And the Wolf Grew Wings...pt3

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Ok. So I'm not puttin down a summary of da prev stories. read them. n

Take my anime love me!!! quiz. I need help, yall...

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. So we headed off to the great country of The Embers...
  2. Walking through a series of hallways, we stepped out into what I assumed was the back. Waiting for us was a horse-drawn carradge. A man that looked like a warrior helped me in. As the door was shut and we rode off, I saw a sad-looking Landon in a high window. After a bit, I guess I must have been staring because Ray gave me a confused look. "Something wrong, ____?" "Uh, no. It's just..." "Ah! I know!" He said. Suddenly, a strange red light came from a pennant around the wolf's neck. I hadn't noticed it before. After the light vanished, Ray wasn't a wolf. He looked human! Thank God he had cloths on. "So, was that it?" "Uh... Well, sort of." I answered "Where I come from, wolves aren't that big and the certainly don't talk." He was soooo hansome!!!XD. His hair was the same color as his furr. Brownish-red. And his eyes were the same color. They also had the same intensity. "And where DO you come from, ____?" "A place obviously far away from here." I said distantly. "Ohh..." He was staring, so you looked at him questioningly. "Oh! Sorry 'bout that. Hehe... Well, Yuuri said you didn't know much about our homes. Is that correct?" "Unfortunatly" He looked thoughtful, "Well, then I guess I'll tell you the basics. Let's see.... Ok. Our world is called Raka. It's devided up into the five great countries of The Waves, The Embers, The Storm, The Hevens, and The Stone. We just came from the great country of The Waves. That's Yuuri's territory. But we're heading into mine, the great country of The Embers. The great country of The Embers is made up of red wolves. The Waves is made up of white tigers. The Storm has grey wolves. Just as The Hevens has golden leapards and The Stone has mountain lions." "oh... ok. I think I get it. But what about how you transformed?" I asked him. "See this," He reached under his shirt and pulled out the necklace. "is a joint juel. These are pretty rare, so only royalty and high ranking people get them. They can transform us to and from this form." "So Yuuri was using one of those?" "Ya." I took in all the new information.
  3. "Well, ____. It'll be a while, so, if you want, you can take a nap." I thought about it for a second. Everything going on has been so overwealming. "But I think it'd be uncomfortable to sleep on the seats and-" Ray pulled on the bottom of my seat and it came out into a small bedish thing. "What was that?" He asked smugly. "I SAID goodnight." We both lauphed at that one. I laid down and was soon dreaming...
  4. * It's raining. No. This is not water. What could it be? It almost looked like snow. But it was far too big to fall so gentaly. And the color; I can't figure it out. All I know is that it reminds me of forgotten promises...* DREAM OVER* I woke with a start as we rode in on what looked somewhat like a garage. I looked over and saw Ray. He was sleeping soundly, leaning on the side of carrige. We "parked" in the "garage" and the same warrior opened the door for us to get out. He noticed his king was assleep. He quickly became flustered, not knowing what to do. I giggled silently and decided to help him out. "Ray...We're here. Wake up, Ray." I gentaly shook him by the shoulder. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "Hu...? ____? Wha- Oh crap!!!" He fell off the seat and I giggled. He popped up like they do in cartoons "Oooohhh..." "We're here, Ray" I said playfully. "Oh, yes. I see" He stammpered, still embarased. As we got out, the warrior gave me a grateful look. In return, I just gave him a small smile. Soon we were in the castle, me just following Ray around like a puppy-dog. After a tour of a small portion of the castle, Ray led me to a pair of doors. The doors where fairly big, pure red with purple and white dighines on it. "This will be your room whenever you're here. You can change it however you like. Though I hope we did a good job on it." He opened the doors and you were presented with the most fabulous room you'd ever set eyes on!
  5. I stepped in, silenced by my amazement. I'd never seen such epicness!!! The walls were crimson with pictures of dragons, wolves, tigers, bears, and other mighty beasts. They covered the walls. Up against the middle wall was a king sized bed. The covers were purple and white. The many enormous pillows were black, red, and white with various paturns on them. In the corner was a door. I ran over to it and found myself in a walk-in closet. It had every kind and color of clothing I'd ever even heard of and more! Along the bottom was rows and rown of shoes. Hats, scarves, and other accesories painted the space above the cloths. Oh, God. Was I in heven?! I walked back out and closed the sliding door behind me. There was a huge, wood dressing table with a full-body mirror beside it. There was a large black leather couch in front of a coffe table. There were also a few chairs scattered around the room. Along one of the walls where celing-to-floor windows and a glass door leading to a flower-covered balcony. "Do you like it?" Ray asked shyly. I breathed heavily, exasperated. "Yes! It's amazing! Thank you so much, Ray!" I wanted to just give him a bear hug. But I didn't think that was a proper thing to do to a king. His face lit up and all his shyness seemed to vanish as he gave ME a bear hug! "Oh! I'm so glad you like it." He must of seen me blush, as he imediately put me down and though he was turned around, his ears were bright red. "Uh, sorry about that..." "It's ok. You just surprised me." Then we both started laughing nervously. "But really, thanks...alot."
  6. Then suddenly a girl came running. She wrapped both her arms around one of Ray's. She had light brown eyes and was a brunett. She was wearing a revealing sress and I thought she looked familiar... "I know you!!!" We both yalled. "You do?" Ray asked, looking confused. I spoke first "Yes. I saw her in my school!" "Oh, I remember YOU. Though I couldn't imagine how. Oh! It's probobly because you were the only one stupid enough to give me a dirty look." "Exuuuuuse me?!?! I just looked at you and you gave me Madusa's glare!" "I would never do such a thing. Isn't that right, King Ray?" Just then, HE trotted in...
  7. *Clears throat*
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