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  • I got Voldermort I wanted him yay

    Hermionegranger_ Oct 26 '15, 4:13PM
  • Aww I got Tommy! He is CUTEE

    Platypus Apr 26 '15, 11:10AM
  • I got Severus Snape, mainly because I wanted him and I answered the questions that I knew would make me get him.

    Celia1616 Mar 12 '14, 1:16AM
  • Draco, he's who I wanted :)

    LunaLovegood3 Aug 9 '12, 5:26PM
  • love it! i got draco!

    ravenclaw27 Jul 28 '11, 2:08PM
  • well, I think it is ok, but I think you get the person who you would like to have be your bad boy!

    Gurliegurl Sep 30 '07, 6:05PM

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