Supernatural Studies part 3

Hello! Greetings! Salutations! Hola! Dia Duit! Aloha! This is Mockingbird with Chapter three of Supernatural Studies! I'm very pleased that I got this out today for you guys. I know a lot of the time, chapters don't come out for extended periods of time.

But I'm trying to do my best at getting these out often. Anyway, I know some of you are INSANELY curious, but I haven't answered the questions yet. But don't worry, I'll probably answer the questions soon!

Created by: Mockingbird
  1. The bus stopped and I realized we were back at Forest Richmond. I got off the bus and walked back to Ivory. I was still frustrated with Vincent, even though it wasn't his fault at all. It was the stupid rule. Ugh. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I guess you could say I was having a mental temper tantrum over nothing. I walked into Ivory and my room and slammed the door closed. I sat on my bed and crossed my arms. I was just thanking my lucky stars that Miranda wasn't in there, because she probably would've been mortified at my display of maturity, when, speak of the devil, she walked in. "Okay, I heard a door slam, what happened?" she asked. "It's nothing," I said. Miranda shrugged, "If you say so." I smiled. At least Miranda wouldn't bother me about nothing. I really needed to figure out all the books, I was just itching to know. I checked my phone, it was nine twenty-six. Lunch ran from eleven thirty to twelve forty five. I got off my bed and walked towards the door. "Where're you going, library?" asked Miranda, who had apparently moved off of Gone With the Wind, and onto Wuthering Heights. "Library," I confirmed, "See you at lunch." I walked across the soccer field and to the library, it was amazing how no one was ever playing on it. I went into the library and to the desk where Mrs. Wood was waiting. "Excuse me?" I said, she was writing something down and I didn't want to bother her. She looked up, at first with a slight scowl, but on seeing me she smiled. "How can I help you, dear?" she asked. "I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the special books that everyone receives from the school." Mrs. Wood nodded.
  2. "Well, as you already know, all students receive a book from the school. The books are personal and only the owner is allowed to look inside. I would tell you more, but that's secret information students aren't allowed to know." I sighed and my shoulders slumped. Mrs. Wood told me stuff I already knew. At least, I knew no students would be able to tell me anything else. "Thank you," I said glumly as I walked out the door. I was still annoyed, even thought Mrs. Wood said students weren't allowed to know any more than what she told me, I felt like everyone did. I was going to find out more, I was. I would ask pretty much everyone who was gullible enough for me to trick them into telling me. I didn't know that many people, so the few people I did know I would ask. Let's see, I already asked Vincent, Miranda, and Mrs. Wood. And they didn't tell me anything. The people that I didn't ask, but I know are Eve, Xander, and the rest of The Parrots. There was also that girl that helped me pick up my books. I didn't know her name. Those were the people I felt like I could ask that day, because I hadn't really met anyone else. I definitely wasn't going to ask Eve or The Parrots, I don't think I would be able to restrain myself from attacking them. Xander was incredibly annoying, but I would ask him if things boiled down to it. And then there was that other girl I could ask, I knew she lived in Ember, but I hadn't seen her at all.
  3. I walked back to Ivory and sat down on the steps. I was so bored. "Hey Newbie!" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up, it was the girl who had helped me pick up my stuff. "Hey," I said. "What's up?" "Not really anything," I said. Then I realized it was my chance to ask her about the books. "So, you live in Ember, right?" I asked. I couldn't ask the question straight out with her, she was a smart cookie. I would have to lead up to it. She nodded. "And you live in Ivory. I just realized I don't know your name. I'm Tara, what's your name?" she said. "_______," I replied. "So Tara," I began, "You have a book from the school, right?" "The one that they give to you as a present? Yeah I have one of those." "What does it look like?" "It has a red base with gold writing on it." "What does it say on the inside?" Tara gave me a suspicious look. "You live in Ivory, right?" I nodded with a confused look. "Did you look in your book yet?" she asked. "Yeah, why?" "Did it say anything?" I hesitated, the rules were that only the owner is supposed to know what's inside, but I figured it wouldn't matter since it didn't say anything anyway. "No, it didn't have a single word in it." I said slowly. "Oh," Tara said. "Could you tell me what's in your book?" I asked hopefully. Tara shook her head, "Sorry, I can't, school rules." Well that was stupid. I tell her what's in my book, but she can't tell me what's in hers. "So, do you know where all your classes are?" Tara asked, probably just trying to make conversation. I nodded, "Miranda gave me a tour of campus." "She couldn't have shown you the inside of Ember though, did she? She would need to have a key." "She only gave me a sufficient tour, so even if she did have a key, she didn't bring me into Ember or Ice." I replied.
  4. "Would you like to see the inside of Ember?" Tara inquired. "Sure," I said, standing up. Tara smiled and stood up too. "Well then let's go!" Tara took me down the sidewalk that led to Ember. Once we got to Ember, I took a good look at the outside of it. I hadn't thought to do it before, and I like to remember how things look. It was a very light orange and had Ember in bronze lettering. "Let's go Newbie," said Tara, who had seen me staring at the building. I followed Tara in and she went to her room. "Here it is," she said, opening her door, "Tara et dortoir de Gwen. Which means Tara and Gwen's Dorm in French." I looked around her room. The entire thing was clean as a cucumber (hehehe), which I'm guessing meant they were both neat freaks. There was two of everything, except a mini refrigerator and freezer. Two beds, two dressers, two closets, two desks, and two lamps next to the beds. And a window. The walls were painted tan, and they had a red floor carpet. Interesting. "You're taking French? That's too bad, I'm taking Italian." I said. Tara flopped onto her bed and got her Algebra 2 book out. "I'm in the same math class as you, I know that much. We also have gym and science together."
  5. "Cool," I said. At least those classes won't be as boring. We talked for about an hour and a half until we realized that it was lunchtime. "We should probably go get lunch," Tara said. "Yeah," I said. We left Ember and headed over to the cafeteria. Inside I saw Miranda waving us over. We walked over and sat down at the table she was sitting at. "I got you guys some lunch. Neither of you have allergies, right?" Miranda said while cutting up some form of pasta. "I got what looked edible, because, oddly enough, on Sundays, it's like the cooks are taking about six breaks while making the food. All the other days the food is good." On my tray was a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a bottle of water, green beans, and a pudding cup. "Thanks," I said to Miranda, who had also somehow known to get lunch for Tara. Odd. I ate my spaghetti, trying to get over the weird lumps that kept showing up, choked down the green beans (I'm seriously a food snob), and enjoyed the pudding. The pudding was definitely the best, it was the only thing the kitchen staff didn't make. I took a big gulp of my water and waited for Tara and Miranda to finish eating. "You're done already?" asked Miranda, who was still working on her pudding. "I'm a fast eater." I said."You don't have to wait for us, you know," said Tara, "The game starts at one." I furrowed my brow. "Game?" I asked. "Oh, no one told you about that?" Tara asked. I shook my head. "Oh, well, Forest Richmond likes to make us feel like we're a big family here, and we all care about each other. So about once a month, they collect us all to play a bunch of games that usually kids would play. Because everyone loves those games deep down, and it makes us bond. And today is the day that we're doing it. We call it, The Richmond Games. It's easy to play because it's a small school."
  6. That actually sounded like fun. "What games do we play?" I asked. "There's an assortment of games, we play Tag, Hide and Seek, and Red Light Green Light. You don't have to all the games, but you're required to participate in at least one." Miranda explained. "I'm definitely playing all of the games this year. What about you Tara?" Tara took a sip of water and nodded. "Are you going to play all of the games _______?" Tara asked. "Well maybe not all of the games, but probably most of them. It sounds like fun!" I said. "Good," they said at the same time, and then looked at each other weirdly. I smiled. "Where are the games?" I asked. "Well, Tag and Red Light Green Light are played on the soccer field. Hide and Seek is played in the library, gym, and cafeteria. For Hide and Seek, it's a lot of people for one person to find, so they have a team of seekers. Anything else you need to know?" "No, I think I've got it now." I said. I stood up, threw out my garbage, and returned my tray to the counter. Then I glanced at the clock and realized there were very few people in the cafeteria. It was twelve fifty. Lunch ended twenty minutes ago. "Uhh, Tara, Miranda?" I called, "The Games start in ten minutes." Tara nearly choked on her food while trying to hurry, and finally, Miranda just took both of the trays and returned them. "Let's go," Miranda said.
  7. We walked to the soccer field where they were lining up for Tag. Everyone was given a number, then all the numbers were put into a big bowl and someone pulled one out. Whoever's number was pulled out was It. I hated being It when I was a kid, it was much more fun to run away. Luckily, they didn't call out my number and I could run away from the girl that was it to my heart's desire. She wasn't a very fast runner, and it made me feel bad for her. I was about to slow down and let her catch me when someone announced that the game was over. Tara and Miranda jogged over to me. "You're fast at everything, aren't you?" asked Miranda. I smiled. "What's next?" I asked. "Red Light Green Light," Tara said, "You know how to play, right?" "Yeah," I responded, "I don't know if I want to though, I'll probably just sit out this one." "Please play," Tara said putting on her best puppy dog face, "Please!" I rolled my eyes. "Fine," I said. Miranda did a little clapping dance that Tara elbowed her for. "It's like I can't go out in public with you," Tara said. Miranda chuckled. "Well they're about to start, so let's go over to the pickings table." Miranda said. Same as with Tag, everyine was given a number to memorize, then the numbers were put into a bowl and the number that was pulled out was It. There weren't as many numbers because a lot of the girls, like The Parrots, would play one game because it was required, and then they would go back to their dorms. Red Light Green Light was fun, like Tag, but a lot of the time when I had to freeze, it would be in a really awkward position. If you don't know what Red Light Green Light is, look it up. And then, the last official game was Hide and Seek.
  8. Like Tara said, there had to be a team of Seekers since one would be unfair. But I wasn't one of the Seekers. Tara rushed over to me, "Okay, both me and Miranda are Seekers, and I have things important to the game to tell you. One, do your best to not be found first, if you do, well, it won't be good for your dignity. And two, even if you think that someone else has already been found, don't take the chance, it won't end well. Okay, go hide!" she said quickly. I didn't need to be told twice, I ran straight to the library, and hid behind some bookshelves. The Seekers couldn't have counted to more than thirty, because I heard some guy come in and say, "Come out come out, wherever you are!" I never got why people said that. I'm obviously not going to give up my spot just because you asked. And definitely not if there will be consequences if you're found first. I crouched down and heard the guy checking the closet. No one there. Darn! Another Seeker must have come inside because I heard a girl say, "Did you check behind the bookshelves?" Crap. "No, but seriously, who would hide there?" I would, obviously. "Well fine, check under Mrs. Wood's desk, then check behind the bookshelves anyway." Good, now I would be able to run to the coat closet while they were scanning the rest of the library.
  9. Both of them went to the other side of the library. I seized the chance and ran to the coat closet. The coat closet was pretty big, so I went to the back, half expecting to find Narnia. I reached the wall and hid behind the coats and sweaters that people left there from who knows how long ago. "Are you sure you checked the coat closet?" said a new voice, that sounded like Tara. Crap. Tara would definitely want to check the closet again. I backed into the corner and felt someone else there. But before I could say anything or scream in surprise, a hand went over my mouth and an arm pulled me closer. "Shhhhhh," the person whispered in my ear, "Or they'll find us." Now I could tell it was a guy, but who. Once it sounded like the Seekers had left the library, the guy let go of me. I turned around so I could see him. Xander. What a surprise. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "What is it look like I'm doing, gorgeous? I'm hiding, just like you." he said. "Yeah but how did you get here? What were you trying to do, scare me?" I said indignantly. Xander chuckled. "You know, you could say thank you considering I just saved you from whatever ridicule they put on the first person they find this month." I scowled, he was probably right. I hate it when I'm wrong. "Well?" he said. I glared at him, "Well what?" "Well are you going to thank me and apologize or what?" "Thank you so ever much," I said sarcastically. "And?" I could have killed him right then and there if I wasn't trying to still hide. There still might be Seekers in the library, and the noise of me beating him to a bloody pulp would make too much noise.
  10. "I'm sorry," I said crossly. "For?" I gave him the death glare, "That's the best you're going to get." "Why?" Xander asked innocently. I stepped closer and put my hand in the air. "I'll give you five good reasons, one, two, three, four, five!" I said, taking a finger down on each number and making a fist. Xander smiled, "Okay, point taken Lucy Van Pelt." he said pushing my fist down. "We both know I could beat you up," I said, trying not to smile at the Charlie Brown reference. Xander raised his eyebrows, "Oh really?" he asked, coming a little closer, "I'm not sure I would let you." His voice had dropped to a seductive purr. I sighed, he was starting to be playerish again. I actually thought I was starting to like him a little bit. "Okay Romeo, you win," I said stepping back a little bit, "I wouldn't be able to beat you up. Here that is, there isn't enough room for something like that in a closet." "But you know what there is room in here for?" he asked, stepping closer, again. Things were getting kind of uncomfortable again. I was about to tell him to back off when Tara opened the door. I didn't notice, but we had slowly been moving to the front of the closet, and right next to the door. "Well, well, what's going on here." Tara said smiling, "Hiding in the closet, together, are we?" I blushed and Xander laughed. "Tara, we aren't the first people to be found, are we?" I asked hopefully. "Don't worry, we found Brandon Godown a half hour ago, you two were actually the last people we needed to find. Come on, everyone likes to see the last person or people that need to be found. And I'm sure the rest of the players will love to know that the last players were in a dark closet." Tara said.
  11. I rolled my eyes, "Tara, seriously?" I said. Tara laughed, "Personally, I think that kind of thing is stupid, but that's what everyone is going to think." she said. She was probably right. "Ugh," I said. "Let's go, everyone's waiting in the back of Ash." Tara said. "Why are they all waiting there?" I asked. "After The Richmond Games, all the people who actually stuck around and enjoyed the games, go behind Ash. Since the Games usually last four hours it's dark after them, especially in the Fall. There's a campfire spot there and everyone makes s'mores, plays Truth or Dare, and tells ghost stories." Tara explained. Tara, me, and unfortunately Xander, walked to Ash's campsite. There were a lot of people there, including The Parrots, which surprised me because they seemed to hate the games. Then they walked over to me and Xander, which confused even more. They hated me. Then they started talking to Xander. That made more sense. It was sickening to watch them, they were acting all giggly and dumb. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Sometimes, girls were just so stupid. I sat down on a rock bench next to some red headed girl. A young woman, who I guess worked at Forest Richmond, was standing on a big rock, calling everybody's attention. "I hope you all enjoyed October's Richmond Games," she said. The other crowd, I guess you could call it that, cheered. "And I want to get a few people up here. They are the Hide and Seek winners. Could I have Alexander comemings and _______ ________ up here?" Oh boy, now everyone was going to make fun of me for being in a closet with Xander. Never the less, Xander grabbed my hand and practically pulled me onto the rock, which served as a stage.
  12. "Hello, Alexander and _______. You two won Hide and Seek, correct?" the woman asked. We nodded. "Could you tell us, where you were hiding, to make it easier on the Seekers next time?" Xander was just such an awful person. I thought it wouldn't be so bad since he would say it, but he nudged me so he could see how annoyed I got. "The coat closet in the library." I said, giving Xander an evil glare. Practically everyone who was in the crowd laughed or chuckled. I just wanted to kill myself right then and there. "Oh," said the woman with a knowing smile, "Well congratulations to both of you." I immediately got off the rock and tried to disappear in the crowd. I found Tara and Miranda and sat next to them. "Do you like s'mores?" Miranda asked as she found a stick to roast her marshmallow with. "Sure." I said. "Here, use this," she said, handing me the stick. I used the supplies Miranda had grabbed, and made a perfect s'more. I munched on it thoughtfully and listened to a group of people play Truth or Dare. Tara and Miranda joined them while I continued to listen. "Come on _______, why don't you play?" beckoned Miranda. I shook my head, "No thank you, I hate Truth or Dare." Miranda shrugged, "Suit yourself," she said. After a while I got lonely, so I joined the game. "Xander," a girl asked, "Truth or dare?" "Truth." he said. "Do you have a crush on anyone here?" He hesitated, "Yes."
  13. It went around the circle until it got to me. "_______, truth or dare?" "Truth," I said. "If you had to, who in this circle would you want to kiss?" Crap, that was an awful question. "Uhhhhh, myself, I guess." Everyone looked extremely confused. I'm sure they all thought I would pick Xander. Ha, joke's on them. "Okay?" said the girl moving on. We continued playing and told ghost stories until we realized it was ten thirty, and since this was highschool, not college, curfew was eleven. I got up and stretched. "I'll see you back at the dorm, okay?" I said to Miranda. She nodded. I said goodnight to Tara and walked back to Ivory. I opened the door to my room and flopped onto my bed. Classes started tomorrow. I took out my special book and decided to look in it again. I flipped through the pages. Nothing. I went back to the first page and saw one word. Soon.

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