Which Country Are You?

Not a lot of kids like social studies or school for that matter, but if your favorite subject is social studies, you should take this quiz. It tests your skills on geography around the world.

If you know your countries, this will be a very good quiz for you to take. Especially if you're a geography genius! I hope you have fun. and good luck

Created by: Olivia
  1. Which country that is FREEZING is in northern Europe?
  2. Which country's capital is Tokyo?
  3. What continent is Colombia on?
  4. What's the US capital?
  5. What continent is Australia in?
  6. What's the capital of Italy?
  7. True or False: Vatican City is part of Italy
  8. The capital of Mexico is...
  9. Is there seafood in Italy?
  10. What's the capital of China?

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Quiz topic: Which Country am I?