Urban Gardening

This quiz is simple. It was designed for third or fourth grade student who are covering an inquiry project on urban farming and gardening. The purpose of this quiz is just to see if the kids have been listening.

You won't necessarily be termed a genius if you complete this quiz as it was designed for young children and should be considered as a learning and assessment tool only.

Created by: Jennifer Hudson

  1. What is Urban Farming and Gardening?
  2. What countries currently practice urban gardening?
  3. What are the benefits of urban gardening?
  4. To create an urban garden you could use which of the following to create one?
  5. Urban Farming is good for the environment and for peoples health?
  6. Urban Gardening is a smart way to use our limited resources?
  7. When planting an urban garden you can use horizontal space as well as vertical space to garden?
  8. Urban gardens can also offer a place for children to learn and experience the life cycle of plants?
  9. The Egyptians were the first to use irrigation to water their crops according to history?
  10. Urban gardens use more oxygen than they create?

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