do you get angry fast?

do you think you get angry fast well i know i do and i have my hair as a proof its full with white hair some people actually think my true hair color is white lol joke

so do you have anger issues should you see a therapy for that because i think you should then why are you taking this quiz anyway im out of things to say.

Created by: VIP_55

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  1. your on your way to buy your favorite chocolate when you see a woman taking the last piece you:
  2. on your way to work "which you are late to" your car got hit you:
  3. your at the theater watching a movie when a dumb kid drop soda on your favorite outfit you:
  4. you were visiting your friend home when you see him/her making out with your girlfriend/boyfriend you:
  5. you asked for a chocolate ice cream when the stupid ice cream man gives you strawberry milk ice cream you:
  6. your visiting a friend in the hospital when a sick man cough in your face you:
  7. i am running out of question
  8. so do you like this quiz?
  9. 2 more questions
  10. last one

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Quiz topic: Do I get angry fast?