They Love Me Part 5

This is Part 5 of the series "They Love Me" Me and my cousin Karen try to make these every day or so. We try making these better and better but its actually harder that it seems. Soo we hope you guys like it(:

Dakota has dark brown hair, gray eyes,and is charming. Matt has dark brown eyes,black hair,and is sensitive. Jared has dirty blonde hair,ocean-blue eyes,and can make you laugh at anytime. Nick has brown hair,hazel eyes, and is sweet. Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights, green eyes, and is caring(:

Created by: DANNICAandKAREN
  1. You start praying in your head hoping you won't die. "Let her go June." Says a familiar voice. You manage to bite the girls hand and as she yelled out,"Ouch!" You ran over to Matt and said ,"June? You said she was dead?!" "You told her I was dead? You're just as I remembered you Matty. And if she doesn't know about her powers she doesn't know about mine." said June laughing. Scared, you looked at Matt and his eyes starting changing color from brown to purple ;;
  2. You then looked over at June and her eyes did the same, it changed from gray to black. Terrified, you look at Matt and instead of him by your side you see a huge snake with gigantic fangs hanging out of his mouth. "Matt?" You say confused. June's eyes became normal and she skips away laughing and humming the tune of the song "In One Ear" by Cage the Elephant;
  3. Matt went back to human form and he said to you,"Let's go back inside, it's not safe here, I'll explain later. You nodded back at him in response. The way back to the house was quiet but you had so many questions in your mind. You looked over at Matt and realized he was really tired since he had bags under his eyes. You entered the house and you saw the rest of the boys sitting down in the living room. When they saw you all them stood up and asked if you were ok. You looked over at Nick and said,"I'm fine." With intense eyes and he looked down not wanting to discuss this any further. You were about to tell everyone what happened when you hear someone else come through the door. It was Matt and you stared at him because he looked more tired than he did on the way back to the house. You started saying to him ,"What happ-" Then suddenly Matt collapsed;;
  4. Everyone ran over to him inclusing you and Jared asked you,"What happened?!" You started explaining everything and you started to notice blood on Matt's head. "What happened to him!?" You asked hoping that Matt will be ok. Taylor responded,"When June humms songs it's like poison to our kind." "Then why didn't it have an affect on me..wait she told me I had powers, what is she talking about?!" You say intently. Dakota then says,"we'll explain later. Right now we have to make sure that Matt doesn't die." Nick put his hand over Matt's head and a bright orange glow came from his hand. The blood from Matt's head then disappeared and all you could think of is;
  5. Matt sat up and said,"Thanks Nick, I didn't know how long I could hang in there." He looked at you and said ,"______ are you ok?" You say back to him,"Me? How about you? What happened there?" We should go discuss this in the dining room." Said Jared. The boys helped Matt up and you all went to the dining room.
  6. You sat down at the head of the dining room table and you said impatiently ,"Well...?" The rest of the boys sat down and Matt started to explain."I lied about June being dead. I'm sorry I just didn't want you to be asking questions. The truth is she turned evil."What do you mean she turned evil?" You asked. "She and Matt really liked eachother...then when Matt realized that he thought she was like one of us and when we told her specifically she wanted more power and..." Answered Nick "Oh. Ok go on." You say;
  7. Dakota continued,"Her power is a very rare one. When she humms a song its like someone screaming really loud into your ear and you can't stop. It didn't affect you because your not a morpher like Matt." "What am I then?" You asked. "I'm actually still trying to analyze it...its very hard to read." "Ohh why was June trying to kill me? I thought Arianne was?" "Well...Arianne is June's mentor. She's the one who trained June to use her powers properly." Said Matt.
  8. "So the rest of you have powers too?" You ask. "Yea, we're going to show right now starting with Jared." Said Matt.
  9. "I have the power to control water and I can also hear peoples thoughts." Said jared. "That's cool." You said with a smile,"what am I thinking?" Then Jared said,"You're thinking that this is really creeepy and you're also thinking how cute Dakota looked when he was singing that song to you." You looked over at Dakota who smiled and you said ,"Ok. I believe that you all have powers but you can't hear all my thoughts because those are personal got it?" Jared nodded then sat back down with a smile. ;
  10. Dakota was next. He stood up and said ,"I can control fire and I can also communicate with animals." He then opened a window and whistled. Out of nowhere tons of birds came in the dining room. He whistled again and all the birds went back outside. "Whoa." You said with a grin. Dakota sat down and then Taylor stood up.
  11. "I can tell the future and the past and I can also walk through solid objects." He said then walking through a wall. "Cool beans." You said. Since you already know Matt and Nick's power, all you could think about is what powers you have. You're thoughts are then interrupted by a sound of glass crashing. Everyone stands up quickly and you see June walk through the door followed by more crashing glass. June then said,"Someone's gonna die today." She then started smiling and was about to hum a song when she burst into a bloodcurling scream...

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