How Urban/Rural are you?

Ever wondered just how rural or urban you are? This quiz should answer that deep down feeling of who you really are, and let you know where you really belong!

Are you an urbanite stuck in the sticks? Or a country bumpkin stuck in the town? Go through the quiz to find out the real you, you might surprise yourself!

Created by: The Geek
  1. How far is it to your nearest neighbour?
  2. Your house is heated by...
  3. In winter how often do you HAVE to clean your car (or parts of it; lights, number plate etc) to make it legal
  4. Pick which most frequently delays your drive home
  5. What smells worse...
  6. Which are you more able to competently ride?
  7. Does a special weekend breakfast consist of;
  8. A lovely sunny free morning sees you;
  9. A hot summers evening sees you;
  10. Where do you get your milk?
  11. Which of the following happened last to you, or is most likely to happen to you?
  12. How important is the weather forecast?
  13. Do you own any tweed, waxed or moleskin clothing?
  14. Hand on heart how many of the following do you know; when to see Hares boxing, when to see Salmon run, when to see Red stags rutting, when to expect Swallows to return, when to expect to hear the first Cuckcoo?
  15. What best describes the amount of clothes that you have bought from farm stores (wynnstay, countrywide, etc)?
  16. On Bonfire Night you're drinking;

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Quiz topic: How Urban/Rural am I?