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Ok. This is my story set in the anime "Naruto". I meant Naruto in the title as in the anime, not the character, just to be clear. If you haven't watched the anime, either watch it or leave, cuz you'll be clueless about, like, EVERYTHING!!!

Created by: Reanna15146
  1. "Wow..." I stood at the gates to the Hidden Leaf Village. Having never been in a village before as long as I could remember, I was amazed. "Come now, Miss." said Neji. He'd found me in a nearby forest and decided to bring me back. I raced twards him, having been energised by the new sights. Eventually, Neji brought me to a large round building. Once inside, he told me to wait in the hall while he spoke to someone in one of the rooms. After a few torturing minutes, he emurged and becconed me in. Neji closed the door behind me. "Now, Miss. This is Tsunada, our Hokage." "Uh...Hi." Then Neji spoke up, "Looking at the situation, what do you think?" "Well...Has she been looked at by any doctors?" "No." She paused for a moment, thinking something over. "Ok, then. Have her get an all-out check-up. I'll look for somewhere for her to say. But first she needs a name..." Neji seemed to have an idea. "How about we call her ____?" "Why ____?" "Because she was murmering that when I found her. So that was it. My new name was ____. I finaly spoke again, though more to myself than anyone else. "____... I like it!" Neji left the room, motioning for me to follow. "Um, thank you, mam." I said, wagging my tail to my new name.
  2. He took me to a hospital where absolutely EVERYONE stared at me. I didn't get it. "Neji?" "Hm? "Why is everyone staring?" Neji paused, then said vaugely, "I'll talk to you about it latter" I was silent after that. At a big desk, Neji gave a nurse a note from the Hokage and had to fill out some papers. Then two nice laddies came and told me to go with them. I looked up at Neji. He sighed, "It's ok. You can trust them. I'll be waiting for you when you get done." I nodded, nervous about being alone with people I ddn't know at all. They led me to a room of pure white. They laid me down on a hard bed and started their work. They checked every part of my body. They said the looked at my insides too, but I couldn't see how that was possible. I noticed that they messed with my tail and ears a lot more than anything else, but it was just a passing thought. Afterwards, they tokk me back to the room where Neji was waiting. When he saw me, he walked calmly over. The nurses gave him a pack full of papers. He smiled kindly and thanked them. After that, we left. We walked leasurly back to the place where the Hokage was. Neji gave her the pack of papers he had recieved from the nurses. As she was looking them over, she made thinking noises, such as "Hmmm", "Uh!", and the occasional "Pft!". When she was done, which took about twenty minutes of me standing there, about to explode, she put the papers down and sighed, closing her eyes. "Well?" Neji said, seeming nervout. "The person I was going to let her stay with won't due, now. " "I see..." I had no idea what was going on, and... I tugged on Neji's sleeve. "Hm? What is it?" My legs started wobbeling and I bit my bottom lip. "Oh! Shizune! Take this girl to the nearest restroom imediatly!" Shizune came rushing in and ran me there. I came back a few minutes latter and when I came in, Neji said, "____, we've been talking, and we've decided on where you'll be staying for a while." I tipped my head in confusion. "Doesn't talk much, does she?" The Hokage commented. "No. She seems to prefir body language." Neji came and put a hand on my head, though we where about the same size. "Well ____, you'll be stay ing with Kiba Inuzuka. He's a ninja, like I am."
  3. "Ki-ba..." "Yes. I think you'll get along with him well." I glanced at Neji and helooked...regretful? It was hard to tell because it lasted half an instant. Then he put on his poker face again. Then Tsunade stood up. "I think it's best, considering the surcumstances. I'll give you money, but you'll have to arrange for someone to help her shop for cloths and other neccesities. Now, out. I have buisness to attend to." She then muttered something about senseless work. Neji looked annoied. "I have a mission in half an hour..." I wondered what his mission was about. For a while, as we walked nowhere, looking for somebody to help us, I let my mind wander. I was now thinking about if birds are colorblind. 'How do they chose the right berries and plants...' I thought. "Hinata! Sakura!" Neji shouted, breaking my train of thought. He rushed over to the two girls, who where at a small food stand, me close behind. They started talking, the girls not yet noticing me. My nose cought the most delightful scent in the world. I followed it to a ramen shop. "____!" Cried Neji, looking worried. "Why'd you run off like that?" I pointed to the shop. "Oh. Well, we have a few minutes and we're gonna meet up with Hinata and Sakura latter... so ok. We'll have some dinner." I suddenly felt like the happiest girl in the world. We got in and sat down. To my left was a strange boy with spikey blond hair. He had about fifteen empty bowels beside him. He must have noticed me gauking, because he looked up right at me. His gaze drifted to my large wolf-like tail. He dropped his bowel, his hands still in the appropriate position. The inicial shock wearing off, he yelped in surprise. Scared, I hid behind Neji. "Oh, no. Not that idiot!" He complained.
  4. "Oh, sorry." Naruto apologized. Even so, he still kept staring and it was giving me the CREEPS! I hid further behind Neji. "Naruto, you Bafoon! Stop! She doesn't like it!" Just then, our bowels came, ruining the dramatic effect. Turns out me and Naruto have the same favorite food. RAMEN!!! After we left, Neji took me to Kiba's house. I heard a lot of dogs barking in the distance. Neji knocked on the door. A moment latter, Tsume Inuzuka answered the door. "Hu? Neji? Hey, Kiba! Neji's here with... What's your name?" I told her sheepishly "With ____!" "Ya, ya. Just wait a minute, would ya?!" He yelled back. Tsume left as Kiba came to the door. Kiba had a large dog at his side. He noticed me staring "What is it?" Kiba asked, looking confused. I pointed. "Oh!" He laughed, patting the white dog on the head. "This is Akamaru. Say hi" "Woof." The dog barked and leapt into my arms. I fell to the ground and smiled at his absolute cuteness. "Hello, Akamaru." I said, shaking his paw. "So this is the girl I was told about?" Neji nodded "Yes. I assume you've been given the basics?" "Ya. But I gotta say, I'm still amazed. A girl with dog ears and a tail. And she's gonna be living with me and Sis. Weird."
  5. "I know what ya mean." I said. Neji turned to me "Now, ____. Behave yourself while at the Inuzuka residense. I don't know what I'll do if you get into trouble." Kiba had an eyebrow raised, "Wow man, you sound like her dad!" Neji's face turned tomatoe red. "What-What?! N-no. Nothing l-like that!" Kiba laughed, "Calm dow. It was a joke. A JOKE." He lughed again. "Neji, why is your face all red?" He cleared his throat. "As I was saying, behave yourself and listen to Kiba. I'll be back to pick you up for checkups at the hospital every week. And don't worry, we'll be able to get you your own home very soon." "What? My house ain't that bad, is it?" We all laughed at that, even Neji. "Well, I'll see you soon, ____." And with that, he walked off, leaving me in the care of Kiba Inuzuka.
  6. "Well, come on. I'll show you your room. I decorated it myself, so you might not like it. I don't know much about a girl's taste, you know." I swear he was blushing. He led me up a flight of stairs and down a narrow hallway. He stood in front of a large golden door with flame degines on it. "Here we are. Sorry if it's not that food. Uh! Good. I meant good." Suddenly, his stomach groweled like a lion. We both laughed a bit nervously. "I guess I'll be in the kitchen if you need me" Kiba said, waving slightly as he decended the stairs.
  7. I walked into my room, which was PERFECT (your pick)!!! I laid down on my queen-sized bed, sighing. Suddenly, my chest started hurting. BAD. I winced. I lay there for a few minutes, just bearing the pain, unable to get up. After a while, the pain faded, leaving me stiff. I got up and decided to get something to eat. I opened the door and stuck my head out. Suddenly realizing how idiotic I must look, I stepped out, closing the door behind me. I decended the stairs slowly. Still thinking about that sudden pain, I tripped over something. Getting up, I saw it was a boy. He had black, spikey hair. He was wearing shades, brown pants, and a green-gray jacket that blocked most of his face. "Exuse me." He said calmly. "Uh, ya! Sorry." I said stepping to the side so he could pass. Once he was out of sight, I returned to my initial mission. FOOD! Struggling with all that pain really whiped me out. Reaching the kitchen, I saw Kiba in there. "I thought you already ate." He seemed surprised to see me. "Uh, ya. But I got hungry again. I'm going to training, now." While he was talking, I'd made a bowl of fruit. "Can I watch?" He shrugged. I followed him outside and to a nearby training ground. He'd met up with a girl and that guy I saw in the house. I'd ridden Akamaru the whole way. Now I hopped off, not wanting to get in the way. "Hey, Hinata! Come over here for a sec." Now I remembered her. She was one of the girls Neji was talking to. "Hi, I'm...uh...Hinata." She seemed way shy. "Nice to meet you, Hinata. My name's ____." We gave eachother a friendly smile. I could get along well with her. Then the boy came up to me. "I'm Shino." "____. I saw you in the house, right?" "Yes. I was retrieving some of Kiba's kunai." I nodded, not knowing what else to say. They began training soon after. Shino had bugs or somthin flying around him. I kept my distance. Instead, I went to watch Hinata. She was doing what looked tai-jutsue. Except her hands were glowing and her face was all scrunched up around her eyes. I'll sak her about it latter. While watching Kiba do the fang-over-fang with Akamaru, I saw a flash in some nearby trees.
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