What is your hair color?

Some people wonder about their true hair color, if they've dyed it too many times. Some people have never dyed their hair. Whether you have or not, take this quiz and see if i can guess!

Do you want me to know your true hair color? Or is it gray? its ok, even if it is i already know your hair color. Take this quiz which puts together personality and brains and guesses your true hair color!

Created by: samaui

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  1. Are you addicted to salt?
  2. Do you have an older sibling?
  3. Is one of the things that people hate about you is that you are too shy?
  4. What do you think that people hate about you?(if you answered "yes" to the last question then choose "skip")
  5. Did you ever take the quiz titled "Do you pee your pants while sleeping?"?
  6. Did you answer "yes" to the last question?
  7. Do you like makeup?
  8. Do you like Twilight?
  9. Do you know your true haircolor?
  10. The result that you get on this quiz is your true hair color.

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Quiz topic: What is my hair color?