which colour describes you most?

some not so wise people will think this is a lye but smart people will try it out and find out how true it is ...the requirements are just being true to yourself

are you ready to find out what color describes you then let us go through the quiz and find out and the smart people will appreciate it in all.....thank you

Created by: Rose Ray

  1. what day do u like most
  2. which word would you want to be told
  3. which love do you prefer
  4. if you were in avatar the last air bender which bender would u be
  5. where would you love go on a weekend
  6. which colour do you think blind people can see
  7. which colour combinations mean i will never forget you
  8. what is your best letter
  9. what would you have...............as a unique power
  10. what would you put on ..........on your birthday

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Quiz topic: Which colour describes me most?