This Is Country Music

There are some people who know country music and others who think they do take this test to see if you know who sings what song and if you are a true country music fan :)

Are you a country music fan? do you have what it takes? Try this quiz to see if you really know who sang what and be sure to rate enjoy it ok bye :)

Created by: amazon

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  1. Who Sings You Belong With Me
  2. Who Sang My Wish
  3. Who Sang Listin to Old Alabama
  4. Who Sang Highway 20 Ride
  5. Who Sang Jesus Take The Wheel
  6. Who Sang Is Someone else calling you baby
  7. Who Sang Hear Me on The Radio
  8. Who Sang I Like it I love it
  9. Who Sang I Love this girl
  10. Who Sang Teenage Daughters
  11. Who Sang White Liar
  12. Who Sang If I Die Young
  13. Who Sang Stuck Like Glue
  14. Which pop singer sang That Should Be Mine with Rascal Flatts
  15. Who Sang All American Honey

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