And the Wolf Grew Wings...pt6

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ok. This was soposed to be part 7 part 7part 7part 7ppart 7arpart 7t 7part 7part 7part7 par7 You get that? ok. good.

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  1. I laid down and dozed off. I woke to two intense amber (redish/orange) eyes. Then I screamed. I woke up and the creature sitting at the foot of my be, growling at me, was...
  2. Ok this is sopesed to B part 7!!!!
  3. It was a wolf pup! It had tan furr and the same eyes as Ray! I took a deep breath and slowly got up from the bed. The pup growled at me. I paused and made my way over to the light, careful not to go too fast. Flipping the switch, I now saw that the pup was only about 1 1/2 feet tall. It snareled at me and I heard another low growl. I knew who it was, though. The servants had gotten me a second story room by a window. "Depth. Shhh. It's ok." Depth grunted. I sat back on my bed, on the opposite side as the pup. After a while, his snarel faltered and he made his way over to me slowly, ever coutous. He sniffed my hand and laid down, still eyeing me. After about 10 minutes, the pup seemed to fall asleep. I carefully lifted him and put him on the left side of the bed, me on the right. Then I went to sleep... Opening my eyes lazily, I felt something on my neck. I opened my eyes all the way to see the pup curled up on my shoulder. I smiled. He was SO CUTE!!! I laid him down and went into the bathroom. I changed after taking a quick shower. Coming out, I saw that the wolf pup was awake. He looked at me dowsily, making me giggle. I sat down beside him and patted his head. I then laid back with a good book. Withing an hour, I heard a bunch of crashing in the hall, or somewhere near. Peeking out into the hall, I came face-to-face with Ray. "Whatcha doing?" I asked. "Oh! ____! You wouldn't happen to have seem a tan pup running around her by any chance?" I nodded. "Well, thanks anyways. I- Wait what?" "Ya. He's in here with me." I opened the door wider so Ray could come in. As he did, I walked over to the bed and sat by the pup, patting his head. Not petting. Patting. Ray looked like he'd seen a ghost. "What? Look, he came in here in the middle of the night and dropped out after a while. What's the big deal?" Ray then seemed to colect himself. "Well, you could say he's not usually very friendly." "I know what you mean. For the first hour, he was snareling at me." I said sillyly. Ray gazes at me which kinda weirded me out. I swear, were this an anime, there would be an enormous sweat drop involved. "What is it?" I questioned Ray, trying to break his stare. "Oh! Sorry. It's just...probably nothing. Never mind." I sighed. 'And boys say GIRLS are complicated' I thought. "So who is this pup?" "Well, he's kinda... my son."
  4. My eyebrows raised. "Really? Wasn't expecting that, I gotta say." I said. He turned away. What was UP with him today? "How old is he?" "4 years. His name is Xiavior." "Xiavior, hu? Nice name. I like it." I said simply. Ray sighed and reached his arms out. "Time to go back home, Xiavior." The pup just curled up on my lap and growled at his father, which made me giggle. "____'s coming too." Xiavior's ears perked up and he seemed to smile. Then he laid his head down and fell asleep. I picked him up in my arms and carried him out, following Ray. He led me to the place where the carrages are stored. Then he climbed into an extra-large one, me following. I set Xiavior down next to Ray and climbed in, assisted by Sebastian. "Thanks." I said, giving him a small smile. He nodded and climbed in front. We waited for a few minutes until the other kings came. Once everyone was in, we set off to the great country of The Embers...We rode for a few hours until we came to the castle. Xiavior still hadn't woken up and was cuddled against my hip.
  5. Before we went in Ray's casle, I picked Xiavior up in my arms. As we walked, I turned to Ray. "Where do you want me to put him?" Ray thought for a moment. "Would it be too much trouble to put him in your room?" He had his hands in front of him in a begging posotion. It was easy to forget that he's a king. "Please?" I laughed. "Ya, ya. Ok. I don't mind. Besides, he's too cute to part with!" Ray smiled and we entered the building. I said good by to the guys and took the young pup in my room. When I set him on the bed, he stirred, but didn't wake. I started reading a book, and before I knew it, I was waking up to amber eyes. I yelped and fell out of bed, surprised out of my mind. I heard giggling. "You ok, ____?" "Uhhh. Ya. Ya I'm alright Xiavior." I climbed back in the bed. Something struck me different. I looked around the room and my eyes settled on Xiavior. He looked like a human 4 year old. "Oh. You have one of those necklaces?" He nodded. "Ya. My dad gave it to me as a birthday present last year. Cool huh?" I nodded, smiling at his cuteness. He now had short, dirty blond hair and the same amber eyes. Xiavior crawled up to me and put his head on my lap. I pet his head, relaxed. After a few moments, I heard a knock at the door. "Come in." I said. The door opened and Ray stood in the doorway. "Wow. He said simply. "I guess Xiavior really likes you." He talked as he sat beside me on the bed. "Well, I like him too. He's so sweet and don't even get me started on his cuteness!" Ray laughed. "Ray?" "Hmm?" "Where's his mother?" Ray seemed to tense at the question. "Well...His mother, Sarah, passed away from illness 2 years ago. Xiavior doesn't remember much of her since he was so young." There was a pause. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up." "No. It's ok. I just..." "But you know," I interupted him. "I'm still glad I did." Ray looked thouroly confused now. "Well, I just think it's cruel to not talk about someone when they're dead. It's like you're pretending they never existed in the first place." I looked at the floor. "People did that when my family died. And those who didn't, they talked bad about them. I mean, my parents didn't exactly have a good record, but when I was born, they changed. Mama and Papa were great parents." "How...How did they die?" I sighed. "Murder." Ray looked like he was about to pee himself. I laughed sadly and started the story. "We were up on Mt. Haicoona when I was 4. Me, my parents, and my 15year old big brother Anthony. We were up in our cottage in the Mt.Haicoona Ski Resort. All of us were gathered around the fireplace while Dad told stupid, not scary ghost stories. The weather told about an oncoming blizzard. We had everything we would need for a month. About halfway through, a burgler got in. Dad cought him stuffing all our cash in a bag from my parents' room. Dad wrestled with him for a while. Meanwhile, Anthony said he had a bad feeling and told me to hide under my bed. I ran there and sat there for hours. The next morning, I crept out into the hall. I went in my parents' bedroom. There were two adult bodies laying bloody on the floor. Though I was young, I knew what the sight of blood meant. My parents had always said that if someone had blood on them and wasn't moving, call 9-1-1. When the police came, the robber was already gone. And my brother was never found. I sat there, crying into the chest of a police officer I didn't even know. I had no realetives, so I was put in foster care." I stopped, listening for Ray's reaction. When I heard nothing, I looked over. He just seemed shocked. I laughed as I felt tears run down my cheeks. "But," Ray said suddenly. "Your big brother could be alive. I mean, his body was never found, right?" I shook my head. "If he went outside, the blizzard would've killed him in a matter of minutes." "Oh." He replied simply. Just then, The door flew open and in the doorway stood a flustered group of boys. It was Yuuri, Dane, and Sebastian. We knew they were evesdropping because They fell on the floor as the door opened. I sighed. They must've heard the whole thing.
  6. "Wow, guys. Reall?" Yuuri said "Uuuuhhh..", Dane whistled casually, and Sebastian just stared at me sadly. Just then, Xiavior woke up. Then they noticed I was crying and rushed over to me, asking if I was ok. "I'm fine. Really!" When they didn't stop, Xiavior growled at them menacingly, making me laugh softly. "So the brat's ____'s new body gaurd?" Dane said, amazed. In response, Xiavior sat on my lap. "Guess so." I said, with slight amuzment in my voice. "____?" Xiavior said. "Hm?" "Wanna go play with me in the pool?" I sighed. "Sure. But only if everyone can come." He grunted, pouting. I giggled and he said "Ok." And ran off to his room. They guys raised their eyebrows at me. I grinned and pushed them all out. Then I poked my head into the hall. "Hey, can you guys get Kiara the maid? Thanks" And I closed the door before they could answer. After a few minutes, there was a knock at my door and I pulled Kiara in. "Ok. I REALLY need your help picking out a swinsuit! Please help me?" I put on my puppydog eyes. She laughed and agreed. We walked over to the closet and found about 30 swinsuits. Kiara thought for a moment and threw 28 of them off the bed. We were down to a black peice that connected on the right side with red and white flame designs on it and a purple bikini that looked like it had large water dropletts on it. We sat there thinking it over for about 10 minuted and finaly decided on the one with the flames. We got a black and red towel and went out to the pool. I gave Kiara a bear hug and turned to see the pool. And boy did I see it. The pool was the size of a football field! All the guys were on chairs at the side of the pool except Dane, who was dunking Xiavior. I grinned and jumped on Ray's back, scaring the holy hell outa him. "You seem to be doing that alot lately." He said, spitting out water. I pushed him under the water and grabbed Xiavior, running and laughing. Ray came at us like a monster and I put the pup in front of me. "Here. Take him! He's jucier. I'll just give you hearburn!" I heard a siries of laughs and as I looked over, Yuuri and Dane cannonballed into the water, sending a huge wave over us. We played for about half an hour until I heard a grumbling. I looked to see Xiavior. "You hungry?" I asked him. He nodded and swam over to Ray. We all went inside for a while. As we ate lunch, I daydreamed about how the guys looked shirtless.
  7. After lunch, all the guys had stuff to do. 'They are kings, after all' I reminded myself. Ray came up to me before he went to his meeting or whatever. "____. You can explore the casle if you want." I nodded and he left. I decided to go to the garden. I asked some servants for directions and found it after about 20 minutes. I sat down in the grass and relaxed, listening to the wind. My eyes popped open as an idea came to mind. I went to the dragon stables and, sure enough, I found Depth on the roof. I called him. He jumped and made a big rumble on the ground, making me fall on my but. It still amazes me that the roof can support him. I got up and patted his snout. "How about a ride?" He put me on his back and took off. I watched all the scenery go by. It was beautiful. After a while, Depth got tired so we landed in a forest. Depth out his tail and I slid down it, yelling out in joy. I walked towards his head. No sitting and leaning against Depth's side, I sighed happily. The forest was so peaceful. There were birds chirping and I could hear a stream in the distance. In complete contentment, I dozed off... I woke to Depth growling and heard voices. I listened carefully. A male voice spoke up. "This lookes like a rare breed. Cirtainly not from around here. Capture the dragon! It'll make an excelent worrior!" I heard footsteps and Depth's growl deepened. I jumped up and ran around the mighty dragon. There were about 35 men in uniforms and one with badges. The one was standing back. I also saw a large, glamerous carrage. I ran in front of the men advancing on Depth and yelled. "STOP!" They all did, surprised by a girl suddenly appearing. Then the leader spoke up. "Girl! Move out of the way! That beast is dangerous!" I scowled. "I'm SO tired of people thinking Depth is dangerous just because he's big! This dragon just so happens to belong to me and will not attack unless I tell him to or he thinks I'm in danger! You will NOT be so much as TOUCHING him!" I took a deep breath and looked the leader in the eye. "Very well. We did not recognise the ragon had an master. Men, put down your weapons." He ordered and they did. Then he approched me. As he walked farword, Depth started growling again and I patted his snout, calming him, but we both still kept a weary eye on the approching man. "I am the general of the great country of The Storm. Who might you be?" I paused, not knowing wether or not I should tell him. "Of what consern is it to you?" I retorted. He seemed surprised. This man obviously isn't used to people dissobeying him. "You see, it is very rare that a female is allowed to own a dragon. Only royalty is allowed the privlige. And I don't recognise you from the council." He had me there. 'He probobly thinks I stole Depth' I thought, irritated. "Fine then. I'm ____ ____. Depth-the dragon- was given to me by King Aphrodite of The Embers." "And why would he do such a thing." To be honest, it was a hard thing to explain that I was from a different world. And saying I was his friend... They probably wouldn't believe me. But what choice did I have? "I'm a friend of his. It's a long story that if you want to know, you'll have to ask him yourself." I said. The man grunted and said "Hmmm... Well, out of procedure, we'll have to take you in to verify this claim." He started waling closer, and Depth snareled vicously. This time, UI didn't stop him. "If you or your men take another step closer, my dragon WILL attack you. And I won't be able to controle him. When Depth believes I'm in danger, he won't even listen to me. Trust me, I know from experience." I thought about the first time when Depth flew away with me when he saw the men in uniforms. And the time he wouldn't let the guys near me or me near them when he thought they'd been the ones to knock me out. "So this dragon is vicous?" The man asked calmly. He was obviously trying to get a reason to sedate or even kill Depth. But I wouldn't give him the chance. "No. He's merely protective. That's all." "We are the royal gaurd!" "And do you have proof of that?" I responded calmly. Glancing at the carrage, he imediately looked back at me. What was in it? He looked in my eyes and seemed intimidated. He then cleared his throat. "Well then. Perhaps you'll do us a little favour." I raised an eyebrow. "You see, in this deep and dense forest, we seem to be..." "Lost?" He nodded. "Fine. But where were you headed to?" "Why would you want to know that information?" He asked suspicosly. I rolled my eyes. "So I know which way to take you. Or do you want to end up where you started and have to go through this all over again?" The man sighed. "Whe're on our way to the castle of King Aphrodite of The Embers." I nodded. "Depth." He lifted me to my usual spot and took off. "Follow us!" I yelled. "Depth, go slowly so they can keep up, okay?" He groaned. After about an hour of stopping and starting, we cane to the edge of the forest and landed. "Thank you for your assistance." I nodded. I'd noticed that nobody had come in or out of the carrage. "Would you please accompany us to the casle, to verify your claim?" I groaned, but agreed. We finnaly got there after about 3 1/2 hours. When the gaurds saw me, they nodded and stepped aside. We entered the castle and before we both got through the door, Ray ran in, giving me a ginormous hug. "____! Where've you been. I told you I was going to be done with the meeting at 5:00!" "Sorry. I really meant to be back sooner. But I got...tied up." I said the last part while glancing over my shoulder at the general. I almost laughed. He was staring at us, open-mouthed and wide-eyed.
  8. "So the woman's claim to be friends with the king is true?!" "Told ya. Depth is MY dragon. I didn't steal him or anything." "I never said you had." "But you thought it." He gulped. Then Ray put on a professional face, knowing someone important was in his presence. "I see. This was all a missunderstanding. The large dragon was given to Miss ____ by myself." "I see..." 'Wow these guys say 'I see' a lot' I thought. Then a thought hit me. "Unless I'm mistaken, checking my claim wasn't the only reason you came here, General." His eyes widend. He looked like he was about to say something, then stared at me. "Anything that is said to me can be said in her presence." Ray declared and I blushed. "Very well. May I present Sir Aron Onchi, king of the great country of The Storm!" Wait what? That's who was in the carrage? Then someone started getting out of the carrage, and my jaw dropped...
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