And the Wolf Grew Wings... pt2

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Well, this is part 2 of my story "And the Wolf Grew Wings". Sorry about the bad spelling, guys. I really do try.

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Created by: Reanna15146

  1. When I got within 4 feet of the gate, it happened... I woke up on the ground. Or floor. Or whatever you'd call it. I couldn't see anything at all. The only sound was my breathing. Which was strangely calm. After a few minutes of silence, I got up and started walking in a randome direction. Within a few minutes, I bumped into something. I imediately backed up and put my hand out. When it connected, there was a huge ripple on what I could only describe as a wall. After the ripple was gone, I saw something that made me fall backwards. It was me as a child. Mabey 3 or 4 years old. Suddenly, all my memories flashed by in a whirl. I just watched, wide-eyed and the whole time, on the floor. Though it only lasted a few seconds, my memory of my entire life was refreshed. All the memories suddenly stopped on one memory in particular. The day of the inccident. *FLASHBACK*: We were up on Mt. Haicoona. Me, my parents, and my 9 year old big brother Anthony. We were up in our cottage in the Mt.Haicoona Ski Resort. All of us were gathered around the fireplace while Dad told stupid, not scary ghost stories. The weather told about an oncoming blizzard. We had everything we would need for a month. About halfway through, a burgler got in. Dad cought him stuffing all our cash in a bag from my parents' room. Dad wrestled with him for a while. Meanwhile, Anthony said he had a bad feeling and told me to hide under my bed. I ran there and sat there for hours. The next morning, I crept out into the hall. I went in my parents' bedroom. There were two adult bodies laying bloody on the floor. "MOM!!! DADDY!!!" I yelled. Though I was young, I knew what the sight of blood meant. My parents had always said that if someone had blood on them and wasn't moving, call 9-1-1. When the police came, the robber was already gone. And my brother was never found. I sat there, crying into the chest of a police officer I didn't even know. I had no realetives, so I was put in foster care.***
  2. I sat there, aw-stricken at what I'd just seen. I'd put that behind me. Why was it comeing back now? Suddenly, where the memories were, stood a preasent me. The other me looked down at me, then started speaking soundless words. "What? What are you saying? No. I can't hear you!" I said, now frantic. She(er...I) was completely still. She then pointed to her right. I followed her finger to an extreamely dark grey door in the distance. It would be impossible to see if you weren't looking for it. I turned back to thank her, but she was gone. All that was left was a small ripple. Stunned for only a moment, I made my way to the door. I opened it. I was then blinded by a barage of m ulti-colored lights. I woke up on the ground again. This time in what looked like a mansion. I was sitting on the tile floor at the bottom of a large staircase. I stood just as a short woman in a maid outfit came out from a small side hall. Seeing me, she ghasped and ran back down the hall screaming something in a language forein to me.
  3. My eyes followed the woman as she left. Suddenly, coming from everywhere, came large men in blue suits. I ghasped as they pointed spears at me. "Whow! Com on, guys. What'd I do? Wait. Scratch that. Where am I?" One of the men stepped farward. Along with the suit, he had a couple badges along the collar of his shirt. "Ganto" He said. I paused"What?" "Ganto haiyama cho len cronsa le brons canlo. Choi sai folik shan lour bid?" Afraid of offending them, I stayed silent. Instead, I just tipped my head like kids do, trying to tell them I don't understand. He turned to one of the other men, which I assumed was his second-in-command. "Hen mayou. Jana wokjad salandi yenfisk Wil." He turned back to me as a man carried in two wooden chairs. He placed one in front of the leader and hesitated before putting the other behind me. The leader sat down and motioned for me to do the same. I did. The leader bit his lip and we waited what seemed like an eturnity. Then a man dressed like a librarian entered the room. He walked over to me, looking like he was approaching a tiger. He stopped right in front of me and takes my hands in his. He then closed his eyes and mumbled something I didn't catch. There was a quick light then he let go and scuttled off. As he was leaving, the leader called to him, "Thank you, Mr.Fraid." 'Wow.' I thought, 'Is he speaking english?' "Now then," He said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Can you understand me now?" I shook my head yes. "Good. Now we can talk properly. My name is General Landon Sild. Who are you, Young Miss?" "Uuhhh... Oh! ___ ___. May I ask where I am?" All the men looked stunned. "Where you are?" Landon lauphed. "Why, my girl. You're in the castle of King Yuuri!" He boomed. "Why are you here?" "Sorry, but that's what I'd like to know. I don't even know how I got here!" He seemed to think this over. "Well then. We'll help you if you like?" "Well, yes. If you would." His huge smile returned. Then he looked a little sorry. " Sorry, ____, but we WILL have to search you. You understand?" " Yes. That's completely reasonable!"
  4. I was taken to another room to be searched. Luckilly, it was by a girl. It was the maid I saw earlier. This time, I got a better look at her. Before I thought she was short woman, but she looked in her early teens. She had a light brown pixie cut and sparkeling blue eyes that showed more of a rebel than the rest of her. And on the top of her uniform, she had a pin that read "Save The Bears!". Under it, her name tag said "Kiara". Once we were done, she escorted me to a room where I was interveiwed about various things ranging from my favorite color to wars I have no idea about. Then Kiara took me to a set of doors that streached from the celing to the floor. She told me to wait in the hall and walked off. After a few minutes, the doors opened and a butler told me to come in. I walked slowly to the center of the room where a boy sat in a confortable-looking red chair. There was another one across from it, a short table in between them. The boy looked about my age, if a bit older. He had void-black hair and dark blue eyes. He looked up at me and smiled "I presume you're ____?" "Uh, yes" I said nervously. "And you are?" "Yuuri. Yuuri Rance." "Uh... You m-mean K-K-King Yuuri?..." "Yes. I'm King Yuuri Rance of the Waves. It's nice to meat you, ____. Please, sit." I sat in the chair across from him. "Now, tell me about yourself." I sat for a moment, thinking of what to say. "I'm ____ ____ from Daton, Ohio. I-" "Wait," He inturupted."Where?" "Daton, Ohio. In the United States." He looked confused." I don't understand. Which great country are you from?" Great country? " My country is called America. The United States of America? The U.S?" He pondered this for a moment. " I mean the country of the Waves, The Storm, The Hevens, The Embers, or The Stone? We are in the great country of The Waves." "This is so strange," I commented. "I've never heard of these places before." Then we heard a loud bang.
  5. The doors flew open and a giant brownish-red wolf with large, yellow/orange eyes walked in, escorted by the butler. It was the size of a horse!!! "King Yuuri. Sir King Ray Aphrodite of The Embers has come for a visit. A king wolf. Great. King Yuuri said very calmly, "Ray, would you mind explain that sound a few moments ago?" "Oh, that. You see, some of those gaurds of yours just attacked me from I-don't-know-where, so I tought them some manners." He put on an innocent smile. "So, what you're saying is that you punished them for doing their job by sending them through my expensive roof?" "Uuuuhhh..." "Thought so." He turned to me "Sorry about him, ____. He can act quite immaturly sometimes." King Ray looked as if just now noticing me. "Uh...That was embarasing." I giggled under my breath. "And who is this young la-" He suddenly started sniffing the air. Still sniffing, he made his way over to me and smelled me all over. "Why do you have a wolf here, Yuuri?" "A wolf? How would a wolf get over the boader? No, wait. How could she be a wolf? She doesn't even know about the great countries or wars or...anything, for that matter." They both stared at me for a bit, then King Ray spoke up. "Well, hey. What's your name?" "My name's ____ ____. It's nice to meet you, King Ray Aphrodite." "Oh no! Call me Ray. I hate all that formal crap." "And call me Yuuri." I gave them a small smile, and I swear Yuuri blushed before he turned away to sit back down.
  6. "Well, ____ is a wolf. So I'm gonna take her back to the great country of The Embers." Said Ray. Yuuri stood up "I don't think that's nessicary, constidering she's not an official citizen." "That's not the point. She's a wolf and therefor should be with wolves!" "That's irrelevant!" They started getting into a very loud argument about it. The noise was starting to hurt my ears, so I spoke up "Uh, does it really matter?" I said in a tiny voice. I felt so intimidated around these guys. Yuuri sighed "Well, I guess there's no real reason for her to stay here. I mean, if she's a wolf then..." He started digging through his pocket. "Here it is!" He pulled out what looked like a credit card and handed it to me "If you ever want to visit, just use this at the port. They'll take you right to my castil." He had a glowing smile on his face. "Uh, thanks...Yuuri." Ray started looking impatient "Ok. Can we go now?" Yuuri seemed to snap out of a trance "Yes. Yes, of course. Goodbey, ____. See you soon." And with that, we headed off to the great country of The Ember...
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