I Became a Survivor...pt1

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Ok. This is the start of another story. No, I haven't stopped on the other one. I'll be doing them simutaniously! YaY! Big word!!! Sorry about the spelling!

Rate comment. sorry about the spelling! Guess What?! I got this story theme from my dream!!! Aint' that cool?!?!!!!!!

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. *Ring, ring, ri-* I absolutly TACKLED the phone. "Hello?" A female voice came on the other end, "Yes, hello. This is Allie. Is Ryan there?" I sighed, "No, sorry. You must have the wrong number." "Oh! I'm so sorry." She hung up. I let out another deep sigh. Austin was soposed to call me today. I've had a crush on him since, like, second grade. Being in my first year of highschool, that was a pretty long time. *Rin-* "Hello?!" There was a pause "Ya, hey. This ____?" I silently ghasped. This was Austin. "Uh, ya. Hey Austn." "Ya. Look, you wanna go to Jimmy's Theme Park Tomarrow?" My heart was like a drum. I hoped he couldn't hear it through the phone! "Ya, sure. Whatever." I think I sounded convincingly calm. After we hung up, I took a deep breath..."OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!" I screamed out at the top of my lungs. "Wow. Glad I got that off my chest. Then I headed off to work. I worked at the kennal, but I don't know how long I'll be there. I always manage to skrew a good job up.
  2. Hi! I'm ____ ____. An orphaned, lazy, rude, non-trusting highschool girl. Ya, I know, right?! When I was 8 years old, my parent died in a car crash. I was in the back, and not too badly injured. At least, that's what everyone says. I can't remember a thing about that whole day. I've gone to plenty of phyciatrysts, and they all basicly say I've blocked it out. Anyways, back to the present. These days I own my own house. I inherited it from my parents. My Unkle Jim looked after me until I was 13, then he died of illness. For about a month, my friend Jessica stayed with me. Just for the hell of it. She soon disappeared. They found her body a weeks latter in an alley in the neiboring town. She'd been raped then killed. I've been alone since then. I don't let anyone get close to me. They all go soon anyways. Why go through all the pain? I can get part-time jobs rather easily, but I always skrew up and get fired. But the way I look at it, that's just my life. I don't care anymore.
  3. I check in and get to work. I clean the yard of dog crap, walk about a bajillion dogs, boddel feed some newborns, and go to start feeding the older dogs. "Ok. Be good now." I whisper as I approch the first cage. I slowly open the door just enough to get in when the large collie jumps and pushes me down. Then he runs past me and out of the building. "Drat!" After I catch him, my boss takes me into his office. "____..." He says in a deep, quiet tone. Which might I say makes it, like, a zillion times more scary. "That was the fourth time this week. You're causing me quite a few problems." "Yes, sir. I know and I'm so sorry. I'm honestly trying by best." He then looks up at me, "That's the problem, ____. If this is the best you can do..." "But sir-" "Sorry ____. But I'll have to exuse you of your responsibilities here." After that, I just walked home with my head hung low. At least I'd gotten paid for the rest of the week.
  4. I set my clock for 3:00 p.m just in case. I fall into a dreamless sleep and wake up at 2:51. Ugh. I sigh, stretching my body. I walk to the bathroom to take a shower. Still in a towel, I put on my make up and do my hair. I then put on some nice cloths and eat a hot pocket for lunch. By 4 I was pacing the living room, waiting for Austin to show up. At 4:17, I heard a car pull up. I looked out and saw Austin in a red mustang. God, did he look hot! His cherry blond hair covered one of his rosey-brown eyes. I nearly fainted. "You comin?" "Uh, ya. Sorry." I got in and we drove to the theme park. Once in, he immediatly bought me a coke. We went on a few rides, played a few games, and while playing a baloon poping game, somebody grabbed my arm. "Hey-" I looked over and there was a man in all black. He sorta looked like a ninja. "Let go!" When he kept pulling, I yelled out, "Austin! Help!" By now, I was being dragged off in the crowd. Austin looked over, looking uninterested, until he saw me. "____! Get off her! ____!" He tried getting to me, but the crowd was slowing him down, while the man pulling me seemed to have no trouble, save my resistance. I kep crying out "Austin! Help! Help! Somebody! Help! Aus..." I sudenly passed out, a cloth being pressed to my mouth. I woke up in a room that look like a jail cell. I groggily got to my feet, stumbling over to the bars. Looking out, I saw a ninja! But he was far fatter than the other guy.
  5. "Hey! Where am I?" I call out to the gaurd. He groans, as if he's explained it a thousand times. "Don't worry, little missy. You'll find out soon enough." Great. I've been kinapped by ninjas, put in a cell, neglected of answers, and all on my first date. Just great. I sat in my cell, wondering what's going on, for about a day. Though it's hard without a clock, a speaking gaurd, or a window. So I just estimated. For a while, I tried looking in the many other cells, but no matter how I angled myself, couldn's see in them. After the day or so, some men came to pick me up. They looked like normal people, no use explaining further. They walk me down a long hallway and stopped at a big tan door. It opened and they walked off. Standing in the doorway was a man that looked in his late thirties. He had dull brown hair and pale gray eyes. He was wearing fitted sweats and a button up shirt that hung loose at the bottom. "Hello, miss ____." I was aw-struck. How could he be so casual?! I took a deep breath. 'Calm down' I told myself. 'Getting emotional won't get you anywhere'. "So. Where am I?" I asked in a blank tone. The man gave out a little chuckle. By now, he'd led me inside what looked like a meeting room. "Well, how should I put this? You're at my training hall." "Training hall?" By now, I was thoroghly confused. "Yes. This is where I shape young men and latties into works of art." "What do you mean?" I felt strangely intimidated with this guy. 'But he looks so harmless'. "You'll find out just what I mean soon enough." Just then, the men came back in. "Take her to the testing room."
  6. The men dragged me further down the hall way and shoved me through a doorway. They strapped me to a table and made me breathe knock-out gas. I woke up on the floor. In a daze I got up, falling down due to my monster head-ach. I stood again, slower this time. I was in a room that looked the size of a gym with about ten other kids about my age. There were 5 girls and 5 boys. We were all wearing black collars. There was a door in the corner that had a cage around it. The man I'd spoken to earlier was behing it. "Hello, children! I'm sure you're wondering who I am and what's going on!" He boomed. "Well, I'm going to tell you. My name is Randel Ceveine. And you are currantly on my training grounds. Don't bother trying to escape. You'll just die in the desert. Not that you could get out anyways. You all," He spread his arms wide, motioning to all of us in the room. "will be made into sientific art. I'll train you so you're perfect fighters, survivalists, and overall beings!" He stood for a moment, waiting for our reaction. "Of course, that will be after your surgery." "What a load of crap." I mumbled under my breath, though he still seemed to hear me. "What was that, miss ____?" All eyes turned to me. "That's a load of bull crap!" I said, more loudly this time. "There's no such thing as a perfect being. And if we're alive, it's not REALLY art, now is it? You're just a moron that hasn't been taking his pills." He grinned. "Well, little missy. Looks like you'll be first." "First? For what?" His grin spread. "First for punishment." A bad feeling crept over me. I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. What was about to happen? Suddenly the two men were behind me, grabbing my arm and lifting me off the ground. "Hey! Get off! Let go, unless you want your a55es kicked!" I kept yelling and threatening them, but they stayed the same, like freakin robots!
  7. Ceveine pushed out a botton he'd pulled out of his pocket and about 10 square feet of the wall dissapeared. In its place was a metal pannel with chains attached to it. The men hooked my feet, hands and even my neck up with the chains. I was faceing the pannel. "So, what? You gonna put me in big-girl time out?" I said sarcasticly. Ceveine chuckled. "Not quite." The two men looked away, as if in shame. I didn't understand why...until I started screaming. At first, I didn't get why I was screaming. Then I felt the electricity running through me like water through a pipe. I could feel every vein, mustle, and bone in my body. It was gross. Even during all that pain, I suddenly felt a stinging smack on my back. Then another, and another. They just kept coming. I felt tears streaming down my face. Then all at once, it stopped. I'd blacked out... Waking up on the floor yet again, I sat up, looking around. Five of the nine other kids were crowded around me. "W-What happened?" I asked groggily. A brown haired boy stepped farward. "After they hooked you up to that thing, you just started screaming. Then the big guy gave you about a hundred lashes with a really long whip. Once you passed out, the two guys unhooked you a laid you down. We thought you'd be dead!" 'So that's why my back hurts so much.' I thought. I reached behing me carefully and winced as I made contact. It didn't seem to hurt unless I touched it. "Guess the adrenaline hasn't worn off, yet." I mumbled. Bringing it back, my hand was coated in crimson. I sighed. 'Sooo... No more mouthing off, I guess.' I looked to my right and saw a blond girl looking at me. She suddenly stood up, yelling loud enough for everyone to hear, "Ok, everyone! Let's all introduce eachother. I think that's the best thing to do at the moment."
  8. First, the brown haired guy stepps farward. I now notice he had hazel eyes. "Hi! I'm Joey Croney, age 16. And my infiriority complex is growing by the minute!" Amusement was obvious in his hazel eyes. "Ok, next!" He yelled, as if dismissing himself. The blond girl stepped farward. "Ya, I'm Sarah Jones and 15 years old. Nice to meet you." She had sparkeling blue eyes. Then came another boy. "I'm Mathew Jaraiah, but call me Mat. I'm 17...so, ya." He had black hair with purple and red dyed streaks in it. AND purple eyes. 'Cool'. He sat down. Next came a green eyed brunette. "Ya, so I'm Jen Sakoshi, 16, and the new top dog around here. This is a time when a leader needs to step farward to get us out of this mess, and that's me. Deal with it!" And with that, she strutted off. Suddenly another boy litteraly popped up. He had silver-brown hair and yellow eyes. He reminded me of a demon I'd seen in a movie. "So, people! My name's Ciel Wiles, age 18. Which might I add, makes me the oldest in here. And I'm here to help in any way possible!" He even added a little solute. He pushed farward a shy-looking girl. She looked at the ground as she spoke. "I-I'm Teijah Pennies...and 15 and..." I giggled silently. She was so cute. She had red hair and baby blue eyes. Then a blod, blue eyed boy stood up. "I'm Talor Baker. Age 16." Then he sat down. The final girl stood. "She had black hair a =dn gray eyes. The first thing I thought was 'She could wear ANY color...' "My name's Reka Jymson. I'm 16 years old. Not that anybody really cares." She sat down with a thunp, obviously in a bad moon. And who could blame her? Finnaly, the last boy talked, still sitting down. "Hi. I'm Dane Dames. I'm also 16." He had dirty blond hair and green hazel eyes. You introduced yourself last.
  9. "So now what?" I ask. no body seems to have an answer for that. We all just laze around for the next few hours. Then the two men come, averting there eyes from me. "Talor Baker!" One of them booms. Talor looks up at them. "Come farward. The rest of you, stay back!" We do as we're told. They take Talor somewhere else and the same is done to all the others, until ther's only me. "____ ____!" The whole time, they keep their eyes anywhere but on me. They take me to another surgical looking room. 'Guess RC meant surgery litteraly' I thought as the strapped me to the tabel. And trust me, I held 'em up a few minutes. They put me to sleep again, and when I awoke, I was lying in a hospitol bed. I also felt REALLY drowsy. I tried to sit up, but my whole body from the neck downwas numb. Then RC trotted in, smirking. "How do you feel?" "Is that a trick question?" One of the two men carried me out to the same room as before. What I saw left me breathless...
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  12. One of the two men carried me out to the same room as before. What I saw left me breathless...

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