of your office and cry because one detail was missing? Thanks to this great quiz, all that is possible, n only a few clicks away.

Created by: Elodie
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  1. What color of hair should your dream boy have?
  2. What color of eyes should your dream boy have?
  3. What place should your dream boy come from?
  4. What trait do you love the most about your dream boy?
  5. What songs does your dream guy listen to?
  6. How does your dream boy show his feelings for you?(or at least you wish he would show his feelings for you?)
  7. If you where about to die, how would your dream boy save you?
  8. About how muscly is this dream boy of yours?
  9. What is this dream boy's favorite color?
  10. What car does your dream boy have?
  11. To show his love for you, what symbol would your dream boy have to give you?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall in love with?