After Death Announcement

If you have read After Death, and want more, I'm sorry. I may continue it on wattpad but I'm not sure (Date:Augest 30th 2012). So, yeah, read on my friends.

He how r u ma peeps wasup im chil homedawg u no wat ur mom mwahaha. Uhhh, txt tlk gives me headaches. How can you stand not using proper spelling and grammar?

Created by: booknerd224

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  1. I'm not continueing After Death. Sorry, but maybe I'll start the series again on wattpad with less guys. Thank you all for reading, but I don't want to continue. Oh, and btw, I have a profile on a site, which I plan on adding stories. I dont have any yet (as of Augest 30th, 2012) but I've got a bunch of ideas started on there. The link is wattpad . com/booknerd224 no spaces.
  2. Btw, wattpad is a site where people submit stories, the range from a couple of pages to 50 chapters. Here's some people to fan if you make one (Mah internet buddies!)(just replace booknerd224 with their name):GreenEyedAng3l, ixheartxu, musicdinosaur, LunaFire, and DarkFire195.
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