Confinement Part 18

Guys, I've missed writing so much. :'( I've missed you guys so much, and I've missed this so much, and hearing all the wonderful things everybody has to say. I've missed all of it. So now I'm back!

(Who know's for how long though) I'm trying my best to keep up with writing and school and also getting a little free time with myself, and I hope that this part reaches expectations from my long absence, and I also hope for more parts to come. :-)

Created by: Dannica

  1. Rave finally took it upon himself to stop being so theatrical and get himself some dinner. Of course he would risk his life for his Savior. He almost couldn't believe that he questioned it himself. He got up from the couch, stretched his arms out, and proceeded his way into the kitchen. After a few short moments Rave found himself hovered over the kitchen counter making himself a sandwich. It was then when it happened.
  2. The condiments of the sandwich had already been spread out before him: the mayonnaise jar on one corner of the table; the lettuce and tomato already sliced up on a plate; and then it happened. A clatter. A bump. It. He had jumped, for it had frightened him, and turned around immediately. His eyes instantly were drawn at the table, where a lady in white was merely sitting, with waterfall like hair cascading down her back, pale like the moon yet bright like the sun. She looked in the mid forties possibly, yet she looked frail, with her veins popping out of her wrist and arms like thick ropes. She was staring straight ahead, concentrating on what seemed like the backdoor. Rave felt this strange vibe coming from this woman. He did not feel threatened, or awkward, or uncomfortable--no. He felt as if he should sit with her; as if he should sit and listen to her speak and make her a cup of tea or whatever she wanted. She looked harmless.
  3. Harmless, he kept telling himself. Yet of course nothing is harmless, so Brother Zachariah had said to him when he resided in The Basin during training. Which is why he was barely stunned when the line of blood started crawling down the floor and to his feet, creating a puddle. Rave had looked up at the woman, just as some sort of ground beef looking thing sloshed out from her head, with a sickening squishy sound. Her brain, he thought to himself, suddenly fereling a queasiness that wasn't coming from himself. Suddenly the lady fell forward onto the table, her hands laying flat outward a like a police had told her to keep her hands on the car. Rave could easily see the hole through her head. And that's when he decided that he needed to go. Because he knew that she needed him.
  4. I had only had ten seconds to relive my magical moment with Flame. Ten seconds before it happened. I had just shut the door, and I had almost melted to the ground, when I saw her. The lady in white. She was sitting there, quietly on the stool in front of my counter. I never saw her face, whoever, because her back was facing towards me. I knew she was a ghost. So I wasn't scared. So I just stood there, with Comet curling around my feet, waiting. And it was like that for a couple minutes. And for one moment I debated if I should try and speak to her. But that idea slowly cleared from my mind when I felt a shift of tone go through the air in the room.
  5. Suddenly a trickle of blood started winding down from the woman's head. Yet I was still not scared. Because I knew it wasn't real. And besides, it was only a little amount of blood. Until the blood turned from a trickle to a flood. It seemed to follow its own path; like it was programmed like a robot where to go, as it clouded around my feet, making my toes tingle and twitch on the floor, and making Comet jump up, like the scarlet liquid was in this dimension. I inhaled a deep breath and pinched my nose, urging myself not make a big deal out of it. I looked down for only a moment, just to see that Comet wasn't completely scared off. And then I heard a squishy sound, like a wet sponge dropping to the floor.
  6. My whole body went rigid as I froze in place. I clenched my jaw tight, not wanting to know what the sound was yet at the same time find out. So then I lifted my eyes from Comet, and slowly averted them to the pile of meat on the floor, that was still pulsing, with the rhythm of a heart. I stared at it for a moment, not realizing what exactly it was. Suddenly I jumped, from the loud bump that I heard, that made me bring my eyes back over to the lady, that had fallen over forward onto the counter, her hair a straggly mess in knots and tangles, making it look like an angelic bird's nest. But then I saw the gigantic hole embedded into her head. Her brain. I covered my mouth with my hand, not wanting to scream, and fell back until I hit the wall. My head felt dizzy, and my feet give way, and soon I was wading in the woman's blood, as she slowly started to dissolve from sight.
  7. Sebastian took his seat in the circle. The seat was cold, as if it was missing its original owner. Yet Sebastian did not mind. Because he was the leader now, and nobody would defy him. He knew that for sure. The others of the Miscreancy were seated in their seats as well. He had assembled this meeting prior the deaths of Viper and Haste, as he knew it was going to happen. The members wore their cloaks, with their hoods drawn up against their face, the shadows casting their features so dark it seemed as is if a black hole was staring back at him everywhere he turned. Sebastian fixed his tie; he was not going to continue on wearing those ridiculous outfits. A drop of red splattered on the armrest to his left. He looked up with a razor-sharp grin. Above his, and everybody else's heads, hung the bodies of his former beloveds. He had ordered Noose to hang them there, for all to see, with their intestines spiraling out and their eyes hanging out from their sockets. Sebastian figured there needed to be order. And for there to be true order, people had to know who the leader was.
  8. When everybody seemed to be seated, Sebastian cleared his throat before standing up. It was dead silent in the room, as the bodies twirled elegantly in the air like a circus act, and the torches that hung in every corner of the stone room heated the frosty air. Nobody moved. Sebastian laughed. "Welcome, everybody. I appreciate all that came (even though they were in fact forced to come) here tonight to honor the deaths of our dear Viper and our honorable"”" he purred out the word ""”Haste." The bodies remained unmoved, immobilized, like statues. "I have heard some inquiries about how the deaths occurred, and I have also heard several stories going around the castle, that has quite intrigued me." Sebastian glanced up at the bodies, as one of the two's organs dropped to the floor. "So to clarify all of this"”ah, what's the word those humans use"”gossip, yes? I will tell you what really happened." Sebastian took a long pause, and then clasped his hands together, enjoying the moment. "I killed them. Some of you already knew that, but quite frankly I just take pleasure in saying it as many times as I can."
  9. "It is quite a tragedy, I know, but the Miscreancy needed a new leader. How many Seventh Sighters have we extinguished in the past year, if anybody would be so kind to answer?" Seconds of silence. Sebastian was about to start talking again, but then there was a squeaking noise, that seemed to be someone talking. "One," it said. Sebastian chuckled to himself. "One. How pathetic. Who are we? Are we not the Miscreancy? The creators of death and the destroyers of life? Isn't it our purpose to capture these unlawful beings, and simply remove them from the earth?" There were a few nods from the crowd, and Sebastian took pride in himself. "That was not what Haste was about," a voice reined from the corner of the room. "Haste always said we must be civilized when dealing with these Sighters, for they were rare in the ancient times. We need only destroy them when their purpose is a threat to what we do." Sebastian kept himself from snarling. In fact, he actually laughed. "Of course, of course." Sebastian pivoted as if to turn, and then in a quick movement turned back and threw the dagger he kept up his sleeve to the man in the corner, the blade going perfectly through the black hole. The man toppled downwards from his seat, his soul no longer existing in this concrete world. The tension of silence came back. "I'm the leader now," Sebastian said, both his arms outstretched where his hands were laid out upon him on top of the small podium. "You will all do what I say and when I say it. Fear not, however, as you will all have a function, ah yes. You all have such things to do for me. And when I'm finished I will have no use, and soon you will all die. So relax. For it is not your time."
  10. I sat there in silence, huddled up in the corner of the room, my hands over my eyes still. I should have been used to this. I should have. But the reality of it all; the way it sounded as it fell to the floor, the juices flowing out of it as it hit the ground; the slow and steady beating of it. How could our minds interpret things a different way than that we know they already are? Maybe that's how people get sick. You know: schizophrenia, delusions, disorders. Maybe our minds get mixed up"”distorted. Maybe. "Hey." Alert, I take my hands away from my face and look up towards the voice. But it's okay, because it's only Rave. I know he sees that my face is stiff from the dry tears that had ran down my face for only a moment. I know that he indeed has seen what I had seen. I know he understands. So that's why, I let him help me off the ground. His hand was warm, and I liked it, because it seemed to have defrosted mine. And then we I got to my feet he pulled me into an immediate embrace. And I let him. And I liked it. Because he understood.

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