The Sorting Hat

This is the Sorting Hat. It will decide which Hogwart's House you belong in. All of the House are honorable and worthy and each have produced their fair share of greats.

So please, sit down, take a deep breath, and try it on! Just answer them honestly. I took one or two questions from the Pottermore quiz and made up several on my own. Enjoy!

Created by: GrayArtist
  1. When you become angry, are you more like a...
  2. What do you admire more?
  3. Where would you rather sleep?
  4. What's your type?
  5. What car would you buy?
  6. What's your dream, or closest to it?
  7. Imagine: there is an empty room with four objects. Which would you take?
  8. There are several goblets before you. Which do you choose?
  9. Heads or tails?
  10. Imagine: walking on a path and it divides four ways. Which do you take?

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