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  • ���  Blue hair
    I am almost positive you don't have blue hair in real life, but this is your meant to be hair color! Sure, you may first appear care-free and maybe even a little weird, but you're actually really nice, loving, caring, and known for your unique personality! Also, you seem to love animals.

    The funny thing is I have blue hair and this describes me so well

    XxXLexiXxX Jul 3 '11, 2:39PM
  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    EGGLES96 Apr 8 '11, 3:54PM
  • Lol, I got brown hair, which is my hair color now.

    Music is Life Mar 27 '11, 8:50PM

  • <

    abilove16 Mar 27 '11, 2:08PM
  • I got blue hair :] blue is my fav color :} I have brown hair but i wish i had blue hair :) Awsome quiz :*}

    abilove16 Mar 27 '11, 2:06PM
  • Brown hair. That is my hair colour right now, even though I've ALWAYS preferred black. Maybe just a darker shade of brown? I love the quiz, btw!

    DragonKitty Mar 27 '11, 10:43AM
  • Brown Hair...... I have brown hair

    doodle Mar 27 '11, 10:19AM
  • Ah I see... Blue hair... Am I the only one who thinks of Frida from El Tigre? :D

    KeshaRoseSebert Mar 27 '11, 5:51AM
  • WHOO HOO! i got blue hair! Yes! I wanted black hair but blue is awesome! Great quiz! 10 stars! :)

    fireprincess1996 Mar 26 '11, 11:10PM
  • Awesome,blue hair!

    Biance Mar 26 '11, 9:58PM
  • I got brown hair, ironic because I do have brown hair

    lotheranzombie Mar 26 '11, 9:30PM
  • Cool blue hair.good quiz

    candycane557 Mar 26 '11, 6:30PM
  • k dude first off i hate gymnastics so dont tell me i like it plus i have brown hair and that was my second to last

    cometcat Mar 26 '11, 5:30PM
  • blue hair! it'd be so cool 2 have blue hair! =D

    Actress97 Mar 26 '11, 5:12PM
  • Blue hair. :) That was pretty accurate! (Especially since I'm planning on dying my hair blue...

    Alegna Mar 26 '11, 4:22PM
  • Blonde well my hair is brownish red

    Teema Mar 26 '11, 4:15PM
  • PINK HAIR!!!!!!!

    2cool4life Mar 22 '11, 4:14PM
  • OMG!!!! I have brown hair and it says YHC is brown!!

    doodle Mar 20 '11, 4:16AM
  • yippy i got blue hair thats my bestest color i like :)

    gothic_angel543 Mar 17 '11, 9:47PM
  • laugh out loud!! pink???? really

    manjusha Mar 13 '11, 1:20PM


    EragonLover Mar 12 '11, 3:13PM
  • Congrats! The quiz is really good! I got brown hair and I actually do have brown hair. Again, the quiz is really good!

    Alexandra_18o Mar 12 '11, 1:00PM

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