They Love Me Part 10

This is Part 10 of the series "They Love Me" We're actually thinking of ending it soon? Whadaya think? We dunno. Anyways hope you like it. Oh and sorry it took so long. Explanation;; look at the results.

Dakota has dark brown hair,gray eyes.Matt has dark brown eyes and black hair.Jared has dirty blonde hair,Ocean-blue eyes.Nick has brown hair,hazel eyes.Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights,green eyes.Dane has golden brown hair,light purple eyes.Chris is a redhead with blue-green eyes.

Created by: ;Dannica^K@ren
  1. You pull away from Dakota's oh so very soft lips, smile and say,"I think this is the part where you leave." Dakota grinned, flipped his hair , and walked out the door. He left the door open and as you peered out there was a sketchpad and a pencil by your door. You walked over and picked it up. You looked at the sketchpad and there was a great anime picture of you and Taylor holding hands. You smiled and turned to go to your bed when you saw Taylor sitting on it ;;
  2. Taylor was smiling and you looked at him weirdly and said,"How'd you???" He laughed and said ,"I walk through solid objects remember? I walked through your wall." You smiled and said ,"Well that's not strange at all! I love your drawing." "Thanks, read what it says on the bottom." Taylor said back You faced your head down looking at the writing and it said,"Will you go to the dance with me?" ;
  3. "Give me an answer tomorrow at the ice rink?" He said with a grin and hope in his eyes. "As a date?" You reply "If you want it to be." He said back. Taylor then stood up, kissed you on the forehead and left your room. You went to your bed, layed down and murmered to yourself,"What a day.";
  4. You fell asleep cuddling with your teddy bear Ringo. You awoke the next morning by the smell of breakfast calling you downstairs to eat. You sat up, yawned, peered out the window and decided to eat breakfast after you got ready for school;;
  5. For school, you decide to wear ;;
  6. You go downstairs to the dining room and as you enter you notice that Chris isn't there. "Where's Chris?" You ask grabbing an apple slice and biting into it. "Oh he just went to school a little early." Dane said. "Why?" You ask. "He got a new girlfriend." Nick said emotionless. "Who??" You ask once again feeling just a little bit of jealousy. "Kayla." Dakota said with a disgusted look on his face. "But WHY?! Her and Phia and Brooklyn and Jaelyn are freakin b------!!!" "Exactly." Matt said. ;;
  7. "Whatever." You say rolling your eyes,"We should problably get going." All the boys stood up and you all went to the front to Nick's car. Nobody talked to one another during the drive. The only noise was the hum of the car and the radio. Nick parked his car and everyone got out of the car and walked to the bench you guys sat at yesterday. You rolled your eyes and sighed as you saw Brooklyn,Jaelyn,Phia,and Kayla coming towards you with Chris walking beside them. Brooklyn stared at you and it seemed like she was kind of snarling at you. You gave her a disgusted look and she went over to Jared and said,"Hey baby, are you going to the dance?" she ran her hand through his gorgeous hair and you have had enough ;;
  8. "Cut it out! You are a freaking sl*t and the rest of you are b*tches! MY boys would NEVER go to the dance with ANY of you!" You were about to say more but Dakota motioned you to calm down. Jaelyn glared at you then snarled,"You're going to regret saying that.". The girls walked away giggling. "Don't let them get to your head." Nick said reassuringly. "Thanks" you said still trying to cool down. The bell rang and as everyone was getting up about to go to class Taylor pulled you aside and said to you,"Don't forget about our little get together at the rink today yea?" "You mean our little DATE?" You asked with a smile. "Oh so now its a date?" He said back grinning. You gave him a little shove and continued walking to class;;
  9. When the final bell rang you walked out of class abd saw Taylor there waiting for you smiling. "You ready to go?" He said holding out his hand. "Ready as ever." You said back grabbing his hand and squeezing it. You guys decided to walk to the ice rink since it was pretty close to the school. Once you got there, Taylor rented the skates and you guys were walking to the ice rink. When you first got onto the ice you slipped and fell on your butt ;;
  10. Taylor gave a small laugh and helped you up. "Wanna hold my hand?" He asked with a flirty smile. "Sure?" You said back with a small smile. You both were skating around the ice rink and Taylor asked,"Do you have an answer for the dance?" "Uhhh I'm actually still not sure." You said looking down at your skates. "Oh ok." He said back with a little sadness in his voice." A guy then yelled out,"ALRIGHT LOVEBIRDS YOUR TIME IS UP!" You both looked up at eachother and smiled. Taylor helped you remove your skates and you guys walked back to the house. As you were walking you said to Taylor,"Your so good at skating." "Thanks. I played hockey for about 2 and a half years but then I had to stop when I found out about my powers." Taylor said with a sigh. ;;
  11. You didn't know what to say so you decided to change the subject,"Where are we?" Taylor didn't seem to care when you changed the topic so he said,"Don't worry we're almost there, I know your DYING to get away from me." Smiling you said,"Yes. You were a horrible date." You held his hand, suffocating it, and he pulled you in to a kiss. Still holding hands you guys walked back to the house;;

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