The urbanculchie quiz

This is the urban culchie quiz. Many have never been the same after it. A few did however have a bit of a giggle and armed with this urban culchie knowledge, have gone on to lead glamorous and successful lives all over Ireland, and only a few have skipped bail and headed abroad.

Do you want to find out who you really are, and exactly where that Friesian cow came from? Thanks to this urban culchie quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: The Urbanculchie

  1. Are you originally from 'the country'?
  2. When you hear the words 'chaos on the M50' mentioned on AA roadwatch, do you:
  3. You've been stuck in work for ten hours, and you've done well. Do you now:
  4. On a typical weekend you can be found:
  5. The most important thing in life is:
  6. Favourite television programme:
  7. Your ideal date would be:
  8. Best hangover cure:
  9. Have you ever driven around a roundabout backwards?
  10. Type of car you drive:

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