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  • Did you know that
    "I lol'd at what Geek said. xD"
  • "1039 smooth through Insonniac were pretty good albums. Others were okay too. 21st century breakdown was dissap"
  • GTQ users.
    "I joined in the beginning of October, so I only got in on some of the fun, though."
  • Obama will probably win
    "A large portion of America knows nothing of the economic system, so they're going to base the vote on social issues. Obama no doubt wins the..."
  • Obama will probably win
    "It's clear that we likely have a liberal majority now. And Romney is a dumb--- anyways, even alot of conservatives dislike him. "
  • And so then, let see.
    "This sight doesn't allow greentexting."
  • GTQ: The story
    "Also, I'd like to say that your writing style reminds me of George Orwell's but a little better."
  • GTQ: The story
    "And is there an explicit reason they're fighting against us? Or is it just the fact we're evil and they want a revolt or something?"
  • Thread for myself. :D
    "Just go with the goddamn flow. Unless they're wasted 24/7, just leave them the hell alone"
  • Thread for myself. :D
    "My entire family is composed of alcoholics. Just go over to whoever in your family's house and see if they have any bottles of boose."
  • GTQ: The story
    "Is there anyone (specifically) on your side?"
  • Who are you?
    "A bit of a racketeer and friendly but quiet. IRL, that is."
  • GTQ: The story
    "And he specifically said not to nominate yourself"
  • GTQ: The story
    "Dragon, please just shut your goddammed mouth and read what Bob said. He'll include in the damn well story if he sees you fit the spo"
  • "I should get some sleep. Have fun with all the rat basterds here"

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