What color most describes you?

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I don't think anyone actually reads this part. lol. I worked very hard on this quiz (took a few hours) and I know the tile wasn't very original. I did come up with the idea myself, I wan't trying to steal anyone elses.

Yep. I hope you like this quiz anyways, I missed Orange and Grey (how did i do that?!) so just pretend you didn't notice. ;) Hope you are having a great day.! Bye!

Created by: Sunday1

  1. At this moment in time, your general mood is
  2. You are at a bank one day when a robber threatens you to give him all the money in your account or you will risk the life of everyone else in the building. What do you do?
  3. Out of all of these, which would you say you value the most above all?
  4. Even if your favorite animal is not listed, which would you prefer as a pet or friend.
  5. You and your friend are camping when you awake to hear a demanding voice. Its a man who threatens to steal your tent and food, leaving you stranded in the wilderness. What do you do?
  6. There is a devastating tsunami destroying your city. People are climbing on top of buildings to keep safe. You have the chance to climb off and rescue someone, who will it be?
  7. What do you strive to have in your life.
  8. Something bad has happened to your friend and he/she is crying and confiding in you. How do you feel.
  9. Your friend wants to watch a movie but lets you pick it as a surprise. What kind of movie do you choose?
  10. What did you think of my quiz? Its my second one! :) (doesn't affect score, of course.)

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Quiz topic: What color most describes me?