Surrender Part 2

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Thank you all for your feedback on the last part! I do appreciate it. I am hoping that this one will continue what you liked, and always remember that I love all your comments and opinions!

You left off driving home after dropping off Jared to his house....

Created by: CountryBlonde
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  1. I rolled into my driveway and got out of the car. After entering my house, I found a suitcase sitting in the entryway. Odd... my parents travel a lot but not with a beat up suitcase. I came into the kitchen and found my parents talking over a glass of wine. "You guys are early." I simply stated. My parents were very ordinary looking people, we have no idea where my red came from. "We have news Mai." My mother said. "Does it have to do with that suitcase?" "Yes." "Then let it out." "We have been worried about you, and the fact you have no friends. So, we decided to do something a bit drastic. Upstairs waiting in your room is a girl your age. We adopted her so you could have someone to talk to." "You WHAT?" "We adopted her, she's your new sister." My face crumpled with astonishment and confusion. Yes my parents do stupid things to try and get me friends, but this is really too far. "I can't believe you've done this! We aren't even a good family to adopt! It's not like you ever see your first daughter anyway. And for all we know, she could be some freak!" "That's enough." My father piped in. "Now go make your new sister feel welcome." "You will regret this." I snorted before I left the room. Wow. My parents are so stupid. I can't believe they've gone this far. I stormed upstairs into my room. It was a very simple purple room, not very personalized, but still my room. And here, in MY room, sat some girl. We stood studying each other for a minute. She was stunning, how she wasn't picked up earlier I don't know. She was incredibly pale and had black scene hair. Her lips were full and she had long perfect pale legs. But it was her eyes that were amazing. They were such a bright blue, so bright it seemed they moved with electricity. She wore no make up, she didn't need to.
  2. "My name is Katryn, but I tend to go by Kat." She said. "Maia, but I like Mai." "Well just as a wake up call, your parents suck." "They always have." She smiled to herself. "Where will my room be?" I turned and walked down the hall, I could hear her follow. It always surprised me how loud people are when they move, I've perfected moving completely silent. I opened the guest room door and motioned her in. She took one look in and snorted. "I hate it." "Well it's not like they were preparing for you, I'm sure this was a last minute thing." She laughed. "Let's chill in your room." "What if I like my space?" "Then we both do, but I think it'll be better for us in the long run if we get along." I sighed, she was right. We walked back into my room and found Frankie had positioned himself on my bed already. "Well he's a fat cat!" She laughed. I nodded and laughed. "He's a Maine coon, that's why he is so big." "Dang his white fur is everywhere." "Yepp, my number one problem." "Name?" "Frankie." She started to fuss over him and he erupted into his famous motor boat purr. Well if Frankie likes her, maybe I can to.
  3. The next morning wasn't different from the previous one, sooo cold. But when I came out of the shower I found Kat all ready and on my bed again. She was petting Frankie, and he was in sweet bliss. "What are you in here for?" "I picked out your outfit. I'm trying to get a feel for acting like a good sister." I laughed. "I'm pretty sure normal sisters can't stand each other." She shrugged. In my closet was a pretty cute outfit that was laid out for me. I put on the ripped up skinny jeans and black shirt. I could tell by how they were placed that I was going to wear black heels with a leather jacket too. "I get to pick out your outfit." I told her when I finished getting ready. "If I can straighten your hair." "Alright." She did so and I ruffled through her things, she didn't have a lot. So I picked out red leggings and a black sweater. She added a black hoodie and black boots to my pick and we were ready. When I showed her my car I could've sworn she drooled a bit. We got in and drove to school without a problem, not even in the parking lot. I told her where the front office was and that they'd take care of her. Shortly after the bell rang in first hour, Kat came in with a ton of papers in her hand. Sweet, we had our first class together. Conveniently, she was placed right besides me. After the lesson we talked about her classes. She also had lunch and Mrs. Hill with me.
  4. When lunch came about I set out to look for her. But I couldn't find her. I walked through the hallways of the building untill I heard a group of laughing girls. One rang out clearer than the others, Stephanie. I instantly headed that direction, not really ready to find out what had happened. When I found them, they were all laughing and showing eachother their phones. They stopped when they saw me and all kind of glanced at the girls restroom. I flipped them off and dove in. Inside I could hear crying, that was occasionaly inturrupted by a retching sound. In one of the stalls I found Kat. She crying and couldn't stop throwing up, even though there was obviously nothing left in her stomach. I scooped her hair into one of my hands and rubbed her back with the other. I stayed with her, even when the bell rang. When she finally had stopped, I picked her exhausted body up and helped her clean up. She didn't smell the best, but that was fixed with my handy dandy fruity body spray. When she finally looked presentable, and was no longer crying, I asked her what happened. "There was this girl Stephanie in my third hour, she was sooo nice to me. I thought I had gained a friend... I figured you were friends with her because she'd occassionaly ask about you. Well, at lunch she invited me to her table and I agreed. They offered me 'welcome' food, so I took it. After I ate it though, I felt terrible. I ran to the nearest bathroom that I knew of, and I started to throw up. She and her groupies followed me and were laughing... they took pictures.... I couldn't do anything Mai, anything." A tear appeared in her beautiful eyes again. "Shhh, it'll be ok. I should have told you, Stephanie loves to screw up my life, or anyone in it. What's coming will be hard, but I have your back. We will be ok." She nodded and composed herself. The bell rang again, we had missed an entire hour. "Now get to class, nothing will satisfy the retch more than if you give up." I told her. She nodded and walked out of the room. I ran to my history class but I was still late. Dr. Laroux was standing in front of the class with his arms crossed. Everyone was in their new seat, but me. "Late." was all he said, and he pointed to the only empty desk, in front of his.
  5. I could tell Stephanie was talking about me but I ignored it. The hour finished and I ran out of the room, I had to check on Kat. I got to Mrs. Hill's class in plenty of time. I sat in the regular desk in case that woman came back. Slowly kids filtered in from the hallways. Stephanie however didn't show up, but Kat did. I pointed to one of the empty desks that hadn't been assigned and she went to it. The hour was normal, and I never would have thought Kat was so upset earlier. She was bubbly and everyone seemed to like her. I was kind of jelous to be honest, I've never been welcomed by my peers like this, merely ignored and hated. I swallowed it though, she didn't deserve the envy from me. When the hour ended everyone filtered out but me, Jared and Kat. Kat was waiting for me, but I don't know what Jared was doing. He looked at the two of us and cocked his head. Mrs. Hill looked at us inquisitively. "I'm her new sister. Her parents suck but I think Mai is pretty damn cool." Kat spoke up and winked at me. Jared chuckled and Mrs. Hill nodded. "Well we need to work on that thing, Kat may as well join our group. If that's ok Mrs. Hill." Jared said. "That works just fine dear." she replied. "So at my house?" I asked. Everyone nodded in agreement. Even Mrs. Hill. As I left the room, she muttered into my ear, "This is good for you hun, don't let it go."
  6. We all got in my car and drove back to my place. "Welcome to the Ray Residence!" I exclaimed to Jarred. He smiled and jumped out of the car. We enterred the house and beelined to the kitchen. Hey, we are teenagers, we are just a bunch of pigs. I got everyone a glass of milk and we opened up some delicious brownies. I reached over to grab one when something fell on to my hand. I froze. On my hand was a glob of blood red slime. I looked up to see where it came from and I saw a big red stain above us, with a crack extending the entire length of my arm. I took off upstairs leaving behind a confused duo. I stormed into my room (which was directly above the kitchen) and looked around. Frankie looked like he had lost a lot of weight, and was scared out of his mind. Besides my bed was a pile of the red slime that had fell onto my hand. Then, in the corner of my eye, something moved. To my side stood something that I had never heard of, nor thought to be possible. It was a centipede as tall as me, its legs rippled and it was red in yellow. Its blank black eyes seemed to pin me down as its pinchers smacked open and closed. I heard the loudest and highest scream ever, and I realized it was me. I bolted out of the room with that thing close behind. If it wasn't for my adrenaline, I would have totally biffed it when I flew down the stairs. Jared and Kat came to me at the bottom of the stairs and started to ask what was wrong, but then they saw it too. Without a word we all sprinted to the car, by now my heels were long gone. We got in and locked the doors, watching as the centipede slamed into the car, time and time again. We were all too scared to think, to move. But then I thought of Frankie. I started to curse. The other two looked at me really weird, wondering what in the world I was cursing for, then they realized. I burst from the car and into the house. And even though that thing would have had easy prey in the car, it came after me. I didn't know why, but it was out for me. The thing cut me off at the bottom of the stairs and reared up, making some weird hissing noise. But then it slammed back to the floor with one pretty pissed off Frankie tearing at it. I kissed to him and he jumped up and followed me as I bolted back into the car. I caught my breathe as the bug reappeared even angrier. From its back oosed the red slime I had seen earlier, and it got bigger. I realized that Frankie must have been fighting this thing for a while with that huge pile of slime.
  7. "Drive." I looked around. This voice was gravely, a voice I didn't know. "Stop sitting there and drive!" The voice said again. I looked at Frankie who sat in Kat's lap. Kat and Jared were looking at him too, astonished as I am. "Yes, you have a talking cat. I can explain now while a giant bug attacks us or later when we are out of harms way." He said again. I shook my head and took my car out of park. The centipede seemed to know what I was doing and became more violent with its attacks. Unfortunately for it, my baby is a fortress. I pulled out of the driveway and sped off, leaving the thing far behind. I just drove. I didn't know where I was going, I just drove. We ended up in front of Jared's house. I looked back at him and he shrugged. "So, truth is, my parents have disappeared over the weekend, so we are all clear to stay here." Me and Kat looked at each other, then back at him. "Sorry! I don't know exactly what they do, but I know it's not the most wholesome, and they disappear every now and then. I didn't want to tell my friends cause they are starting to catch on." I shrugged. "I've been in odder situations today." Kat snorted, "That's pretty sad." I nodded in agreement. We walked into the house and I gasped. The place was gorgeous. Entirely modern everywhere you looked. In fact, almost all furniture was made out of glass or sleek black marble. He lead us down a hall into what seemed like a den. He sat and motioned for us to do so as well. Then we looked at Frankie, who had followed us in. He proudly walked to the center of the three of us, and lied down. He began, "I am known to be several things. I am known to be a soul, a spirit animal, a guardian, and even in some cases, an angel. I prefer a soul, this would be the closest description of what I am. However, what I am is not very important as of now. What is happening is what is important. Earth has become the center of the entire universe's attention. Not good considering that you all believe you are alone. And Maia dear. You are the reason for it all."
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  9. Well that is all for today. I kind of rushed this one, but it'll get better, I promise.
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