The Test of All Tests

This quiz is made from questions on Daily Geography, something I get everyweek as an assignment in Social Studies and decided to make a quiz with some of the questions.

YOu are aloud to use any resource for DG, as its more commonly known, and so I hope you'll use it too because not many people know all of the things on this test in their head.

Created by: Brian Ranger
  1. What is the capital of China?
  2. Who was the 27th President of the United States?
  3. What country has the largest land area in the Northern Hemisphere?
  4. Which is more mountainous, northern or southern Asia?
  5. What is the city, first started as a Spanish settlement in 1609, that is the capital of New Mexico?
  6. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land located between two water bodies that connects two larger land areas. Find a Central American country that is an isthmus.
  7. What mountain range is located between the Black and Caspian Seas?
  8. What large river in Brazil has its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean?
  9. Which are closer to the equator, the nomads of the Sahara or coffee growers of Colombia?
  10. What river in part forms the southern border of the United States?
  11. What continent is closer to the South Pole, Africa or Australia?
  12. Which state is due south of New Hampshire and Vermont?
  13. What is the state whose neighbors are Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Canada?
  14. What oceans lies to the north of both Asia and North America?
  15. Which state has a longer border with Mexico, Texas or New Mexico?
  16. Is most of Turkey located in Europe or Asia?
  17. Baghdad is the capital of what Middle Eastern country?
  18. Is the equator a parallel or meridian?
  19. Who controls the Falkland Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean?
  20. Which is larger, the Gulf of California or the Gulf of Mexico?
  21. Which continent is closest to the South Pole?
  22. What country in South America has the most land area?
  23. Is the distance greater from Memphis to Chicago or Albuquerque to Billings?
  24. Which city is farthest north: Atlanta, Phoenix, or San Diego?
  25. Is the Continental Divide in the eastern or western part of the United States?
  26. Find the name of the gulf located just north of Libya's coast.
  27. Does Uruguay border the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?
  28. What continent is southeast of the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean?
  29. Which baseball team plays its home games in a foreign country: Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees?
  30. On what continent is China located?
  31. What is the name of the long mountain range located on the Italian peninsula?
  32. Which country has a longer coastline, Cuba or Jamaica?
  33. In what direction direction does a parallel or line of latitude run?
  34. What is the fourth largest island in the world, located off the southeastern coast of Africa?
  35. Some map keys show land elevation using two measurements. What are these two measurements?
  36. What is the state with the smallest land area?
  37. Which hemisphere has more land, the Eastern or Western?
  38. How many countries are on the continent of South America?
  39. Which of the following cities is the capital of Jordan: Beirut, Damascus, Anakara, Amman?
  40. Which hemisphere is larger, the Eastern or Western?
  41. Whose border is closer to the Pacific Ocean, Nevada or Idaho?
  42. Which is more mountainous, eastern or western North America?
  43. Which country is farther south, Portugal or Spain?
  44. Is the Tropic of Cancer north of south of the equator?

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