I Became a Survivor...pt5

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  1. "You want me to keep watch now? I'm fine and you seem tired." "Yes you are." He mumbled "What?" "Oh, nothing. But ya, it'd be nice to get some sleep."
  2. So Dane went to sleep and I kept watch. I walked a little ways away so I wouldn't bother the others. I sat on the side and dangled my feet into the deep water. Even on the path, the water came up to my chest when I sat down. I took a deep breath and let it out. "Singing: Hazel eyes peer dow, watching over you. Wind is twirlin round. I cry. I sing to my child, every note is blessed. Feelings running wild, I cry. My tears flow down, as your laugh rings out. My heart leaps and now, I cry. I kiss your forehead. Godd night, I love you. My heart's flames are fanned. I cry. Some day I'll be gone. Oh my heart will die. You won't be alone. I cry. All that love you deep in their hearts are here. Oh I know you'll weep, but don't cryyyyyyyy..."
  3. Joey's POV*** I woke up, feeling strangely calm, despite our situation. I got up and heard singing. 'Oh great.' I thought. 'Now we've got to deal with sirens or something.' (Sirens are mythical creatures. Look em up). I looked around and spotted someone in the distance. I crept up to them and relaxed when I saw it was ___. "Oh, hi Joey." She said before turning back to the water. I sat next to her. We sat in silence for a few minutes. Ok it was more like an hour. I couldn't take it anymore. "Are you feeling better?" 'Damn. I sound so stupid!' "Ya." She answered simply. "Were you the one singing?" She stayed silent. After a minute I looked over at her and my eyes grew wide. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "Wha- What's wrong?!" She shok her head. "Hazel eyes peer d-down, w-watching over you. Wind is twirl-1in round. I c-c-cry..." She sung quietly and softly. I could tell she was in emotional pain, but couldn't do anything about it. All I could do is watch as she sung in between sobs, as tears streamed over her cheeks. "I sing t-to my child, e-every not is bl-blessed. Feelings r-runing wild, I-I cry..." She took a few deep breaths. "My tears flow down, as y-your l-laugh rings out. My h-heart leaps and n-now...I cry. I kiss your forhead. G-good night, I lo-love you. My heart's f-flames are fanned. I cry... Some day I'll b-be gone. Oh my heart will die. Y-you won't b-be a-alone. And I cry." And with that, her song turned to quiet sobs. I'd never heard such a tune before. "Where did you hr=ear that song?" I asked looking her in the eyes. She paused before saying "My mother...Mama.. She used to sing it to me eyery night. I-I miss her so much..." I pulled her into a tight embrace. 'What am I doing?' I started to pull away, but to my surprise, she held me tightly, her hands on my back.
  4. My POV*** I hugged Joey tight. I needed this. To let it out. Before now, nobody was willing to listen. Nobody cared. But Joey, he seemed to genuinely care about my feelings. And back in the forest. He saved me from the bear. And after I almost drowned, he let me lean on him as I slept. He's always there for me. Ever since the begining. And what have I done? I bit a bear's nuts off and killed a turtle. Aint I great? He pulled away slowly "But I don't get it. Why would your mother sing you such a sas song?" "I didn't finnish it." I turned back to the water, staring up at the moon. "Some day I'll be gone. Oh my heart will die. You won't be alone. I cry. All that love you deep in their hearts are here. Oh I know you'll weep, but don't cry." I smiled. "She always told me a woman's tears are more precious that all the jewls in the world. She had a way of putting things into perspective too. I remember she once said '____, listen close. A woman appears more beautiful with her face hidden. A journey is more fun before it begins, and a dog's bite is more painful before it touches skin.' I always thought she was crazy, but I just didn't understand back then." I turned to see Joey staring at me. I blushed. "Oh! I uh...well..." Everything went silent. I soon fell asleep on Joey's shoulder, relying on him for both physical and emotional support...
  5. I woke up to the morning sun. Almost everyone was up. In the middle of the night, Teijah had come and fell aslep leaning on my arm. I noticed Sarah was up and motioning for me to come over to her. I sighed and got up, leaning Teijah on Joey. When I reached her, she was already doing the eyebrow thing. I giggled. "You know something?" "Hm?" "That would have made a PERFECT family poto!" "Wha-" "I-ah." I turned around. Joey had come up behind me carrying Teijah. Sarah giggled and ran off. I sighed, shaking my head. "She never stopps does she?" "Not that I know of." We both laughed a little. I then got to work cutting up the turtle. "Everyone, stay at least 50 feet away from me while I do this." They did as I asked and I finnished in about 40 minutes. I packed everything we were taking into the back and we all started running, as sharks were coming at the scent of blood. Dane cought up with me. "You weren't kidding when you said we'd have to leave RIGHT after you did it!" He said in between pants. When we were a good distance away, we took a break, colapsing nto the water. Then Ciel walked up to me. "Wow, ____. I think you've become our official leader!" I groaned as Jen's head poped up. "Exuuuuse me?! She is NOT the leader! I am! And-" She stopped dead in her tracks when I glared at her. Then she scampered off. "Wow, I'm impressed yet again. Hey don't you think it's a little hot out here?" "I guess..." And with that, he pushed me in the water. Once under, he pressed his lips to mine. He released me and I struggled to the surface. Breaking the surface, I ghasped for air. I was dragged up by Sarah and Talor, coughing all the way. Once he was up, Ciel started making out with Matt's fist.
  6. The blow sent Ciel flying back into the water about 10 feet. "Go get eaten, Dumba55!!! ____ was just starting to recover from the last time she almose drowned! And you want to put her through it again?!" He screamed. "I think she should've!" Said Jen. I gave her the evil eye. "Oh, please. You don't scare me in your pathetic condition!" Joey glared at her and she closed her mouth. I started coughing again and Matt ran over to me. "Are you ok?" He asked gentaly. I nodded, dispite the water I kept coughing up from my lungs. Then Sarah stepped in. "No more fighting! This isn't helping ____ any." I sat there for about 10 minutes coughing up water. Then I spouted out red. Teijah ghasped, getting everybody's attention. "What is it?!" Asked Joey. Teijah just pointed at the blood on my hand and lips. "Holey s---! Guys! Get over here, NOW!" Everyone rushed over. "It's no big deal.." I said weakly. "Yes it is, ____." Said Talor. "Guys, move. My dad was a doctor. I need to take a look." The guys moved but stayed close by. "Open" I opened my mouth into a big O. "Do you mind if I touch your stomach?" I said I didn't, but a couple of the guys flinched and I rolled by eyes. Talor pushed on my stomach in a few spots and asked if it hurt. It hurt in my upper stomach. "Wait..." He pushed with 2 fingers on a spot on my throat. "Nothing happened" I stated. "Exactly. That's bad. By the nerve I just hit, you should've thrown up..." He seemed so professional. "Oh, s---." "What?" "____, I think you've yot Carone Poisoning." Then Jen ran up to us. "So we're all going to get poisoned because she made a mistake sorting our food?!" "No. This kind of poison if human-made. And it takes a couple days to go into effect." "RC. Talor, can the poison enter the body through wounds?" "Yes." "After we were told to go to those rooms, we found a bottle of medicine. Remember Sarah, Teijah?" Teijah nodded and Sarah burst out "So ____ was poisoned from the medicine?!" "That's probobly it. You need Garonal Leaves to cure the poisoning." "What do they look like?" He described them. "Wait! I think I took some from the forest. I thought they were poisonous and kept them for fishing!" I dug through the bag and took out about 5 leaves. "Will these be enough?" I asked nervously. "Ya. I'll make the mixture." Talor said. "____. Lay down for a while. It spreads with movement." I nodded and laid my head on Sarah's lap. Talor mixed the crushed-up leaves with water and a coupl other plants. Then he brought it ocer to me. "Here you go!" I drank it and it tasted AWFUL!!! But I choked it down and almost instantly fell asleep. I fell out to Talor's grinning face.
  7. I woke up laying on something big. I looked and saw a horse. It was Joey in his transformed form. Sensing me stir, he turned his head. "How you feeling?" "Ok." "Talor put some stuff in the medicine that would knock you out for a while, so you wouldn't move around." I nodded. "Well, I'm going back to sleep." "Ok." I got off to go for a walk. After a few minutes, I something that made me scream. Everyone jumped up. "What is it?!" Dane ran up to me. "a-a-a-a...A HYDRA!!!!!" I screeched. "I don't see anything." "Dip your head under the water, but make it fast." He did and came up with huge eyes. On the bottom of the "ocean" was a hydra with 8 heads and it was about as tall as an 18 floor building. My instincts kicked in and I was shaking, my tail between my legs. This thing was pure evil. Suddenly, 3 heads poped out of the water, and stared plankly at me. I'm probobly the one most scared right now. No wonder it would go after me. Then it turned its attention to Dane. He looked more fearful than me. One of the hydra's large heads charged towards him and I acted on impulse. I jumped on the neck and sank my arm into an eye, knowing not to cut off the head, though I probably could. Hydras have a strange power. If you cut off a head, 2 more grow in its place. The beast cried out in pain and shook me loose, throwing me into the water. Before I knew it, Talor had swam under me and thrown me back up on the path. Before he could get up, the hydra grabbed his tail in one of its mouths. Jen grew her tail and swam off alone. 'Idiot' I thought. While I was watching her, the monster had cought Sarah and Teijah. "That's it F**ker! You're goin down!" I jumped up and lucky me, turned into a large wolf. I jumped on the head holding Talor and clawed its eyes out. Then I did the same to the one holding Teijah, farcing it to release her. Then I moved on, and did the same to all the heads so it was completely blind. "Run for it!" I screached. Talor had gone and gotten Jen. I nearly cried at what I saw as we ran. In the distance was an island or some kind of land. We ran all the way there and colapsed on the ground. We were too far away from the water for the hydra to get us. "Wait. Where's Joey?!"
  8. Cliffhanger! Even if it's not a very good one.
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