What Kind of Look are You?

There are tons of styles out there. Which one are you? Do you like nights out on the town? Or quiet evenings by the fire. Waking up early in the morning to see the sun rise? Or sleeping in just in time to see the sun set. Which style are you?

Are you urban chick? Summer? Gothic? Or something else? Take this quiz to find out. Remember, personal style is everything. Keep flaunting it! You are who you are made to be and don't forget it. Show it off and don't be afraid to be you.

Created by: Kendall
  1. If a guy came up to you and said "Hey baby!" How would you react?
  2. Your clothing style is...
  3. You're makeup style is...
  4. What's your favorite pastime?
  5. Your favorite color?
  6. Favorite Accessory?
  7. Favorite Hairstyle?
  8. What Kind of guy are you into?
  9. What TV show would you and your life be like most?
  10. Finish this sentence. Life...

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Look am I?