forever yours, never mine part 2

Hey guys! Hopefully you enjoy this, I'm thinking on adding in some new guys (or girls) but I dunno. Please leave some suggestions if you have any ideas for new characters. Thanks and enjoy children :)

Descriptions: Cris: Sandy blond hair, blue eyes, hawt smile, decently tall, mysterious but not emo. Jack: sort of short, kinda nerdy, a total leader, and majorly sweet. Veronica: overly flirtatious, blond hair, blue eyes, kinda hard to get along with. New guy: Drew: Black hair, greenish- grey eyes, tall, tan, and a major flirt.

Created by: sour&sweet
  1. Claire's POV: I slowly raised up, my head spinning as I forced myself to my feet. Where am I... Oh yeah. I remember, those idiots kidnapped me. Lovely, right? "Ha. Cute attitude, princess." a smooth voice said. I spun around on my heel, facing an amazingly hot guy. Oh my gosh... I thought to myself, only making the hotty smirk more than before. " you're not too bad looking yourself, babe. " he laughed, sweeping a strand of strawberry blonde hair away from his face. I tilted my head curiously, studying him without realizing how intently I'd been staring. He had strawberry blonde hair and glorious blue eyes that resembled the ocean, and that smirk... Too cute. But I knew better than to fall for such a player. I mean, cmon, I'm Claire Rosant. I'm no daffodil. " you mind if I call you kitten, kitten?" he flirted, my face going crimson as I held back a giggle. " Kitten? Why kitten? That's so.... I dunno... Cliche, don't you think? Plus, no offense, but I have no time to flirt with players such as yourself." I said, his mouth wide open for a minute before he gained composure. "Oh, so that's how you're gonna be? I get it. I'm Drew, by the way. " he laughed, caressing…
  2. Drew's POV : She was like no other girl I'd met before. That fierce look she was giving me only attracted me more. That girl, I mean... We were inches away, and she had no idea how bad I wanted to just kiss her. But I could tell she was taunting me. Daring me to do it. That's what this is, a game." It's nothing, Claire. It's nothing." I whispered, putting my forehead against hers with a satisfied smile. " How did you-," " Know your name? Mind reader. Hot, right? I can sense your urge to kiss me. So what are you waiting for?" I asked. She immediately began to blush, backing up for a second to contemplate her choices. Just as I began to think she wouldn't do it, she pressed her lips against my, her lips turning upward in a smile. I'll admit, I was stupid. I sat there like a dork, allowing her to liaise me, my eyes wide-open in shock. She instantly pulled away, her face blazing red as she looked away nervously. " wow, didn't think you'd do that." I said with a confident smirk, laying her head on my shoulder. " maybe you shouldn't doubt my abilities." she advised. Her blonde hair began to fall over her face and I instinctively pushed it back, giving her nose a…
  3. Cris's POV : I walked back into the room where we'd left Claire, feeling the urge to vomit as I saw her and Drew kissing as if their life's depended on it. " ahem. Sorry to interrupt, love birds, but Jack needs us all in the living room. " I sputtered, Drew giving me a glare as she pulled away, looking a little disgusted. " hey Crissy-boy. Did you and Veronica have fun?" Drew asked, trying to anger me, and boy did it work. "she's your girlfriend, not mine. Better question is how will she feel when-" "don't you dare! Claire, kitten,babe, don't listen to this loser. Veronica is nothing. She's nobody, I swear. You're the only girl I love." he swore, tilting her chin up tauntingly. "I don't care, Drew. I was trying to tell you that I can't be in any relationships right now. My.... My boyfriend, martin... He was killed a few years ago. I can't just give up the fact he has my heart. " she sighed, nearly in tears. Poor girl, I thought. " I'm sorry. I didn't know. Maybe I can cheer you up." he flirted, giving her a wink, yet she only rolled her eyes and laughed. " you don't give up. But neither do I." she replied, sauntering after me as I led her to the living room.
  4. Claire's POV: oh my gosh, I'm such a dweeb. Two total cuties were fighting over me and I went and bought up Martin. Smooth, Claire, smooth. "I think it's hot. " a voice said inside my head, nearly giving me a heart attack. " drew, get out of my head, us noob." I thought, jack entering the livingroom with a smile. " sit. " he insisted. I did as he said, sitting in between the boys on the couch, Veronica sashaying in with a flirty smile. " Drew- baby, make mama some room." she giggled, sitting on top of his leg, his face in total shock. What a Sl*t, I thought. " I agree, the girl can't take a hint. " Drew laughed in my head. " oh shudup." I huffed, crossing my arms with a defiant glare. " guys! Listen up you four. Claire, since you're new, you will train with each of us. " he said. " train?" I asked, totally confused. " you want to be a spy right?" he asked
  5. " A spy? Jace, or junk or whatever the heck your name is.... Are you insane?! I'm a teenage girl, not the freakin ninja turtles." I yelled, dramatically standing up to protest. " you sure resemble one, sweetie. " Veronica giggled, my patience snapping. I know.. I know, I'm a complete idiot at times. I lunged at her, practically dragging her down to the floor.
  6. Yeah, that's right, I jumped ontop of her, and went completely psycho. My, let's just say, the boys were practically yanking me away as I continued to put up a fight. Veronica, that freakin scum bag, sat there coughing up blood, and I felt a little guilty. Not. Hey, all is fair in love and war. Not that I'm in love. " put her on a leash before she kills me." Veronica pled, playing around with her floral floaty dress. "Veronica, just shut up for a second. Your thoughts are so freakin louddddd." Drew complained, wrapping his arms around me, hoping to hold me back
  7. " Drew, get your butt over here, babe. Your my guy, not hers. " Veronica shrieked, nearly killing my eardrums with her nassaly voice. " Drew, get your butt over here, babe. Your my guy, not hers." I mocked, pinching my nose in order to sound more like her. They all burst out in laughter, except for Veronica, who gave the iciest glare ever. "Claire, you need to go upstairs and get some rest, we'll talk tomorrow." Jack suggested, Cris throwing me over his shoulder with a heartwarming smile as he carried me upstairs.
  8. He gently sat me down on my bed, giving an awkward smile as he sat beside me. " Claire, I know we just met, but trust me when I say you should keep away from Drew. He's dangerous." he suggested. Cradling my face in his hand with a sad, broken smile. " dangerous? Care to explain?" I asked. He gave a small nod, his eyes filling with tears as he opened his mouth to speak. " a few years ago, I had a girlfriend, Audrey. She was really sweet, cute, all that good stuff. When Drew layed eyes on her, she began to fall for him. Day and night, it was ' Drew this' or ' Drew that' it was annoying. He's a user, Claire. As soon as Veronica came here, he was done with Audrey. It really hurt her. She began to drift away, until she lost all of her sanity. She got really sick, started imagining things that weren't there. A month later, she admitted she'd never loved me. She was using me to get close to Drew. She fell ill. She... Died in my arms. " he whispered, tears running down his cheeks. " Cris, I am so sorry. " I sighed, pulling him into a hug, trying to ease his pain. " Don't be. She never liked me anyway. I was just a fool in love, blinded by her beauty.…
  9. So, guys, till next time. Ciao, sayonara, adios, cuz, buh-byeeee
  10. Okay, please tell me what you think guys, hope you enjoyed it. XD

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