What's wrong with your life

Ever wondered what was wrong with your life? Now, it's easy to find out: just take the quiz!!! Hope this will improve your life!! this is my first quiz, might not be very accurate.

If you don't agree with the result, it might just be that nothing is wrong with you or i missed something. either way, don't take the results too seriously.

Created by: Marshmellow rabbit
  1. You see that someone left a candy bar on the seat you are sitting on. You:
  2. You receive full marks on a really hard paper. You:
  3. When you see your role model on TV, what do you think?
  4. You see a bully punching your friend who then invites you to join him. You:
  5. The cashier gives you extra change. You:
  6. You just passed on a test, but you know that the teacher marked a question wrong. The test is your report card.If you fail, your parents will yell at you. You:
  7. The world is:
  8. How much of your life would you change?
  9. What percentage of the world's people are good?
  10. Your enemy is accused of something that is your fault.You:

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Quiz topic: What's wrong with my life