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    izme Novice
    im in love with 2 guys & they r both close friends & i dont want to hurt 1 of them wat should i do?
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    Viktor Junior
    Go for the one that likes you more.
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    LeahM Experienced
    Do they love you back as a friend or more than that. That needs to be established.

    Whichever guy you choose to let go, you must me accurate, gentle, considerate and sensitive. He'd want clear and concise reasons and answers. There's no getting rid of the pain, but you can make it slightly better. Good Luck!
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    ^>I agree. And when you choose... close your eyes. Who is it you feel most comfortable with and happy with? Do those kind of questions and maybe that will help!
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    Hunterizcool Junior
    >Implying we can greentext
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    Reanna15146 Novice
    You should look to the future. Who will be better with you then?
  • Choose the one you fell in love with second, because if you truly loved the first, you would have never fallen in love with the second.
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    wow ive never heard of it said that way b4 lips for kissing... good advice! i agree with her. but you dont hav to make a move fast. take your time with this, eventually youll probably end up closer to one than the other over the course of time.

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