Which Bad Harry Potter Guy Falls For You?

Well, in every good novel there are bad boys and villains. Of course also in "Harry Potter" and to be honest, being bad can be really really hot and appealing, don't you think? So it comes that even bad guys fall in love and this quiz shows you which one is completely in love with you.

Some of you guys really like bad boys and so I made this quiz to show you whose little princess you are and which villain would even stop during punishing the whole world to give you a hug and a kiss. Hope you like it and have fun ^^

Created by: ScarlettRiddle
  1. Where would your bad boy take you on your first date?
  2. When you look into your bad boys eyes, which colour do you see?
  3. Id he would invites you to a ball, which dress would be his surprise for you?
  4. How would he show you his affection?
  5. Your bad boy wants to give you a pet, what would he give to you?
  6. Imagine, you and your bad boy cook together, what would you two cook?
  7. Think about his bed, no not the actions in it, I mean, which colour is it?
  8. You go on a weekend trip, where do you go?
  9. You watch a movie together, which one and what happens?
  10. And finally, if you could choose, which bad boy would fall for you?

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