your supernatural love life part 2

I am so sorry that it took me so long to get part two out but now it's out and i will get part three out in about one week from now and once againam so sorry that i didn't put part two out sooner

Okay so recap: you met the supernaturals and Bloom introduced you to the group when you went to sleep you heard chanting and you saw Bloom and the others, you ate some food and you tried to run away but you failed and you ran into a ______ and that's where we left off.

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  1. you ran into a Slendow Man. He has extremely long arms with no elbows, he has no face but when he comes up close to you he has a face, he is white all over,he has tentacles on his back, and he has a black suite on.
  2. You heard shouting behide you to turn back but instead you took four steps forward, thump thump thump thump. You then put your hands in front of you and wiggled your fingers and then the monster turned into dust that sparkled for a second and then disappeared.
  3. "________ how did you do that" asked Faustas and James at the same time. " that thing has Telekinesis and it has demon magic which means she is the one we were looking for" said Bloom
  4. * Fast forward to after walking home and now your in your room with Bloom * " ________ let me explain about your history and why your here and also some things about the group and about the house" said Bloom.
  5. "________ do you know anything about people who have supernatural powers like mind reading, special links, coin reading etc." aked/said Bloom you nod. "Well you can control all of them, also you have telematheticlisis blood in you" said Bloom
  6. "What is this telemaeestlis blood thing?" you ask. Bloom chuckled "It's pronounced tele as in telephone, math like the word math, e as in eh, ticl as in tickle, and isis as in the greek rainbow goddess Isis." "Thanks" is all you said. "Well hmm well i don't know for sure what telematheticlisis is, but i know it was a generation about 200,000,000,000,000 years ago and that they created most of are land and where we live." said Bloom.
  7. "Why did you guys bring me here?" you ask. "______ _______ ________ that's an easy one the only reasons is that 1) we don't want you to fall in the hands of evil and 2) there are monsters out there trying to kill you." said Bloom
  8. "Okay then since i know everything about the outside world and a little 'bout history tell me about the grop" you say. Bloom replies by saying "Well hmm i'll start with the boys, i'll start with Storm, Storm is my boyfriend and the heir to lead the group i know a lot about him but lets start with his looks and personality, he is the guy with the mixed color hair and eyes, he has a light tan, fully shaded red lips and medium long hair which is between his shoulders and head, he has a 6 pack like alll the other boys, and he also has muscles." said Bloom.
  9. "His personality is kind, caring, strong, helpful, open, and creative, his power is to create any type of storm that is major or minor out of thin air, his battle strategy is far ranged fighting" said Bloom.
  10. Next is Faustas he is the guy with dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, light shade of red lips, he is tall, and he is muscular, his personality is smart, kind, caring, sad, athletic, and he is also unique. I always forget his and James's power and combat strategy so your gonna have to ask them yourself." said Bloom
  11. "James is the boy with chocolate hair and eyes, he is really tanned, he also has the very plae pink lips, his personality is funny, selfish, bad boy, trouble maker, kind, and caring, like i said before i mix up him and Faustas's powers and combat strategy so your going to have to ask him yourself." said Bloom.
  12. "______ since were short on time i'm going to briefly explain this house and training, for the house when you go down to eat just say what you what to eat out loud with a plate in front of you and your food should appear same with the drink, since your room is your room you can decorate it any way you like just say how large, what color, furniture, and where the door, windows, and/or the balcony is and tada your room and for your closet you just say what type of clothes you want and they will appear, with training you will train with everyone here separately to learn each supernatural power and strategy and dress in gym close like short shorts, tank top, sports bra, and gym shoes and bring a small fruit or vegetable and a water bottle to each training session you get 2 minutes in between sessions, you will start training in two days on January 16 and also if it's your birthday or your injured you will NOT go training. One more thing, i will explain more about rules, people, and systems at this house tomorrow when i have my free time now i must go teach a training sesion" sais Bloom.

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Quiz topic: My supernatural love life part 2