I Became a Survivor...pt3

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  1. So I started walking, feeling RC's eyes bearing into my back the whole time. By the time I was a safe distance into the forest, it was already dusk, so I climbed a large tree and slept. I woke up to blazing purple eyes...
  2. "Ah!" I yelped and fell out of the tree. Luckily, I had chosen a fairly low branch and the worst I got was a few bruises. Then something else lept down from the tree, too. Still on my @55, I gazed up at the magnificent creature. It was a HUGE white tiger! He had a round, blue crystal on his forhead. "I didn't know there were wild animals in this forest!" I exclamed. "Who you calling a wild animal?!" My face went blank. 'Did that tiger just talk?' I thought to myself. "I con't believe you can't even recognise me! And to think I came to help you, too!" "Sorry, but uhhh...Do I know you?" The white tiger gave me a tired look. I looked deep into his purple eyes..."MAT!" "Finally figure it out?" I was suddenly scared. "Wait! I'm not sopossed to see you guys 'till morning! He'll-" I stopped, noticing Mat's raised eyebrow. 'Wait a minute' I looked up. The sky, or, what little I could see of it, was a bright blue. "Ok, now I feel dumb." "Ya, it like, RATIATES from you." "Hey! See here-" Mat groaned, laying down. "What's wrong? Mat?" "You might wanna turn around." "Hu?" Then there was a huge 'poof' and a bunch of purple smoke covered him. "Mat? Are you ok?" I'd completely forgotten what he'd told me. When the smoke had cleared, I saw why. He was naked. Human, but naked. I screamed and jumped behind a bush. Then I heard a bunch of footsteps coming our way. "Hey, ____! Are you ok?!" It was Sarah. "Uh..." I just honestly didn't know how to put it into words. "Wait." She looked over at Mat, who was now covering himself with cloths the others had brought. "Mat! Didn't you warn her?!" "I tried." "And what exactly did you say?" He thought for a moment. "I said, 'You might wanna turn around'. That's what I said." Sarah sighed hevily, just like my bosses did before they fired me. "How much more veige can you get?!" They argued for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Joey came to sit next to me. We both just sat there, watching the other two make fools of themselves. I don't know how, but the argument eventualy led to the lack of food we all had. "Hey, Sarah." "Hmmmm?" "Why did Transform into a tiger?" "Oh, that. Well, where should I start? A lot's happened over night. Each of us completely transforms into our full animal forms, but it happens at randome times.
  3. "Mmm hmmm." "Hasn't it happened to you yet?" "Mmm mm. Nope. And Matt," He turned to me. "NEVER wake me up like that again or I will rip out your juels and feed them to a rat, the rat to a snake, the snake to a bird, the bird to a shark, and throw the shark down an active volcano." And I said this all with a sweet smile on my face. He gulped. Loud. Sarah walked over to me and slapped me on the back. "Now that;s my best friend! You go girl!" Joey was chuckeling at my side. Ciel walked over to us. "Note to self: Never p**s off a wolf-girl" "Who you callin wolf-girl beak-boy?!" "Woh! Ok, I get it! ____'s cranky in the mornings!" I growled and lunged at him. He darted away, me in hot persuite. I stopped when I heard a low growling. I glanced over and saw that Dane could hear it too. Reka squinted and said, "What's up with you two?" Apparently, nobody but us could hear it. "Dane, what is that?" I asked nervously. He gulped, which I took as a 'I have no freaking idea'. I heard it again and pinned my ears against my head, backing up to the others. Feeling threatened, I returned the growl. My eyes skimmed the trees, looking for an opponent. Suddenly, my instincts took over. My tail pointed straight up. My lips parted in a vicous snarle. And I got down on all fours. I could feel that something was here. Something powerful. I turned around and the others were staring at me nervously, some even looked a bit scared of me. I tilted my head slightly and saw Dane. He had his tail between his legs and was backing up in circles, looking horrified. He sensed the same power I did. Suddenly, I felt an emence amount of agression boil up in me. I let out a blood-curtaling war scream, but it came out as a howl. I noticed a russel in the bushes and instantly charged.
  4. I came into contact with something furry. And big. Something big and furry and scarey. I was now face-to-face with an enormous grizzly. And I don't mean just big. This thing was on all fours and already stood as tall as 3 cars stacked up. RC must have mutated it. I jumped on it, ignoring all my mind was telling me: RUN LIKE HELL!!! But I noticed my hands had turned to clawed paws. 'Hell ya. Perfect timing'. I'd transformed into a large wolf. I wrestled with the bear for a few moments before it did something positively UNNATURAL! It started shooting ice out of its claws. 'Great. Just great' I thought. 'I've been kidnapped by ninjas, locked up, tortured, mutated, thrown in the wild, and now I'm fighting a giant grizzly bear that cam shoot ice out of its claws. Just great' The bear shot a few at me and I dodged them easily.I looked to the others for help, but they were surrounded by a pack of huge vipers. 'They get snakes and I get to battle this galioth? They're soooo lucky!' My thoughs were interupted by the bear tackleing me to the ground. It pushed it's caws up to my throat.
  5. Then something jumped on the bear and pushed it off me. I saw hooves and instantly knew it was Joey. "You ok?!" He hollared back to me. "Ya!" The bear had been cought off gaurd but was recovering fast. He growled vicously at the interuption. Then it stood on its hind legs and I swear I peed myself. Then I noticed its weakness. I lunged farword and did what had to be done. I bit HIS jewls off. He howled in pain. Then he crumbled to the ground and shivered in pain. I looked to Joey and nodded, knowing what he was thinking. He ran up to the bear's head and stomped down with his forelegs. I grimaced at the sound. I then turned away and charged at the vipers. I bit their heads off and bearied them latter. Sarah jumped up and gave me a glomp attack. "You and Joey make such a good team!" Se said and wiggled her eyebrows and I giggled. Sarah was always trying to set me up with the guys. "You know she's right." Joey said, and he wiggled them too, which resulted in me just cracking up. That eyebrow thing always got to me. We laughed for a while until my stomach couldn't take it anymore and I calapsed on the ground. "Ug." Was all I could say. Eventualy everyone dropped out. We all just lay there until I transformed back. Then Teijah cuddled up to my side. I slowly fell into a deep sleep... I woke to Sarah and Talor whispering and side glancing at me. I turned my head to the right and saw Teijah still there. I heard a soft moan and looked to my left to see Reka curled uo, hugging my arm. Then Sarah just bursted. "Ohmygod! This is so picture perfect! It's like your doughter and sister!" I rolled my eyes and giggled at how energetic she was this early in the morning. And at how obserd her opinion of the situation was.
  6. I got up, careful not to disturb the two. Only me, Sarah, and Talor were up. "Hey Talor. Wanna go hunting?" He shrugged and followed me into the trees. We managed to kill two geese, a rabbit, a boar, and a few fish. We'd also found a pot and filled it with water. Talor could grow a fin so it was easy for him to go fishing. He could catch up with anything in the water. We brought out catch back to the others and by now everyone was up but Matt. The others had made a fire. We put the pot of water over it and cooked a meal. We stored the leftovers in a purse Jen had brought. Though she complained about how much it was worth and such. We all just shrugged her off. After it was done, Matt was still asleep so I went to wake him up. "Don't do that!" Scream-whispered Ciel. "He'll eat you alive!". I rolled my eyes and continued. I shook his shoulder and said "Wakey wakey, Matt. Time to get up, unless you wanna go hungry that is." He popped up and sniffed the air. I just cracked up at that sight. He looked so silly with a twitching nose and messed up hair. Just like a little kid. He said something inelegible. "What was that?" He groaned. We sat down and I swallowed my last peice of the boar. After everyone had eaten, I stood up.
  7. "Ok. Everyone done? Then we need to move on. The longer we stay here, the more likely it'll be that we get attacked. There could be anything hiding in these trees. RC said there would be different envirments. We need to find a new one." I announced. Then Jen stood up. "Just wait a minute! I'm the leader here not you!" "I'm just saying what needs to be said. And who made you leader?!" "I did! You little @#$&^%*%$%&$%!" Then Joey came up beside me. He gave Jen the evil-eye and stomped his hooves. She ghasped. "How DARE you threaten ME!! You should be angry at her for being such a B***h! And little Teijah, oh God! The needs to stop acting like a little snoby B***h kid!" That was it. I tackled her to the ground. "Who the HELL do you think you are?!" Then I punched her in the face. "Trashtalk anyone again, and I'm gonna trash that pretty little face of yours!" I growled into her ear. "I got up and turned around, sighing. Everyone was staring at me, open-mouthed. Except Matt, who was chuckleing. "Hmf!" I walked over to the fire and doused it with the last of the water in the pot. Then I turned around. "You guys coming?" Then everyone seemed to snap out of the trance. Sarah walked beside me with Teijah holding my hand. We walked for hours until we came across what lloked like an ocean. Right on the bank was what looked like a school book bag. I picked it up and flung it over my shouler, knowing it was empty. We put the small pot and food in it. I looked closer and saw that there was a path of sand going through the water that was about twenty feet wide. Only problem: It was a foot underwater.
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