After Death Part 5

This is Part FIVE!My name is in the bottom right corner.Click on it if you have not read the others if you have not read the others.Descriptions are in paragraph two.

JOSH: Brown hair, blue eyes, and protective of you.Powers: Strength and force field.TYLER: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and flirty.Powers: Fire, speed, and mind control.NICK: Brown hair, brown eyes, and nerdy.Powers: Mind reading, invisibility, and can control computers.MATTHEW: Black hair, green eyes, mysterious.Powers: Possesion and can walk through walls.

Created by: booknerd224

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  1. Recap:You trained with Tyler, then after a tiring day of training, you went to bed.Then you woke up in a strange room with a person with deep grey eyes.
  2. “Welcome ________, nice of you to join me” a deep male voice said. I looked at the man.He had deep grey eyes, midnight black hair, and pale skin. “Where am I?” I said.I knew I was in a room that looked like all of the furniture was bought from an antuiqe shop, but where was I?
  3. “You are dreaming, my dear ________.Forgive me, but this was the only way I could meet you.Your little boyfriends wouldn't want you to see mee directly, so I decided to use something a little more...secretive.)He explained.I didn't understand one thing.“Wait, who are you and why did you need to see me?”I asked.“My name is Brandon Rowan, and-”“BRANDON ROWAN?!?”
  4. My eyes widened.This was the guy that the boys warned me about?I was picturing some old, wierd, grey-skinned Grim Reaper, not some young, fit, normal-looking person.I backed away and looked over my shoulder.I turned around in a circle.There wasn't an exit anywhere to be seen.I found myself facing Rowan again.He put an innocent look on.I walked to him and asked “How do I get out of here?” He didn't say anything, but he handed me a key.Instantly a door materialized.“Bye ________, see you tomorrow.”I walked out of the room.As soon as my feet passed that door, I sat up in bed.
  5. I got up from my bed and yawned.Was that dream real?It sure felt like it.I got dressed, then I walked to the kitchen.I smelled bacon and omlettes cooking up. I saw the guys sitting at the nearby table, wolfing down bacon.For dead people, they sure like food alot.Josh saw me and gestured to a plate full of food.
  6. I sat at the table with a plate piled with food and wondered if I should tell them about the dream.I don't know why, but I felt like I should protect him.So I didn't mention it just yet.Plus I kinda wanted to snoop around before they went crazy with questions.
  7. After we ate, I heard a knock at the door.“Stay here,” Matthew warned me.He cautiously went through the door and looked through the peephole. His eyes widened, and he opened the door, grinning like a maniac.A girl walked in, and Matthew tackled her with a hug.She had black hair, pale skin, and teal eyes.“It's Mandy!” He shouted. I looked around and saw recognition in the guy's faces.
  8. She kind of looked familiar.When Matthew turned his face, I could see why.They obviously had a family resemblence.Same black hair, same pale skin.They looked very alike.“She's my twin!I haven't seen her since I...Hold on.How did you pass?”His face turned concerned.He hugged her tighter and then Mandy said “Er...I kind of drowned a couple of months ago.I've been trying to find you for a couple of months now, but the agency didn't tell me where you were.Until now.But anyway, when did you move here?”He took a while to explain it all, and when he mentioned Rowan, she said “Oh, thats why the agency sent me here.They said that someone needed protection from him.But they didn't tell me you were here.Which brings me to, why is this little lady so important?”
  9. “Errr, that's ________.She...I'll tell you lator.”Matthew answered.He looked at Josh.Josh nodded and said “C'mon ________, we have to go train.”Mandy said “She doesn't know what she has to do yet?” and that's all I heard when Josh yanked me out of the door

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