I Became a Survivor...pt8

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ok. sorry but I got really lazy at the end.

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  1. "Well, ____. I think you're stuck with us for a while until we find you friends." I whipped around. "You talk in your sleep." He winked. I blushed and relaxed. Ray came running over to me and laid down by my side.
  2. By now, he was still small, but about twice the size of when he was born. "Ray?" He popped his head up and jumped up in my lap. I sighed, releaved. "So I've been out that long?" I asked no one in particular. "Yup. A while. Glad you woke up, though." Commented Jaka. "So did the father die?" "JAKA!" Yelled Jariah. "What?" "You don't just ask stuff like that so bluntly!" "No. It's ok. I'm not his real mother." Both of them stared at me in confusion. "Well, ya see. I came across friends of my mother's. They had pups and wanted me to take one. Ray, to be exact. Then..." "What happened?" Jaraiah glared at him. "As we were leaving, the cave suddenly exploded into a million peices. There were thousands of wolves in there. I- I just..." Jariah walked over to me and sat down, the tips of our furr touching. "Calm down. It's ok." Rau started licking my face worriedly. "I-I'm ok, hon. Don't worry." He wagged his tail and ran off to play with another flower. "Whatever you say, he still sure looks like you." Jaka said. "Really?" He gaped at me. "Are you serious?! Let's see. You both have red streaks in your furr and you both remind me of fire." "Sooo.... What does my furr look like, exactly?" He was silent, just starring at me. "Sorry. It's just that I'm new, sort of. I've only been here less that a month. And I couldn't controle when I transformed until we were over the ocean, except for when we fought the hydra, and-" "Wait!" Jariah ran over. "Are you telling me you made it over the freshwater ocean? And fought off the hydra?!" I nodded. "Ya. Me and my friends. I clawed its eyes out and we ran. I think it's pretty pathetic of us." "PATHETIC?! Living after seeing the hydra is...I don't even know!" I groaned. "I'm just saying that whoever took it out had to be strong. Who was it?" I scowled. "I did! You think just because I'm a girl, I can't take out an over-sized turtle?!" "Sorry. That's not what I meant. It's just amazing." "What are you guys taalking about?!" Demanded Jaka. "Sorry. He was born here. He doesn't know about the hardships of being forcefully put here. Jaka, go somewhere else. You won't understand anything we're talking about." Jaka groaned, but walked away. "So did you... Did the master..." "Torture me? Ya. Wanna know the worst part? It was ONLY me! He electricuted, whipped, and even poisoned me!
  3. I took a deep breath. "Sorry bout that." "It's ok. I saw dear friends go through the same thing. I always just behaved myself." He said, looking ashamed. "It's pathetic. I d-" "Don't talk like that!" He seemed surprised at my interuption. "You weren't pathetic. I was just stupid for going against him. You were doing what it took to survive. No one can blame you for that! If they do it only means they're idiots with a death wish." Just then, some 50 centaurs ran from the trees into the field. A large male with a black body ran in front of the others. "So. Jariah's taken up babysitting, has he?" The others laughed along with him and Jariah made a deep growl. "So I guess there are thugs everywhere." I mumbled. "What's that?" The leader turned to me. "Aw. A little girl sticking up for her friend." He then glanced at Ray behind me. "Awwwww. A mommy. Hey kid. How about we play?" Ray hid behind me and made a small growl. "What? Don't wanna play? Come here, kid!" Now I was snareling. He smirked and raised an eyebrow. "Tough girl, eh? Then let's play." All of a sudden, 10 the centaurs behind him charged. I acted quickly, grabbing Ray by the scruff and tossing him to Jariah. "Get out of here!" He nodded and dashed into the trees. Turning back to the enemy, I put up my hackles and bared my fangs. When they were close enough, I lept onto one of the bigger ones, biting into his back. I wrapped my fangs around his spine and pulled. He fell to the ground, dead. I killed a few more withing a minute or two. Noticing my strangth, they all backed off. "What's going on?!" The leader charged through and stopped, seeing the dead bodies. He looked up at me with an impressed look. "Ok, then." He lept in the air and ALL of them charged me. Even the leader. I took the others down easily, but it was made more difficult because I had to dodge the attacks of the leader. "____!" I turned to the source of the shout and saw Joey, the others close behind. If this weren't a deadly situaion, I could've cried. Joey, Talor, Ciel, and Matt got in the fight. After a minute, me and the leader had moved from the fight and were staring eachother down. He lept farward without warning and pinned me to the ground.
  4. "____!" The leader tumbled off me. I tilted my head to see Joey. He must've kicked him pretty hard. "Y-You're siding with the enemy. Why? We're fellow centaurs." "You think I give a crap? ____'s my best friend. Hurt her, and you're mine! You set loose so many warriors against a single woman! Don't you have any pride?!" "Nope!" He said as he kicked Joey in the stomach. I growled and pounced on his back, digging my claws in deep. He screeched and bucked, throwing me off. This gave Joey his chance. He jumped about 15 feet in the air and came down on the leader's head. As he hit the ground, his head started bleeding black. "Ya know... I coulda done that on my own." Joey laughed. "Sure. But I need some action every now and then too." We both laughed and Ray came running over. He jumped and landed on my back, sending me to the dirt ground. "____!" I looked over to see Jariah running towards us, full speed. He rammed into me, sending me to the ground yet again. We laughed as he got off. "Not getting up?" Jariah questioned. "No. I have a feeling there's gonna be another attack." Just then, Sarah, Teijah, and Reka glomped onto me, proving me right. Jen was walking calmly. Sarah just exploded. "Oh, ____. Where've you been?! We were so worried! Is that a guy?" I laughed at her change of attitude so quickly. "Ya. Him and his friends helped my out. They took care of me and Ray while I was out. Speaking of, where are Snow and Jaka?" "Dunno. They're probably hunting somewhere." I looked over and mumbled "Right on cue." Snow and Jaka were running over to us. "What happened?" Jaka yelled. At first I didn't know what he meant. But when I looked around, we'd completely destroyed the meadow in the fight. "Sorry guys. Guess we sorta trashed your home." Snow stepped farword. "It isn't a big deal. We're just thankful that those centaurs won't be attacking us anymore. The meadow will grow back in time." I gaped at him. "What is is, ____?" I shook my head. "Nothing. It's just that I've never heard you talk before. Your voice is lower that I thought it'd be." I forced myself not to say sexy low. "I sopose I don't speak much." He blushed slightly and I smiled at his shyness. "Where have you been all this time, ____?" Dane asked, reaching us. "Well, I'm not entirely sure. I was ridding Apollo after...you know. But I fell asleep and woke up in this meadow with the guys." Dane eyed the suspicously. "Relax, man. We were walking by in the forest and found her and the pup just laying there. She just woke up today." Dane seemed to relax a bit at what Jaka said. He turned into his wolf form and sat next to me. I'd never seen him in wolf form before. He was black with white streaks and a white snout. Not to mention that he was almose twice my size. My 3 rescuers were obviously intimidated. But, in retaliation, Jariah came and sat on my other side. The two looked like they were about to rip eachothers throats out. But Joey came before they had the chance. "Come on, guys. There's no need to fight. Don't you think the girls have been through enough as of late? Expecialy ____?" They gave eachother a final glare before seeming to completely ignore eachother. "Thanks Joey." We'd decided to go out hunting together. We always seemed to hunt and fight together. It just seemed right. "No problem. But I gotta ask. Who do you think would've won?" I laughed lightly. "Probably Jariah. He's not much of a fighter, and Dane's big. But Dane just isn't a fighter. He hasn't fought at all since we got here." "You're probably right. Oh! And I wanted to ask you about something. You know how wolves have a, like, territory or whatever?" I nodded. "Well, do the wolves here have that too?" I thought for a moment. "I'm not sure. I'll have to ask the guys when we get back." He nodded and we went on with the hunt. Within the hour, we cought 2 rabbits, 3 deer, a duck, and found about 15 eggs from nests. I had a bump on my head from when a mother came back at a bad time. We set our haul down in the middle of the field. The corpses had been moved. "Wow! You got a lot!" Jaka exclamed when we got back. "Ya. ____ and Joey are the perfect team when it comes to fighting and hunting." I smiled. "Mmm hhmmm. Joey's my best friend." He nodded, also smiling. I heard screaming and turned around.
  5. I turned to see Dane and Jariah snareling at eachother. "Why do they hate eachother so much?" I asked quietly. Snow walked up beside me and answered. "Because they're wolves. You can't understand it because you're female. When me and Jaka first met Jariah, we fought him too. It's instinct. This is Jariah's territory, so he has to protect it. Your friend is much larger, so he feels he deserved more respect." I sighed. "Yet another reason for boys not to get any respect. They're idiots. No offence." "None taken. I feel I wasn't included in your comment as much as them." "No. You're cool." I laid down. "You don't start fights like they do. But I've never seen Dane fight. I'm honestly interested to see how he holds himself." Snow smirked at me as if he knew something I didn't. "What?" "I think they're doing this for you." I gave him a confused look. "Just think about it. Your friend has never started a fight, correct?" "And your point?" "Jariah doesn't start fights either. By logical standards, they should be getting along fine. But there's another important detail. You. You're obviously new at being a wolf. It's mating season here. They're going to fight. That's the way it is. Even me, Jaka, and Jariah haven't been getting along like we usualy do since you got here. It's nature. Don't worry. If it gets out of hand, me, Jaka, and your centaur friend will step in." I blushed. "Why do you say I'll step in? I never agreed to that." Snow raised an eyebrow. "Okay. So I will. But that's MY decision." "Of course." I laughed at their little scwabble. But I instantly stopped when Dane and Jariah tackled eachother. I couldn't see what was happening because they were rolling around. Both of them are obviously inexperienced fighters. "Bad" I looked around to who said it, but everyone seemed to be as confused as I was. "Bad. No fight" I looked to see Ray looking at the fighters irritatedly. "Mama no like. Bad." I smiled and scooped the small pup up in my arms, as I was now in human form. "Woaw." I turned to see Jaka looking amazed. "Oh, ya. You were born in here, right? Well, for those of us from the outside, this is how we originaly looked. You're the same as me, but because you were bred from two of us, you don't have a human form." Samule had explained all of this to me. "o-ok. I think I get it....Sorta." I turned back to my wolf form. "Better?" He nodded. "How long will this last, Snow?" "Who knows. They're both pretty...well, dence. It could take a while." I yohned and noticed how thirsty I was. Snow seemed to pick up on this. "Not drinking any water for weeks can make your mouth dry. Come. I'll show you to a stream." "Can I come too? I'm all dried out." Joey asked. "No problem. Come, then." "Want a ride?" Joey asked me. I giggled and turned back to my human form, leaping onto his back. "Hold on tight. Snowflake, go as fast as yu can." "It's Snow." He argued, but started running all the same.
  6. We reached the stream quickly. It was only about 3 feet wide, but would do. I took large gulps for a few minutes. When I was don, I sighed in contentment. Then I felt strong arms wrap around me from behind. I smiled, knowing it was Joey. He spun me to face him and pulled me into another embrace. "Thank God you're ok. I...You're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. Just promis to never leave me, all alone. Promis." "I promis." I wrapped my arms around his waist and then knew we would never ba any more than friends. We were so close, it would be a waste to ruin it. We went back to the others, this time me walking on my own. "So are the guys done fighting?" I asked Sarah. "Ya. Jariah won. But it was pretty close." I nodded and walked over to and nudged the limp body laying in the shade. "Dane. Get up." He groaned. "I-I lost." "So what?" He rolled over to face me. "So what if you lost? It's no big deal." I licked the side of his face and muttered. "Let's go." As I left him stunned. I laid downin the setting sun, trying to get as much warmth as possible. It would be cold soon. Joey laid down behind me while Jariah and Dane sat on either side. I yonhed, exhausted. Ray curled up at my side. I licked the top of his head and fell into a silent sleep...
  7. I woke up to hear a sof sobbing. I turned my head to see someone weeping on the lineing of the trees...
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